Disney Questions & Answers

Welcome everyone to my third Q & A story involving the Disney universe. The first one I worked on involved the Star Wars universe, followed by Teen Titans and Young Justice. Both successful and I received a lot of questions from you guys. All were answered and you guys enjoyed the response.

I mentioned before I made a poll to decide where the next Q & A take place and you guys chose. Now let me explain how this will go. This is taking place in the Disney Universe and you guys can ask questions to the characters from the animated films. No live action ones and that includes TV series. Sorry, I just wanted to focus on the animated films.

So you can send me questions on reviews or through my PM on FanFic. They will be replied in the next chapter, but I will wait about two or three weeks that way anyone who wants to send any questions will have time to send them. Once I have enough they will be answered by the characters, but keep this in mind not all the questions will be in one chapter.

If I have a lot of questions they will be separated and be answered in the next chapter. All questions will be answered don't worry, as long as it's nothing inappropriate. Then again this is the Disney Universe, so as long as it's nothing too inappropriate then it's time. So I hope to get a lot of questions so I can make this story long for you guys.

Good luck, take care, and see you all next time.