As you saw in the summary, this is my contest entry for EvilOK's second contest. I hope you enjoy this. Also I will also be updating my other stories soon. Hopefully. Also (again) if you do have a better idea for the title, don't be afraid to tell me.

Chapter one:

Perdido beach

Sam had gone from a quiet boy to the meanest bully in school overnight. He had burned off his stepdads hand. Even though it sickened him to think about the hand being burned off, he loved the power that surged through him. He loved the feeling that made him feel unstoppable. He felt like he could do anything in the world, like he could achieve anything. So when he when he tried to do it again and couldn't , you can understand why he was frustrated. Why the anger in him boiled. Why when he went back to school he began taking out his anger on weaker, defenceless children. This only satisfied Sam temporally. He wanted more. He wanted the school.

So he began asking around. Looking for some dirt on Orc. Eventually he found some. From a boy in a maths class. He said that he overheard Astrid Ellison talking to Orc. He said that he heard him asking Astrid for maths lessons and that he wanted it to be kept quiet. So with that information Sam had taken the school within the week. He was now the biggest bully in school. He was now the most feared.

That was when he began working in getting his power to work again. First he tried in his back garden, but when he got it to work he burned a hole through the fence and that was when he decided it was time to practice somewhere more secretive. That was when he found the cave in the cliff. Everyday he would swim out to it. And jump up onto its hard rocks. There he practiced and mostly perfected his power.

When the dome came down, his first instinct was to take over the whole town. But first he had something else he wanted to do. He wanted Astrid Ellison. So when she approached him he had a choice. The town or her. If he left town someone else might take control and he did t want that. So instead of him leaving town he grabbed the two nearest people. Their names were Edililo Escobar and Zil Sperry. He told them to go with Astrid to the nuclear plant to find little Pete.

And as they left to find little Pete, Sam went to the town hall. He declared himself mayor of Perdido beach. He also thought of demonstrating his power, but he thought it would be better to keep that a secret. For now anyway. Then, just as he stepped down off the steps, three people in Coates uniforms walked into the plaza.