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It's ridiculous, she knows. It's stupid, she knows. Kissing a complete stranger for the sake of an experiment is utterly ridiculous and stupid indeed. She blames Robbie for it. Robbie needed ten friends and ten strangers for his experiment, and since Robbie doesn't really have friends, he only had two people to begin with. He asked Cat, Jade's best friend, to talk to some of her friends for Robbie's experiment and Jade was one of them. Jade refused to go because really, who would? Robbie was devastated as he wouldn't be able to continue without Jade. Cat would cry if Jade said no, and no one wants to see the red head cry. Jade unwillingly said yes for Cat. And here she is, standing in an empty room , in front of the camera with Robbie behind.

Jade saw the people Robbie sent in the room to kiss some of his friends a while ago and they seem decent. Robbie even insisted on having straight girls kiss each other and straight guys do the same. She isn't sure why those girls and guys agreed to do it. They probably have morbid minds, she thought. She's doubting whether this was really an experiment or just a video tape of people kissing for Robbie's viewing pleasure. Oh, that perv. She also saw how the people reacted, thanks to that small flat screen TV outside the empty room. Gee, thanks for making things private, dummy. Some where really responsive to the stranger's kiss, but some were uncomfortable. One even looked like he wasted his first kiss for Robbie's stupid project. Some where really experienced, some were not. All she hopes for is a good kisser.

They're in another country for a vacation and Robbie decides to do the experiment now. They could've been spending time around Hawaii, looking at tourist spots, but no, Robbie decides to do his stupid experiment. She wants to run back to her hotel or go for a swim, as a matter of fact, go anywhere but here. Cat is the only one stopping her from doing that. She can't deal with a sobbing Cat, especially when they're in vacation. She doesn't want to kiss any strangers, gross. What if they are diseased? What it they have some sort of disgusting sickness that she could also get after they kiss? Ugh, she thinks, Robbie sure owes her big time. She hope the stranger that she'll be forced to kiss is decent enough, smells good and of the opposite sex. She isn't gonna kiss a girl, you know? It's just not her vice.

"Jade, are you ready?" Robbie asks.

"Never, but I don't have a choice, do I?" Jade replies. She crosses her arms over her chest and rolls her eyes.

"Uhm... Okay? Last stranger, in you go!" Robbie calls the final stranger and Jade suddenly feels anxious.

The stranger enters and Jade's quite relieved. He's decent enough, he's a guy and hopefully he smells good too. As the stranger came closer, Jade's actually quite happy to know that the guy does smell nice.

"Beck." He said and offered a hand for Jade to shake. Only problem: she doesn't do hand shakes.

"Good to know that your parents pity you enough to give you a name." Jade answers, declining the hand Beck offered. He didn't look embarrassed by Jade's refusal to shake his hand, nor did he look taken aback by Jade's remark, he just stood there and smiled. "Let's get this done." Jade adds.

They both took a step closer to each other, allowing only a small gap in between. Beck raised a hand to cup Jade's face and stared her directly in the eyes. She didn't realise that she was holding her breath until she needed to inhale oxygen. His eyes were nice shades of brown, huge contrast to her lively blue ones. She absentmindedly rested both her palm on his chest and realised how built he was under his flannel. Oh boy, he smells even nicer this close.

"You ready?" Beck asks, resting his forehead on hers. She simply nods.

Their kiss was experimental at first, trying to figure out each other, until they just worked in synchronisation. Suddenly there were tongues involved and nibbling happening. She kind of enjoys it. She wonders if he enjoys it too. Oh this dude knows how to work his tongue, she thought. She smirked as she pushed his lips off of her.

"That's all you're getting, stranger." She mumbled as crossed her arms around her chest again. "We're done. Can I leave now?" She asked Robbie.

"Yeah... Thanks again. I owe you."

"Oh yes you do." She says, grabs her duffel bag and leaves.

Beck was speechless. He just finish kissing an absolute stranger, yet she left him wanting more. She was beautiful with eyes in shades of blue he'd never seen before. She's quite tall too, with a lean body. He won't lie, he found her attractive. What really got his attention was her snarky remarks. He found it rather amusing for a girl to say such things. She definitely isn't the typical kind of girl. She looks far from typical. He believes this girl loves the colour black. She's dressed in black from head to toe. Even her accessories were black. He smiles to himself, because really, it's amusing how he lets himself consider the thought of liking her even if he probably would never see her again. He doesn't blame himself though, because it isn't his fault that she's captivating and all, not that he minds or anything. It makes him chuckle a little how he is having this little debate going on his head whether to run up to her and catch her name or not. Shaking his head to remove his thoughts, he grabbed his things and bid Robbie goodbye. After thanking Beck, Robbie gave him a bag of goods for participating and Beck left.


