Evil brotherhood

A stroll in Pedido

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Sam's pov:

It was now five days since every person over the age of fourteen had disappeared. Five days living with the unknown, and people were scared. They wanted their families back, but most of all they wanted answers, answers that Sam couldn't give, answers that nor Edilio or Astrid could give.

Not even Caine could, and he was supposed to be their leader. Supposed. The thought made Sam's "inner flame" blaze to an unimaginable height.

Sam had come to the understanding that there wasn't any time when he could take down Caine. It was almost like he knew that someone was after him. He used big parts of his day time in the office in town hall, full with plenty of other Coates-kids, and if he ever left, he never went alone. He also shared a house with that Diana girl.

But attacking directly wasn't the only way to get Caine down from his throne. More and more people were starting to dub Caine and his men. A rebellion. They (he, Astrid and Edilio –Sam wasn't so sure about Quinn) had more than enough evidence. Caine's rules were one of them. Then you had Bettie's unpunished death.

Her funeral was tomorrow. They should have had it today, but the circumstances wouldn't allow it. So that was why he and Edilio found their way to town hall to ask for justice of an incident girl's death, not that Sam cared much for it anyway.

They both walked up the big, white stares, that were supposed to be impressive, and through the old tree doors. It was surprisingly quiet and the sound of their shoes could've echoed off the walls and down the hallway if it wasn't for the carpet.

"Do you know where the office is?" Sam asked. "No," came the short reply. "But I'm sure it's behind the over-scaled door right there."

When Sam thought that it was surprisingly quiet he meant that, but there were one source of sound, and it came from behind that door. It was a conversation in hush whispers. Sam had the urge to eavesdrop, and it seemed like Edilio wanted the same. A short look passed, then they both leaned inn and tried to listen to what was being said.

It was harder than it looked like in movies, but Sam could still make our some words and try to fill in the blanks. The one was Drake, and the other was unmistakable Caine.

"…something interesting?" Caine. "Yes...bedroom." Sam pressed his ear harder against the wooden-door. "…here?" "'Too heavy'," Drake mimicked, but his voice was still full of disgust. Sam damned the thick door. This sounded good and was so far the only possibility of something interesting he could use against Caine.

Caine asked where the ting was, and it suddenly became quiet. "Well?" He sounded threateningly, but of course Drake wasn't even slightly afraid. "They said…thought…town." "THOUGHT?"

Sam heard the shifting of clothes and Drake's low laughter. He could easily image Caine's scowling face. "Don't try to scare me, Caine. …need fancy…defeat you." So Caine hadn't as much control as he wanted people to believe. This was great!

"…make me laugh, Drake. …go get it. …I…have enough to deal with." Sam felt a hand on his shoulder and almost ignored Edilio, but then he said: "Someone is coming."

He turned his head and saw that the Honduran was right. He heard the sound of someone coming, but Sam had to say that the kid was slow, it sounded like jogging. Sam paid Edilio no mind as he turned and calmly walked away.

So not only were Caine's own men turning on him, but he had lousy guards. Sam almost laughed. Caine, manipulative and acting like a big though guy. Sam was sure he would run off the moment Sam showed him some real power. Caine was a joke for sure.

Drake and Orc couldn't protect him forever, and he had to come out of hiding sometime. Sam almost couldn't wait.

A millisecond later Edilio was walking with him out the door. Sam didn't notice Edilio's glance his way, accusing floating just below the surface.

*Time skip*

They didn't have a coffin, so Bettie's body had to lie in the dirt. Some of the few people who were there seemed to think this was sad, but Sam didn't quite get this. It was just a body, and Bettie's body none the less. Bettie hadn't had many friends, and the only ones crying were her little brother and Emma and Anna.

He and Astrid stood there too, with Little Pete casually sitting on the ground playing a game on his Gameboy.

Astrid had taken it on herself to 'utter the words of God' and eventually Pete had started mumbling with her. It wasn't really surprising. Astrid did come from a very Christian family.

In the end it was Edilio who ended up with filling the hole, like it was him who had dug it. Sam just stood there, listening to the shuffling of the spade, a feeling-less expression plastered on his face.

Slowly the few people walked away. Until it only Sam, Astrid and Pete were left. The only thing that misses for this to be a tragic love story, Sam thought, is rain.

"Are you okay?" Astrid asked, and he felt his mouth thug a little upwards. "Yes, I'm okay. Don't worry." He didn't even need to act to sound perfectly normal.

