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I actually read the first five volumes of Gimmick! in one night, and I kept seeing Kannazuki and Kohei together!~ So I put this together before I turned in the books. It took me a while to realize - hey, I can ask for a new category! Sorry to any of you were are waiting for me to update my other stories (I know, I know, because I'm just so popular!), but I write usually when I feel like crying about certain characters.

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When Kohei's bullet wound started bleeding, Kannazuki nearly went into cardiac arrest right then and there.

As it was, the tall man's heart was in his mouth for the entire ride and part of the procedure. But by the middle of the clumsy first aid applied, it appeared Kohei was going to be alright, and Kannazuki's heart rate slowed its rapid jumps. Instead, the older just wanted to sob.

Why was it so hard to keep one meddling, immature, sex-obsessed, lovable, tiny little SFX dork from sending either of them to an early grave?

And then the redhead was off again, barely still even for a breather; gasping about his alien and literally falling out of bed in frenzied haste. It was times like these that Kannazuki wondered how had fallen for this man.

Kohei Nagase was just so . . . out there, you know?

There were days when Kannazuki wanted nothing more than to grab the younger by the shoulders and shake some sense into that so obviously-empty head of Kohei's. To scream at the boy, that hadn't he done enough? He made dreams come true, yes, Kohei was amazing with his silver spatula, but it hurt so badly too. Where was Kannazuki supposed to go, what to do, when the man he loved, cut him off? Sealed the trailer shut with duct tape, set up his tools, and made the magic that everyone so adored? Forgot everything but the fun and the determination? Where? And . . . why?

Kannazuki worked in stunts; he could answer his own questions. The support and the extras stand to the side of the net, ready to jump in if needed, waiting for the cues from both the stuntman and the director.

In a good movie, the actor is the only one the audience sees.

It didn't hurt any less than it did yesterday, or the week before. But maybe because it was today, that Kannazuki could finally pluck up the courage to do what he did.

He kissed this ridiculous man full on the lips.

The older poured his soul into the kiss, telling his redhead without words, that even if Kohei pulled away and hid, even if the SFX maniac stomped on his heart like it was going out of fashion, even if the man Kannazuki loved was one children could call kid, even if he had to pick bullets out of bloody flesh, even if one day Kannazuki was no longer needed, the younger need only jump, and Kannazuki would do the rest.

And from what Kannazuki saw, Kohei understood. If that irresistible grin was anything to go by.

Because they were Studio Gimmick, and you could not have one without the other.

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