She's pretty contended right now. She just woke up from her peaceful nap as Cat didn't call her after she was finished with Robbie's experiment. Jade faces the window and saw how it isn't that bright outside anymore, nor is it dark. It's just perfect. She has been wanting to go out and tan or sunbathe, but it's always too sunny, too hot and too humid outside. If she does go sunbathing under the blazing sun, she'll just burn, because that's the curse that ultra pale people would suffer from forever, she remembers saying. Jade gets up, grabs her bikini from her luggage and heads to get changed. She fills her beach bag with her valuables and beach necessities. Letting her naturally wavy rich brown hair freely, she wears a see through beach top and a pair of denim shorts, finishing her look, she puts on some sunnies. She walked to the beach in a pair of flip flops until she found her spot.

"Best spot just for me." She mumbles to herself as she lays her beach towel.

It's just four in the afternoon and it's still quite sunny in Hawaii, which means she'll still need to apply some sun screen on. She doesn't like feeling sticky in general, that's why she doesn't sweat. She doesn't like how sunscreens feel after applying them, but she does anyway because it's better for her skin. Jade allows her body to relax, lying dow, with her sunnies protecting her eyes from the sun, she sighs, contented. It's her last day in Hawaii and she'll surely miss a lot about it. The food, the people, the scenery, she'll surely miss it all, but she'll miss how relax and free she has been these past days the most. Back home, in New York, that is, problems flood her. One, she doesn't know if she should pursue acting or continue singing. Finding a management to kickstart her career isn't a problem because her father know a lot of contacts since the bank their family owns handles money purely of acting managements. It's just that every management told her to pick one career to begin with first. She's torn, she doesn't know which to choose and it's making her brain explode. Two, her parents wants to have a divorce. Jade is far from happy. She's twenty two, for hell's sake, why would they want to have a divorce now? She won't pretend like she didn't see it coming because her parents fight over small things often. They'd even fought over a pen once. Jade doesn't know what their problem was, maybe it's a mutual thing or something. Her mom probably cheated again, like she did twice before. She laughs bitterly to herself, remembering how she over heard her mom telling her dad that she would never cheat again. Like hell you won't, mom. Her thought where interrupted when she suddenly felt the sunlight that's suppose to shine on her being blocked by something.

"Uhm, hello, if you could maybe turn on the switch to make your brain start woking -that'll be great. You're blocking, dude." She rolls her eyes when the guy who stood beside he ran a hand through his hair.

"Well, hello to you too." The stranger she kissed just hours ago faced her with a goofy smile on his face.

"You?" Jade questions, Beck moves step to the side, unblocking the rays from hitting Jade. "What are you still doing here? Where you following me? Ugh, you're such a creep!"

"Okay, no need to be assuming here. I'm right here because of a job."

"You probably take pictures of girls in bikinis as a job, don't you?" Seeing the camera he held between his hands, she questions him. "Perv." She whispers.

"I'm a part time photographer, just for your information. I was asked to take photos of the views here." He smiles slightly, looking at the ocean and the sun that's slowly starting to set. "It's beautiful."

"Whatever you say, stranger." Jade said, sitting up to look at the slow movement of the clouds. It is beautiful, but she won't admit it in front of him, of course.

"Beck Oliver, by the way." He says as he sits on the sand smiling at her. Offering his hand, he asks. "And you are?"

"I'm" She begins, weighing the pros and cons of telling this stranger (who isn't really that much of a stranger anymore) her name. Jade decides that she'll tease him a little. "I'm not interested."

Dropping his hand, he states, "I'm not hitting on you, just wanna make friends."

"Fine." She sighs. "Whatever. I'm Jade."

"Okay, Jade. You wanna walk around or go somewhere?"

"Why would I go somewhere with a stranger like you? I'm not stupid, Beck." She found a smile on his face when she mentioned his name. It sorta gave her chills, though she would never admit.

"Well, if you'd go with me, maybe we could get to know each other a little more. We wouldn't be strangers anymore after that, right?" He says, hopeful.

She actually considered going somewhere with Beck. She doesn't have to do anything anyway. Packing her luggage for her flight tomorrow won't take that long, so she decides to nod slowly to Beck. Alright, she's going with this stranger.

"Touché." She says, tidying her stuff and stands. Beck stood too and she realised how toned his body was. "I'm going with you. I'll tell you now that I always have a pair of sharp scissors with me in any case you try to do something inappropriate." He chuckles lightly and she's kind of wowed how he isn't running away or peeing his pants by now, because who wouldn't?


