Evil Brotherhood

Sam´s secret

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Sam´s POV:

No one knew much about Sam Temple, just that most people called him School-bus Sam.

They didn´t know that he had a power, that he had burned his step-father´s hand off. It was just Connie, Tom and himself who knew that. But Sam´s real secret, was that he had enjoyed it.

He had enjoyed seeing the laser burn into Tom´s hand. He wished he could have seen the hand melt, but unfortunately, it had happened to fast. But it wasn´t the pain he gave Tom he had enjoyed, it was the power he had felt.

In that moment, he had the control, in those few seconds it felt like no-one could stop him. But then the feeling faded, and his thoughts started wandering.

His arm was still outstretched, so he tried to shot the laser again, but it didn´t work. His thoughts stopped at the fact that he had done something illegal. He didn´t care about that, but since he didn´t manage to progress the laser again, the police could easily arrest him.

If Tom was dead, they would arrest him. He wouldn´t end in jail, but at least in a youth-jail. Or maybe his mother would insist on send him up the hill instead.

She didn´t. And as the months went, he didn´t get the power to work. He tried all the time, but nothing changed.

Well, until one night.

He was sleeping. But he had a nightmare (at least he realised that when he woke up). He was all alone in the house, and the sound of thunder and a lightning brought him to the real world. Un-lucky for him, a new lightning never came, and he was afraid of the dark.

Silly. That was what he thought. It was silly to be afraid of such a natural thing, but he was. So when he woke up from a nightmare, all of sudden, to a thing you feared, well you didn´t need to be Astrid the Genius to know what happened.

He screamed. And hated himself for doing so. He was fourteen year old, for God´s sake! He had burned his stepfather's hand off, he lived next to a biker gang. But there he was, fourteen, almost fifteen, screaming his head off because of something non-existent.

He had reached his hand out to push the darkness away, and then…light. A small ball of light had appeared halfway into the closet. It was very little, and green, same color as the "laser" that had burned Tom´s hand of.

Maybe he should have been scared, but he wasn´t. He was very happy. He had managed to use his power again. He tried to do it again. But it didn´t work.

In that moment he growled and a brilliant green light started glowing in his hands. He remembered how he had felt right before the light came.

He was so irritated and angry. All he wanted to do was to destroy stuff. He wanted his powers to work. He wanted them to work so he could destroy stuff. Short said: he was angry and wanted to destroy things.

That night, he had learned how to control his powers. But he knew that he needed to practice, and he did.

Between school, homework (he had to do it, had to act normal) and surfing with Quinn (again, acting normal), he didn´t have much time to practice. One week later, he had managed to melt a stone, but he still needed to learn how to aim.

And that was what he was doing now.

He raised his hand, kept his eyes at a rock, and shot. He missed with a meter and the laser hit the sand behind. He wanted to scream in anger, but Clifftop was right up there, and it was very possible that someone would hear him.

Again. Aim, concentrate, shoot. Miss. Again. Again. And, surprise, surprise (!), again. He breathed heavily. There was a stone a few meters away, and he needed to release his anger without being irritated if he missed. So he kicked the stone, not a good idea. It stood deeper than he had thought, and it hurt like hell!

He growled. Calming breaths, calming breaths, he told himself. Screw the fucking calming breaths! He raised his hand, and shot while growling as loud as he could. The light made a swoosh-sound as it flew through the air, and burned it´s way to the stone.

He kept firing until the stone had melted and the smell burned in his noses trills. A smile stretched out on his face. He spun around 360 degrees and shot at the first thing he looked at many times, and he hit almost every time.

Then the FAYZ happened, even though the name wasn't invented jet. Sam saw the opportunity. He had a power, he had the power he needed to take over this bubble. But then he started talking to Astrid the Genius, and his intentions changed drastically. It went from taking over this bubble, to helping the sweet blonde finding her little brother.

The way to finding Little Pete was hard. They actually walked in on a burning building. Sam saw this opportunity, and went in to save the little girl. If he did that, almost everyone would accept him as a leader, and go against Orc.

People would know that he saved the bus full of school-kids, that he was the one going into a burning building trying to save a girl and that he was the person who helped Astrid finding her autistic brother.

And the plan went perfect. He played shy, and that just made people believe that he didn´t have any intentions, at all! People wanted him to step up as a leader and get rid of "Captain Orc", and he would, he just needed to wait a little more until they were almost desperate after a fair leader.

As the last piece of his marvelous plan went, he was ready to "give in" to the crowd, and become their leader. Of course he would have to keep his powers a secret, but only until the time came when he would take down Orc, and all his companions. After that, no one would try to stand up to him!

But fate wanted it otherwise…


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