this is play based and written just for fun sooo... no one kill me, I will be flipping back and forth between narrators like the film and chapter titles will be songs I thought fit. reviews are much appreciated


I wasn't from a rough neighborhood, I was from a quiet suburbia in Monterey; dad was a slick car salesman, mom was a trophy wife and I was a shoeing valedictorian for the class of 53. It was a great life; had a beautiful ocean view and we were only a drive away from an amusement park on a beach. Life was a Doris Day movie and I myself was Doris Day.

But all that changed with a wrong turn of the stirring wheel. It was a three car accident with only four survivors, neither of my parents were one of them. I was 16. I could have stayed on my own in our pink tract home with white trim but the law nixed it, legally I was required to live with my godparents in New Jersey, the Malona's who I had never met in my life but had been friends with my dad until he moved in the 30s.

So I packed my Chantilly dresses, my Chubby Checker records and a bottle of Bubble Up just in case they didn't have any in Jersey. I traded in my goody-goody world to become the equivalent of Cinderella in the Bronx. The neighborhood my godparents lived in was strictly apartments. I remember wondering if it was just one giant house or a really, really ugly brick mansion. I knocked very hesitantly on the door as dogs barked from lord knows were. People began to gather behind me and point and stare making me knock more, wanting to get in. the door opened as much as the chain bolt would allow and a raspy voice came from within. "We don't want no girl scout cookies." The door shut promptly, resulting in laughter from my growing audience, I turned and gave them a tentative smile and wave before knocking again. "We don't want whatever you're sellin little girl."

"I'm not selling anything mister and misses Malona , I'm your goddaughter." I bit my lip before continuing. "Joyce Giordano!"

At this the door swung open with a bang and a tower of a man stood before me holding his hands a few inches apart. "Joycie? Little Joycie?" I nodded at his excited recognitions, happily he pointed a finger at me. "your father, your father sent me pictures of you when you were still a bambino! Look at you huh, look how pretty you are Joycie. The prettiest girl- hey Gina, Gina come see who it is!" I picked up my suitcases and followed him into a smoke filled house straight to the kitchen were a lady stood over a steaming pot.

"Gina, guess who this is!" boomed mister Malona throwing his arm around me. "I dunno." The woman replied. "Shirley Temple."

"Shirley Temple, I'll give you Shirley Temple! No Gina, its Joyce, Anton's girl!"

"Joyce?" she shrilled. "Baby Joyce!" she threw herself towards me kissing and cupping my face, saying a few things in Italian before holding me at arms-length. "Look at you! You're so skinny! Are you sick? So thin. Does your mama not feed you? So skinny Joyce, so skinny!" she pushed me down into a chair dishing up a mountain of spaghetti. "Oh no thank you, I just ate." I smiled politely. "I'll get the pictures." Said Mister Malona leaving.

"Eat Joyce eat! Get healthy!" ordered Gina pointed to my food.

"I'm not sick Mrs. Malona, but my parents-"

"Ah yes, where is that son of a bitch Aton and your mother?"

Tears suddenly welled up in my eyes, though I fought it with all I had. Gina dropped her wooden spoon in sudden shock and understanding. She cradled my head to her chest and smoothed my hair, whispering words of comfort.

I explained everything to them over a quiet dinner, somewhat surprised that they didn't receive a letter or anything but they were more than happy to take me in. they couldn't have kids of their own so I was a welcomed blessing, my room was basically a closet with a bed stuffed inside and a window. My godparents were very kind if not a little loud. But they had one request and that was to get a job so my mind wasn't idle and I could help bring income in; it was summer so there was no school to enroll in yet.

The next day comes around and I'm on a job hunt. I walked down the street in a white blouse and black circle skirt with pink roses in the pattern, my strawberry-blonde hair swinging in a ponytail on the back of my head. I folded my hands as I walked singing Magic quietly as I searched for a help wanted sign anywhere I could happen to find one. Suddenly the sound of my own footsteps began to multiply and I looked uneasily over my shoulder to see a group of girls start to follow me. I gave them a smile but got nothing in return; they all either seemed to be chowing gum or smoking. They still followed me with a steady gate, laughing.

"Lovely morning." I finally said uneasily as one of the taller ones managed to slink up next to me. she gave a nod and a red lipped grin. There was silence again as another girl appeared at my other side blocking me in. I cleared my throat nervously before turning to the brunette to my left. "Say do you know where a gal can get a summer job around here?"

"There ain't none." She replied before spitting her gum on the sidewalk. "Less you wanna stand on the corner and be some guidos piece of ass."

A blush suddenly spread across my face; I had never heard anyone talk that way, especially not a girl to another girl. "Golly!" I stated with wide eyes. "Who would want that?" the group laughed again.

"Listen to this putts!" snickered the tall brunette beside me before throwing an arm around my shoulder drawing me near, she smelt heavily of perfume and gin, face pretty framed by dark curls and heavily made up. "Listen stugots, you cant go lookin like you look and usin words like golly."

"The guys here will eat you alive." Added the blonde next to me puffing out a cloud of smoke. "You're a walkin sex target. An easy lay, you know, a leg spreader!"

I gasp as my hand flew up to my lips; this was definitely nothing I had ever heard. "Jeepers! I don't want to make that impression."

"Then doll it down!" instructed the brunette. "Don't fold your hand when you walk, walk with a stride that says, I'm me don't like it? Go take a flyin leap." She showed me how with a strut. "Like this?" I asked mimicking.

"Yeah! That's it!"

"Thanks for the advice." I said to the sleek brunette before she pulled me into an ally and pinned me against a wall so hard that my head spun from the sudden bash."

"Don't ever mock the way I walk again! Next time I see you alone, you're dead" she warned before leaving me. I learned later that her name was Mary and never to talk to her again.

I continued my job search when suddenly I bumped into something firm. "Ay stugots what the fu-" a young man turned to me and stopped in mid-sentence seeing me shrink back. "Sorry." I whispered. He smiled, he was tall and kind of goofy looking holding two brown bags of groceries. "Nah don't be. I was in the middle of the walkway. You aint sore are you?"

"No, I'm not hurt." I smiled.

"No I mean sore, sore. Like offended that I used such language." I shook my head and he laughed. "Swell, swell you got a name sweetheart?"

"Joyce." I smiled before pointing to his bags. "Need some help with that?" I asked, he nodded passing one over to me. "If your not doin anything, I'm just taking them over to the diner over there I'll give you the lighter bag.'

We walked over there and talked; I explained my current situation and he told me that his name was Nick Macioci and because I did him a favor he would do me one. I got a job at Mel's diner only 15 minutes later as a waitress, making a little less than 15 dollars a day. Because of one little favor that anyone could have done Nick Macioci took me under his wing. Every morning he would come to the diner for breakfast and say to me. "Joycie, if any mama-lucs come to bother you come tell your big brother Nicki and I'll roughen them up." … little did I know I would have to take him up on it later.