"You graduated high school from Hollywood Arts?" He asked, rather in disbelief than shock. "Lying is bad, Jade."

"I was never good to begin with." She smirks. "And yes, Beck, I graduated from an arts school, is their a problem?"

"Not at all. I graduated from Hollywood Arts too, but in Canada." He explains. "I'm Canadian, by the way, though I might go to America soon because my parents are in America."

"You don't possibly have a crazy, coconut-loving, bald head, hobo-looking acting teacher, don't you?" Jade laughs, thinking about the possibility.

"Oh we do. You do too? Wow that's crazy. I've never thought of living in a world with two Sikowatz. It's just insane." Beck says in pure skepticism. His brown eyes are wide, pupils dilated, brows slightly raised.

Jade laughs quite loudly, shaking her head gently. "Did you just say Sikowatz?" She laughs again and stares up at him. "My teacher's name is Sikowitz, yours is Sikowatz, could they possibly be twins? Oh gosh, their poor parents." Somehow, he only stares at her in awe. She's really beautiful, Beck thinks. Her laugh made him shiver, wanting more.

"What if they were? All I could think of is chaos."

"One thing they have in common is they're both psychos."

They laughed together, realising that their bodies touch as they leaned in while laughing. Neither minded, though, because they're having a good time, but Beck likes how cold her skin feels against his heated ones. It's also very smooth and pale, almost like paper. The contrast of their skin colour makes him want their skin to touch more. It's more or less half pass six and they're still walking by the beach, liking the popsicle they bought a little while ago. They've found out a couple of things about each other. Beck found out how much she loves black, coffee and scissors. He found out her age, the reason why she was in Hawaii and that she hates a lot of things. Jade, on the other hand, found out that Beck has been doing photography since he was eighteen. She found put that he is in Hawaii because his aunt lives in Hawaii and made him visit yearly. Jade also found out Beck's love for art. He draws, paints and take photos of things that amuses him. They really enjoyed each other's company, even if neither of them admits it.

"Oh, and Beck," Jade says as she stops walking, making Beck pause too.


"I hate Canada." Of course she'll say that, of course she will. She smirks and continues walking right after she told Beck that she hates his country like nothing happened. He doesn't know whether to laugh or be offended. He looks so confused though that is causes Jade to chuckle when she glanced back at him.

"I see a small seafood restaurant. Wanna try it out?" Jade asks Beck who jogged and caught up with her.

"Squidalilies!" Beck says in excitement. "Food there is out of this world. You've gotta try it, Jade."

They made their way to Squidalilies, found a free table and took a seat. Lucky enough, the table they occupied is near a window, overlooking the nice view of the pier and the mini carnival. Squidalilies was quite a big restaurant and filled with people. They were lucky to find an empty seat because a line was starting to form outside the restaurant. The waiter handed them the menu card and stood next to Beck, waiting for them to order. Jade told Beck to order for her since he knows this place a lot better than her.

"Beck!" A fifthy something year old man called Beck right after he finished ordering. Beck and Jade both turned their heads to the man's direction.

"Big Bob!" Beck calls back as the man walked his way to Beck and Jade's table. "Ah, so good to see you." Beck has this big smile on his face that makes Jade feel warm and fuzzy inside. She blushes lightly.

"Oh, Beck." Big Bob says, clasping a hand on Beck's shoulder. "You've grown up!"

Beck laughs. "You say that every year. How's Adrew and Bill?"

"They're doing great. Both surfers now, living their dream, you know?" Bob replies, glancing at Jade. "Who's this beautiful pearl, huh, Beck?" Then he faces Beck again, giving him a wink.

"Big Bob, this is Jade. Jade, this is Big Bob."

Jade, deciding to be polite, shakes the hand Big Bob offered. "Hi." She greets.

"Oh boy! I've never seen you bring anyone here since Car-" Big Bob says, but Beck shushed him, eyes big, glaring a little at Bob. "Ah, alright, I see. My bad." Bob glances at Jade whose brows were raised. "I'll go to those costumers. Catch up with you tomorrow, Beck!" He smiles warmly at a confused Jade. He leans closer to Jade. "You must be special." He smiles at them one more time and leaves.

"Uhm, so about that..." Beck starts, constructing his next sentence in his mind carefully. "Big Bob is my Aunt and Uncle's great friend. I eat here almost everyday everytime I'm in Hawaii. Andrew and Bill are his twin sons, my childhood best friends." He states, staring directly at her eyes and she feels like she's melting.

