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Chapter IV

Narrator: All right let's start off first with Shadow Ninja: To baghereah as far as I can tell the only real predators in the jungle are shere khan and kaa but neither were around when mowgli was found in the smashed boat so are there other more competent hunters out there? sorry if I misspelled your name

Bagheera: First of all you did misspell my name, but it's okay. Secondly there are other predators out in the jungle, but they don't live near where we do since Shere Khan chased many of them away proving his dominance. However, after the second film many old predators started to come back, but unlike Shere Khan they won't bother young Mowgli. As long as he avoids going near where they live.

Narrator: Knowing that kid and his big bear friend, the odds of them staying away is very slim. Now on to the next question from Guest aka ForgottenPrincess who send me at least, three questions and a dare: To Ariel, so you spent only one year as a mermaid with music after ten years when you have a hypnotic voice? Your dad must of really missed your mom

Ariel: What does that mean?

Narrator: I think Guest is mentioning the movie you did where your dad banned music, then to your first movie years ago.

Ariel: Oh, okay well my voice isn't really hypnotic, is it?

Narrator: It's a good voice for singing, but I guess when Ursula took your voice in exchange for you being human that it did cause her to use it to hypnotize Eric.

Ariel: I see, well that was her then using it to hypnotize Eric. My voice can't do that. As for daddy, yeah he misses her and so do I. Losing her was hard for all of us, but I think daddy took it the hardest.

Narrator: Aww yeah a lot of people found that scene to be very sad. Still, I'm sure she would be very happy how things turned out for you guys. Here is the second question from Guest: To the witches from the Black Cauldron, how were you able to revive Gurgi?

Orgoch: None of your business.

Orddu: Now, now don't be rude. We'll be glad to tell you…for a trade.

Narrator: Don't even try it. Tell them how you did it or I will get Deadpool to deal with you.

Orwen: So rude, we used magic of course to revive him. What kind of spell or secrets did we used to do it we'll never tell, unless you can get Disney to make a remake of our movie.

Narrator: A remake of the Black Cauldron…that sounds like something Disney might do since they are remaking their past films. Next question: Snow White, you realize the dwarfs could have been mass murders? NEVER TRUST PEOPLE YOU DON'T KNOW

Snow White: But they aren't. They are all good gentle souls that would never hurt a fly.

Narrator: And yet they chased your step-mother to kill her when they thought you were killed. All right, one more question and later a dare: To Elsa, have you ever heard of ships? I mean the romantic paring kind. If not, have the narrator tell you all of them, even ElsAnna

Elsa: Please tell me you are not one of those people who are pairing me and my sister together?

Narrator: It is a popular pairing, you should see the drawings made on Deviantart.

Elsa: Say what?

Narrator: Oh yeah, there are a lot of them and some shows you guys with kids.

Elsa: WHAT?!

Narrator: Never mind, the next thing ForgottenPrincess asked is a dare: I dare Anna to go watch My Little Pony with Wayne: - D

Anna: I don't know who Wayne is, but I shall accept the challenge.

Narrator: Good luck, girl! All right, next question is from VivaThreeCaballeros who has five questions: Thankyou guys for answering my questions. To Negaduck yeah id like to see you try to come after me but serious question if you dislike the villains in your fearsome 5 group why did you make it in the first place?

Negaduck: You are very lucky I don't know who you are, you little brat. Anyways, I formed the Fearsome 5 so I can have them do all my dirty work without me having to lift a finger. Of course I have to get my hands dirty from times to times whenever their idiocy keeps mucking up my plans. Now if I had a team like the other major Disney villains on my side I would form a new Fearsome 5.

Narrator: If they ever decide to put you in the next Kingdom Hearts game that might happen. Here is the second question to another Darkwing Duck villain: To Bushroot I heard that you are the most villainous out of the group. Why is that?

Bushroot: I guess because my powers can neutralize their own. Water and electricity have no effect on my plants. Now the toys Quackerjack makes can be a problem, especially if they cut through my plants.

Liquidator: Hold on there a second buster. In case you forgot, my powers helped flood the St. Canard.

Megavolt: Oh yeah? My powers shut down power all over the city and in case you forgot I can zap you away, Liquidator.

Quackerjack: Guys, guys relax we shouldn't be fighting each other.

Mr. Banana-Brain: Especially since we could be using this chance to take over this story before the narrator ends it.

Megavolt: Good idea, let's get him.

As they charge at the narrator, he pulls a lever and it drops a large safe on them, followed by a crate filled with anvils, a train, a cruise ship, and the Statue of Liberty.

Narrator: They may be stupid, but they are still fun to mess with. All right time for the third question: To Panchito again but first a comment you are so awesome and my favorite caballero now the question why did you get shelved?

Panchito: Well I guess people weren't interested much at that time for me and they decided to focus a lot on Donald. I understood and was glad they brought us back, especially how we got to hang out with our amigo Donald again. Oh and thank you for the compliment amigo. For that on behalf of my amigos Jose and Donald, we are making you an honorable Caballero.

Narrator: That is cool and very lucky. I wish a lot of people know about the Three Caballeros. Anyways, time for the fourth question: To Donald are you and Gladstone gander related and if so do you dislike him?

Donald: He is my maternal cousin and I do not like him. He has tried to get my girlfriend in the past.

Narrator: That is not cool to do, but hey you still have her, which shows she loves ya duck. Now time for the last question: And last but not least for my favorite disney trio the three caballeros has it ever occurred to you that you are refered to as gay? And are you guys in a relationship? (And I don't mean friends )

Panchito: I have heard of that before, but no we are not gay.

Jose: It's true, we are good friends and we help each other out.

