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Leader: Fernstar- light gray she-cat

Deputy: Vixentail- rusty colored she-cat

Medicine Cat: Hawkclaw- brown tabby


Redflower- orange tabby she-cat

Jayflight- blueish tom

Turtlewalk- slow, brown tom

Pineleap- light brown tom

Wildheart- wild young calico she-cat

Heatherfur- tan she-cat

Birchbark- white tom

Hollyfire- black she-cat

Icepool- white she-cat

Oakpelt- brown tabby

Whitepetal- white she-cat

Honeytail- golden she-cat

Foxstripe- red tom with white stripe along his back

Leafstorm- tortoiseshell she-cat

Crowdip- black tom


Graypaw- gray tom, apprentice of Icepool

Softpaw- white she-cat with gray splotches, apprentice of Foxstripe

Mangopaw- orange tom, apprentice of Wildheart

Mintpaw- misty she-cat, apprentice of Honeytail

Applepaw- red she-cat, apprentice of Leafstorm

Mudpaw- brown tom, apprentice of Redflower


Snowlight: white she-cat, pregnant


Deerleap- tan she-cat


Leader: Nightstar- black tom

Deputy: Toadleap: big tabby tom (looks somewhat like Tigerstar)

Medicine Cat: Russetfeather- black and white she-cat


Shadowwolf- silver tom

Mistyflower- silver she-cat, siblings with Shadowwolf

Owlpelt- light brown tabby tom

Webfrog- black and white tom

Foxtail- red and white spotted tom

Hailflake- gray she-cat

Smoketree- gray tom

Frostmoon- silver she-cat

Bluestem- blue she-cat

Sandsun- sand colored she-cat

Swiftsprint- black tom

Kinkbush: dust-colored tom


Mudpaw- brown tom, apprentice of Toadleap

Snowpaw- white she-cat, apprentice of Sandsun


Winterleaf- white she-cat; Kits: Horsekit- tan she-cat, Flowerkit- pale gray she-cat, Wolfkit- silver gray tom