"C-cool." She stutters. Damn, Jade, get it together, she says to herself. "And, uhm, how about Ca-"

"Look! Our food is coming!" Beck interupts and Jade decides to drop the topic. Maybe he doesn't want to talks about it for now. Maybe the girl whose name wasn't completely mentioned was Beck's ex? Hawaiian fling? Maybe just a bad memory. She's so confused because what Big Bob just whispered to her was just absurd. She can't understand what he means. Maybe I'll ask Beck later, Jade thinks. He smiles warmly at the waitress after she gave them their meals and Jade wishes that he smiled at her instead. Jade laughs mentally, oh you're just so stupid, aren't you? You're allowing yourself to like this guy when you're leaving tomorrow? She mumbles a curse to herself.

"I ordered this for you. It's a signature dish here, try it." He gave her Hawaiian fried rice with a few vegetables and pineapple tidbits served inside half of a pineapple.

"It smells and looks nice." She tells him before having a spoon of it. Jade makes a rare face of satisfaction when she tastes the food. Beck is convinced that satisfying her might be his next job, since he loved seeing her face like that. "Sooo good." Then Beck laughs.

"Wait till you try their sea bass."

"I can't wait." She said as she took a small portion of the fried sea bass in her mouth. Her face was filled with satisfaction again and Beck feels his heart beat faster.

They continue eating, occasionally laughing and talking. Beck suddenly enjoys her features a little too much. He would be a comedian in a snap if it's all it takes to make her laugh. Jade licks the back of her spoon slowly, enjoying how the flavours burst to her taste buds. He thought he'd pass out from the sight of that. Her red lips pressed together, making a thin line as she decides which food to have next. She looks down at her plate. Her eyes on her plate moved up to face him, but her face is still bent down. It made her eyes look even bigger, making him drown in her blue pools. Damn it, Beck, you like her. He laughs to himself. That's just dumb. You can't like someone you just met a couple of hours ago. He battles himself... Or maybe you could. Can he really blame himself, though? Who wouldn't like her? And yes, she has quite an attitude, but that's what makes her so... Interesting, so captivating. Her eyes are still on him and he wonders if they could do hypnotisation because he's sure he's hypnotised by her.

"Is there something on my face?" She asked Beck as she sat straight, ruffling her bag, reaching for a mirror. "You've been staring at me like a dork for a while. Stop it." She says, angling her face to the side where her bag is, hiding her blush.

"W-what? No, you're fine. It's nothing." He stutters, caught off guard.

"If you say so."

"Wanna go to the mini beach party over there?" Beck points at a place filled with lights and people. "We could go after eating."

"Sure. That's quite close to my hotel, actually."


The loud beat of the drums matches the beat of their pounding hearts. Lights are everywhere and the place is filled with warm bodies. The mini beach party wasn't as mini as it seems when they were eating at Squdalillies. The party is filled with many alcohol booths, mini bars and foam tubs. Their heads move to the beat that neither of them were familiar with. Making their way to one of the mini bars, Jade unconsciously moved closer to Beck after seeing a surfer dude wink at her. Beck felt her body touch his side and instinctively wraps his arm around her waist pulling her closer to him. He sees her raise her right eyebrow, but didn't do or say anything in protest. He grins widely. Ordering some colourful drinks, they made their way to an empty tall table.

"Woah -no! Wait, don't move an inch." Beck says and Jade instantly freezes. "Uhm, wait... Almost." He turns the camera -that was hanging on his neck- on, focusing it's lens. He smiles at her then focuses his attention back to his camera. She doesn't find the connection clear, but somehow, seeing him happy made her smile. Bending lower a little, Beck clicks the button, making a sound that is almost impossible to hear and the flash went off. "Nice." He states cooly before showing her the photo he just captured.

"Oh wow." She's suddenly unable to speak. The photo taken is absolutely beautiful. The focus was on her, genuine smile showing. Beck took the best angle, flattering her figure. The stage and lights were blurry at the back, but you could identify them. A faint streak of light beside her completed the image and it looks beautiful. She looks beautiful. Looking at her with a huge smile on her face, Beck thinks his heart might start skipping beats soon. He kinda hate how he can't stop smiling when he looks at her.

"That good, huh?" He asks smugly.

"Hey, don't get your ego higher than it already is."

"Admit that it's good."

"I'm admitting because I want to." Jade speaks, taking a sip of her cocktail before continuing. "It's decent."

"Good enough." He chuckles. "Wanna dance?"

"Wanna cop-a-feel, huh?" Jade gasps falsely. "You perv! I knew it." She says a little too loud, catching some people's attention. She laughs, because clearly, it's a joke, but Beck's face seems to go two shade paler because of embarrassment.