Panchito: I wonder why many assume that.

Narrator: Could be a number of reasons, people are weird that way.

Donald: Yeah, especially with the internet and so many people making those pictures of two guys together.

Jose: I've heard of that and I don't have anything against gay people, but no we are not gay.

Panchito: No we are not, now let's go celebrate with a song amigos!

Narrator: You guys have fun with your singing, me? I still have work to do. Like presenting the next question from Gracekim1, two of them actually: I've got a question for Genie: do you love life?

Genie: Of course I do. I have spent so much of my life as a genie and serving whoever possesses my lamp. Then I am sucked back into the lamp where I spend so many years trapped inside until someone finds my lamp and repeats the cycle. Then Al came along and gave me a new life where I am free. No more making wishes, no more being stuck in a tiny little lamp, and no more serving bad people for wishes. I'm just free.

Narrator: Yes you are my friend, just like we know someone who is free from the pain he has gone through. All right time for the next question: And Elsa: do you want to find a man if so who would it be?

Elsa: One day perhaps, but for now I am working on maintaining my kingdom and not reading up stories about people pairing me with my sister.

Narrator: Don't forget the pictures.

Elsa: Don't remind me. Anyways, if I ever do want to find a man to be with it would be someone who isn't afraid of my powers, someone I won't hurt, someone who will love me for who I am, and someone who isn't like Hans.

Narrator: Ah yes the douche himself. No one saw him being evil coming and I wish you luck Elsa. I'm sure you will find a good man to be with…or a good woman.

Elsa: What was that?

Narrator: Nothing, next question is from wizard: To dr doofenshmirts why do you have two shrink inators to petro I'll pay you 50 credits if you force wedgie deadpool to katooni a word of advice always have a plan B and take this neckless it can turn you invisible when you don't need to be seen.

Dr. Doofenshmirtz: Well, that's a funny story. You see I was busy working on my first one and I worked on it all night before finishing it. I then misplaced it because well I was exhausted and couldn't remember where I put half my inventions when I finish them. I would like to see anyone remember where they put away their hard work after pulling an all-nighter. Anyways, I decided to make another one, only to find out the first one was behind a curtain I made to make my revealing of my Shrinkinator to Perry the Platypus.

Narrator: Very sad that you keep losing to a Platypus, but then again you are not the only one that keeps losing to something smaller than you. Okay, Petro your turn.

Deadpool: If he tries it I will shoot him in the head. Don't think I won't do it.

Narrator: Good point, sorry wizard I don't want any kid blood on my floor. Katooni, you are up girl.

Katooni: I will and thank you.

Petro: Why would she need it?

Narrator: When the time comes you will know. Now time for the next question from king nightmare: To hans 'pulls out a rocket launcher' yee haa! take this you turkey! to dead pool wanna help me blow this guy to the moon!

Deadpool appeared with a crate filled with C4 and other explosives.

Deadpool: You don't need to ask me twice!

Narrator: Take it outside guys! All right, it's time for the last five questions from Greymon Leader Batx flashpoint: thank you everyone for the questions. 1st question to Lance in Xmen Evolotion did yu know you were lickly to be the next Magneto according to Fanbase

Lance: I didn't know that and that is awesome. I guess people see me to be the next Magneto for my awesome powers and personality.

Deadpool: If pigs can fly!

Narrator: Wade, quit it I don't want a fight in my home.

Deadpool: You are a party pooper.

Narrator: Shut it, time for the second question: Anakin Vs Darth Vader who would win?

Ahsoka: Aren't they the same?

Obi Wan: They are, but I assume he is asking who would win between the two.

Ahsoka: Well, it's hard to choose since they are the same. However, I would probably go with Anakin.

Galen: I would agree, but I never fought him so I am going with Darth Vader.

Deadpool: Even though you beat him. I say I win!

Narrator: Aren't you supposed to be dealing with Hans?

Deadpool: Oh yeah, see ya!

Deadpool takes off going through the window.

Narrator: I just finished putting that in. All right, time for the third question: Deadpool did you know you and YJ superboy have the same oice actor nolon north.

Deadpool crashes through the other window.

Narrator: Oh come on!

Deadpool: I know that. I used to watch Young Justice.

Narrator: Really? Why?

Deadpool: No reason.

Takes out a magazine of the YJ women in bathing suits.

Narrator: Why am I not surprise. All right, next question: Mickey and Oswald how are you two brothers your different species of Aninmal

Mickey: I guess because we were both created in Disney and are referred as half-brothers, but Oswald was made by Charles Mintz who left with Oswald. However, they brought him back and the rest you know.

Oswald: I came back in two video games, that I had a lot of fun being in with Mickey.

Narrator: Yep and it was fun to see you in the game. Now comes the fifth and last question: Woverine how do you feel about killing your son Daken. You see you where visted by your future self who told you that your son would blow up the school killing the kids and cuasing something like the sentinals. You had no choice to kill to make sure it didn't happen but when you where fighting him you where thinking of what could have happened if you raised. How do you feel

Wolverine: I have seen people close to me come and go. It doesn't get easy and doing what I did to someone like my son was not an easy choice. I wish I had raised him so I wouldn't have had to do what I did. However, I know if I didn't stop him he would have hurt other people so I made my choice and now I am going to live with it.

Narrator: It definitely wasn't an easy choice, but as you said it had to be done. Anyways, that's the end guys. I want to thank Shadow Ninja, Guest/ForgottenPrincess, VivaThreeCaballeros, Gracekim1, wizard, king nightmare, and Greymon Leader Batx flashpoint for the questions and to everyone else for liking this story. I appreciate it guys and thank you so much for everything.

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