Astrid laid her hand on his arm, right on the bicep, and slowly made him turn to face her. "Remember that you can always talk to me, Sam." This time Sam let himself smile, just a little. "I will."

In the back of his mind Sam understood what an intimately moment it was, if it wasn't for the creepy five year old now staring at them.

They were both about just as high as the other one, staring into one another's eyes, and nobody could blame Sam for thinking she would kiss him when she had both her hands on his shoulders, but he ended up being greatly disappointed.

Astrid was the one who pulled back from the hug. "It's getting late. Are you coming?"

He took a deep breath. "Just go, I think I'll walk for a while."

Taylor's POV

Should she feel bad? Had she made the wrong choice? Seemed like it. She felt awful; she hadn't really slept as much as needed and she hadn't eaten in a while.

It felt as if her stomach was starting a revolution inside her. Tears threatened to spill, but it was no worth.

At least Drake wasn't there anymore, so people felt safer. And there it was, the 'r'. Coates had never been a safe place. Even when the adults still where there you never felt like you could lay down your guard.

You couldn't trust anyone, not even your own roommate. Everybody could betray you, and if one person got anything on you, everybody got something on you.

People would maybe say that she overreacted, but she didn't. If you showed any sign of weakness you would be stepped on by almost everybody. The teachers couldn't be everywhere all the time.

Taylor would often think that they frankly didn't care! As cold as the students.

And now, she shuddered at the thought. No adults to at least give you a few minutes of safety in class, no one to stop anyone from killing you. The feeling of helplessness was overwhelming.

And as she lay in bed, Taylor could clearly hear the calls of help and the sound of begging from the cement victims, echoing in her head , because she had stayed loyal to the psychopaths.

Way to go, Taylor.

Quinn's POV

He didn't know why, but Quinn had decided to walk that night. Maybe it was to clear his head, he had too much to take in, like everybody else. Or maybe in hope of hearing the sound of waves.

None of them seemed to come, and Quinn had the feeling that beautiful, foaming waves where gone forever.

He had let his feet wander freely, with his head in the clouds. He wasn't surprised to find himself at the beach, on the backside of Sam's old house.

If he just imagined the sound of waves, he could pretend everything was back to normal.

He would soon go home to his parents, and everything would be fine. They would sit an eat dinner, and his parents would ask him how his day had been. Then the two of them would start talking, and in the end make him do his homework.

Like he always did. Maybe something good was on TV? If his parent's didn't take it, and if that happened, well he had a computer.


Quinn hurryingly turned around to the sound that had wrecked him out of the day-dream. Something hit the ground, and then a vague sound of footsteps and grunts. Someone was fighting. And it sounded hash.

Personally Quinn didn't want to get into trouble, but he had to see what it was.

Lana's POV:

Get out! Get out! STOP! Aaaahhh! STOP IT!

Lana was unsure if she was thinking this or screaming or talking or mumbling or if it was her that was uttering the words. And that was what it was. Words, set together to make sentences, to give a meaning.

But the feeling of her brain being ripped apart and set together again in the Darkness' picture did not make any sense.

Words, colors, sounds and feelings, the overwhelming feelings that were so different from the following that it was painful in itself, rushed through her body. The Gaiaphage's body.

As if it was the same body. And it could just as well, because it was so hot down there that she felt as she was melting. Melting on top of the living crystals and mixing. Feeling it crawl over the skin (because there wasn't her or it's skin or someone else's, it was just skin) made her sick…and powerful.

And, oh God, she missed her parents and grandfather and cousins and friends and Patrick! They could all be dead for all she cared!

No, no, she missed them so badly. She wanted to see them all and apologize for whatever she had done. Because no one experienced this type of pain unless they had done something absolutely horrible.

It was worse than right after she had crawled out of the old Pickup, and more tiresome than healing had been. It was HELL!

And no possible way of escape. Even if she got out the coyotes would be there, waiting to be learned. She would teach them how to be human so they could become better killers.

And darkness was reaching the edges of her sight. How did she know? Every fucking thing was black already!

And the pain stopped.

It was letting go of her. It was letting her out of the madness and everything should be clear, but it was fuzzy and that was why she knew the good type of darkness was coming. A bark, then the ground was moving underneath her.

She hadn't realized her eyes were open, so she closed them. It felt like she could just go to sleep, and the numbness stopped her from feeling the intense heat/cold (?), so she could pretend she was laying in her bed at home.

It became easier to breathe, and then she was free, sent into dreamless unconsciousness.

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