"Calm down, stranger." She winks at him after calling him stranger. Jade brings one hand up to cup his cheek, thumb tracing his jaw. She immediately regrets her decision as she can't seem to remove her hand from his face, enjoying his warmth. He's so warm, good kinda warm. Jade blinks shaking her out of her thoughts. "I'll dance with you."

"I thought we aren't strangers anymore?" Beck asks, hopeful.


They turn silent as they enjoy the loud electronic beats blasting out of huge speakers. They stand opposite each other, swaying their hips, finding out that both are really great dancers. He rans a hand through his hair and looks at her, smiling. Of course she smiles back. They throw jokes here and there, skin rubbing every now and then, but neither minded. The feeling of them touching is actually somewhat comforting. The beat of the next song is a lot less seedy compared to the song played earlier. They still swayed, slower this time. Their hands would be found entangled with each other, rubbing each other's knuckles as they drown into each other's eyes. They can't help it, really, how attraction just pulled them together. Taking one step closer, she kisses his cheek. Leaning her head on his chest she wraps her cool arms around his warm body. That's a bold move, Jade, she tells herself. She didn't care, but when he didn't respond the way she expected quickly, she started panicking. Her panic subsides when she felt his arms rest on the small of her back, she sighed in relief, relaxing fully. Their height difference worked perfectly to their advantage, making him rest his cheek on top of her head. She slaps herself mentally, because she shouldn't feel this happy with a guy she met not longer than eight hours ago. You can't trust a guy that easily, Jade.

Little did Jade know that Beck is fighting his abrupt urge to feel her lips on his again, and hugging him like that doesn't really help. He's dumbfounded, surprised, unable to respond to her touch swiftly. He might ask her to pinch him later, because he doesn't know whether he's dreaming or not. Beck let's everything sink in as much as possible and finally wraps her in his embrace. Hugging someone never felt so good, he thinks. Is it possible to feel such emotions towards someone you met merely hours ago? Beck strokes her back, resting his cheek on her head. He inhales her tropical scented shampoo. Smiling, he savours the moment, swaying their bodies together slowly.

She looks up to meet his eyes. He looks down to meet hers. They both mentally decided that they made a wrong move because their embrace suddenly doesn't feel enough anymore. They craved more from each other. More connection, more contact, more touch, more skin. He's a guy, she's a girl, attraction is inevitable, bound to happen. He's leaning in, she closes her eyes. He also closes his eyes, she also starts to lean. Their lips finally touch and both of them feel complete. Compared to their first kiss, this time the kiss was hard, full of want and, contrastingly, content. Tongues fight for dominance, hands start to wander. Somehow, his rests on her neck, hers tangled in his hair. Their minds are clear at the moment, only filled by each other and nothing else. Breaking for air, they smile openly, foreheads still touching.

They went back to their table, took some sip of their drinks. Jade felt her phone vibrate in her pocket. Bringing half of it out to check on who texted, her eyes squint. Cat messaged her twice, both asking where she was, telling her to go back to their hotel. She groans, checking the time and her eyes widen. Eleven at night. She really needs to go back if she wants to get to her flight tomorrow. Reality kicks back, making her realise thousands of things, bringing back all her thoughts, all her problems. She can't do this with Beck. She can't have a fling with Beck, not when she needs to leave in less than ten hours. Her eyebrows meet in frustration. She needs to control herself, tell Beck that she should get going and get her things fixed. It's suddenly incredibly hard to leave, especially when they just finished sharing intimate moments. She laughs at herself. So stupid. She curses to herself.

"Hey, I gotta go the bathroom over there." Beck points at a corner not that far from their table. "Be beck soon." Kissing her cheek, he went off.

Quickly, she pulled out her pen from her tote bag and frantically looked for a piece of paper in her bag. Failing to see any, she looks around her surroundings and found an unused tissue. This'll do for now. She scribbles words on the tissue gently, trying her best not to mess it up. She signs the bottom of the paper and tucks it under Beck's drink. It's cruel, she knows, how he wouldn't receive the proper goodbye he deserves. Jade can't do anything about it though, because if she waits for Beck to come back, she knows she'll have a hard time saying goodbye. It's easier this way and she knows it. Heavy heartedly, she leaves, walking swiftly to her hotel or at least as far as she could be from the beach party. Soon enough, her silhouette fades and she's gone.

Beck walked back to their now empty table with a confused look. Where is Jade? Looking around, failing to see a certain black haired girl, he lifts his drink, taking a sip. He finds a tissue paper with his name written on it, folded once. He unfolds it to find a letter written by Jade. Quite anxious, he reads it slowly.


Things are complicated right now. If a couple of months passes and you find yourself still thinking about me, meet me in this beach -same place, same time after a year.


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