Sundapple- sun colored she-cat, Toadleap's mate, pregnant


Fawnstep- light brown she-cat with white dapples


Leader: Breezestar- silver she-cat

Deputy: Rabbitrain- tan tom with gray dapples

Medicine Cat: Turtleshell- tortoiseshell she-cat


Horsehoof- tan she-cat

Tigerpool- tiger striped tom

Sparrowwing- gray tabby she-cat

Dawnrise- light brown tabby tom

Foxpelt- rusty colored she-cat

Whalesplash- silver she-cat, good swimmer, half RiverClan

Redleaf- red tom

Sheepfur- white, fluffy she-cat

Chestnutcloud- chestnut colored, fluffy she-cat

Daisynose- shy gray she-cat

Bearclaw- dark brown tabby

Pigheart- pale pink she-cat

Wildmoon- silver she-cat


Sunpaw- sun colored she-cat, apprentice of Dawnrise


Irisflower- pale gray she-cat, pregnant


Moonfrost- silver she-cat


Leader: Shellstar- red tom

Deputy: Rosepetal- pale she-cat

Medicine Cat: Otterdash- light brown she-cat


Pebblestream- tan young tom

Rainfish- blue she-cat with light gray dapples

Heatherfall- tan she-cat

Hailstream- white tom

Quailwing- skittish gray tom

Snowtail- adventurous white she-cat


No apprentices


No queens


No elders


Leader: Sparkstar- orange and white tabby

Deputy: Flamelick- orange she-cat

Medicine Cat: Wildfire- light brown and white tabby she-cat


Cloudtuft- white tom

Frostshell- tortoiseshell she-cat

Fireflower- red she-cat

Swiftslash- black and white tom

Redfur- red she-cat

Blazeflash- sand colored tom

Embermist- orange, black, ad gray she-cat

Willowfeather- silver she-cat

Birdcall- brown tabby tom

Cedardust- light brown tom

Duskfluff- dark brown tom

Stormheart- gray and white tom


Mintpaw- gray she-cat, apprentice of Stormheart

Robinpaw- red and brown tom, apprentice of Duskfluff


Heatherwing- tan she-cat, pregnant

Ocelotleap- calico she-cat, pregnant


Sparrowflight- light brown tom

Skunkstripe- black tom with a white stripe down his back


Leader: Squirrelstar- tan she-cat

Deputy: Primrosepetal- white she-cat

Medicine Cat: Katnissflower- light gray she-cat, sister of Primrosepetal


Frogmouth: old, gray tom

Jaydusk: blue tom

Tinysprint: small, white with tawny splotches fast she-cat




Featherfluff: pregnant black she-cat and severely sick with greencough




Leader: Lakestar: sand-colored she-cat

Deputy: Swiftstream: silver she-cat

Medicine Cat: Catfish: light brown tom


Fishflight: silver tom, brother of Swiftstream

Ottersplash: light brown tabby she-cat

Beavertail: dark brown tom

Seaweed: greenish-gray tom

Coraljump: beautiful black she-cat

Bubbleheart: blue tom

Rockyshark: ferocious black tom

Cliffspray: dust-colored she-cat

Shellpond: white she-cat

Riptide: blue-gray tom

Tidepool: blue-gray she-cat, sister of Riptide

Horsecloud: dust-colored she-cat

Antgrass: red-ish tom

Bluecrow: grayish blue tom

Fishleap: silver she-cat

Whalethroat: gray and white tom

Brightstream: white she-cat with tawny patches

Tanglefuzz: dark brown tom


Mosspaw: tortoiseshell she-cat who's missing an eye

Hawkpaw: light brown tom

Skypaw: white and gray she-cat


Sandsplotch: sand-colored and gray she-cat; Kits: Crowkit: black she-kit; Swankit: fluffy, gray she-kit; Heronkit: blue and brown tom

Tsunamifur: blueish-gray she-cat; pregnant


Fawncircle: light brown she-cat

Spirithorn: white tom who used to be a medicine cat

Horseflower: dust-colored tom


Cold rain dappled the ground. Eyes shone in the undergrowth. "ShadowClan, attack!"

Silver-furred cats sprang out of the bushes into a grassy clearing. Startled cats scampered out of their dens. "SeaClan, attack!"

The clearing erupted into a battlefield. A black she-cat with the smell of fish coming off her sleek fur leaped onto a huge, tabby tom. She raked her claws down his side and he tried to fling her off his back. He finally rolled over crushing the she-cat underneath him. She squealed like a kit and ran off into the woods. The tabby raced to the leader's den, seeing that she wasn't fighting in the battle.

He raced into the den only to find it empty. Where could she have gone? SeaClan wouldn't have night patrols, would they? He wondered. Then he realized that she might have kits in the nursery or be protecting the elders. He raced outside and charged the nursery. Inside, he found Lakestar crouched in front of him. Behind her was a tortoiseshell she-cat. The medicine cat was with her, chewing up a bundle of herbs.

Lakestar hissed and leaped at the tabby. She raked her claws down his side, then leaped back and kept darting in and biting him, using her speed and lack of size as an advantage. Then the tabby yowled, "Take the kits!"

He darted around Lakestar and swooped down to pick up a mewling, black kit. He spun around to leave, only to find Lakestar in the way. She snarled and fluffed up her fur, making herself look two times bigger. Then she was knocked to the side by other ShadowClan warriors. They picked up the black kit's siblings and raced off in the direction of their own camp. The tabby left right on their tails, but Lakestar leaped on top of him, forcing him to drop the kit he was carrying. "You won't take Crowkit, Toadleap!" Lakestar spat.

Toadleap tried to roll over, but Lakestar leaped off and intercepted his move. She clawed at his belly, tearing out clumps of his fur. Toadleap used his immense size to knock her over and stand on all fours again. He scooped up Crowkit and continued the journey to his camp. He sprinted through the mass of fighting cats and into the woods. He reached his camp in no time. He then gave Crowkit to a white cat in the nursery. Then he ran off, back to the battlefield. He was greeted with an empty clearing. There were no cats anywhere. Was this StarCan's doing? He wondered.

"Over here!" Toadleap whipped around, trying to find the voice. He saw a flick of a tail in the nursery. But before he could get there, he heard a huge rumbling right behind him. It was louder than thunder, louder than StarClan's fury. Toadleap turned around. It wasn't any of those possibilities…. It was a tsunami!

Toadleap sprinted as fast as he could to the nursery, where all the other cats were hiding. Water sprayed onto his back, turning quickly into a blanket of cold salt water that made its way into the ShadowClan warrior's mouth. He was a fox-length away from the safety of the nursery. Then he was dragged backwards by the immense wave. He spluttered as he swallowed a mouthful of sea water. He was twirled this way and that, and soon lost sight of any sort of land. Then he was sinking rapidly to the bottom of the ocean. I don't want to die here! He thought. I have a Clan and a mate…. And soon I'll have little kits. Oh, StarClan save me!

A stream of bubbles rose from Toadleap's mouth. He closed his eyes and prepared to meet with StarClan.