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He, Mojo Jojo was satisfied, he had all confidence, he was one hundred and ten percent sure that his children the Rowdyruff boys, had finally defeated those Powerpuffs. The ape sat on his couch in deep thought, a smile laid on his features, it was a great day indeed. With the combined efforts of both 'Him' and their children, the Puffs would meet a fitting end, he was sure of it. His small volcano lair would no longer be needed. Which left one thing to do; to gain complete control of the world and get rid of a certain demon. It wouldn't be easy, but with the help of his children.

"It's done, Mojo." his eldest son and leader of the team had spoken.

The genius' eyelids fell peacefully as he registered the words,

"You have defeated the Powerpuff girls?" spoke the monkey, a small smirk creeping on his features.

"Yes, father.", came Brick the 12-year-old Ruff leader.

"They're dead?"

"We blew them into a million micro pieces."

Brick started laughing which caused a domino effect of hardened laughs between the children. Good.

Mojo felt a chuckle emanating from his chest, the first obstacle was out of the way which only left one more hindrance.

"Gooood...Spectacular boys...My son's, my very own creations..." he praised them, "...we're completing our destiny, a destiny laid out by forces you and I can barely comprehend... there's only one thing left, my children."

The three boys calmed down and gave Mojo their attention.

"We need to get rid of that other parent of yours. Her disposal is the final act in my plan for domination.", Mojo watched as Brick's red eyes narrowed.

"You... Want us to kill, mother?", Brick's stared at Mojo with a wide mouth, then, there was that frown.

The genius monkey gave his chest two pounds with his fist "Did I stutter?! I thought you were the smart one...But maybe I was misled. It needs to go!",

The other two Ruffs narrowed their eyes in response.

Brick inhaled "It just seems unnecessary. Can't you both work together, as one unstoppable force?!",

Mojo shook his head "Tsk, you're still a child and children tend to not understand how naive they sound. The New world order, when we take over this planet can only have one ruler, one absolute monarchy!", anger was present in his voice as he spoke. "You need to understand, your 'mother' is weak in comparison, not fit to rule. A threat! And we have to eliminate all threats! Understood? Do you three comprehend?",

To Mojo's annoyance, the boys remained silent, their eyes blank as they stared ahead in the distance. "You're going to kill your mother, you understand? Be quick you never kno-", he stopped suddenly when a dark void presence possessed the room.

"And here I thought the voices in my head were wrong. You're plotting to betray me already? Hmm..", a creepy feminine like voice sent chills down Mojo's spine, no 'Him', not now. Mojo's eyes switched between 'Him' and his children. He had been caught red-handed. He couldn't deny it, it was too late. There before him stood the Demon, 'Him'.

He gazed at the Ruff's all of which seemed to be perplexed."Children, listen to me and listen good, I created you. I gave you life, I was there from day one!", He stood up and approached the Ruffs. "Your father loves you with ALL of his heart and ALL I want is the best for you, and the best right now is to Kill 'Him'!",

Brick the leader of the children closed his eyes in thought, Mojo seeing as the other two were easily molded, realized at the end of the day it was Brick's decision that counted most. In the end, they'd listen to Brick's orders, their biggest influence...their main loyalty! He needed to persuade Brick.

"Boys, don't forget who gave you the power to defeat those disgusting Powerpuffs?", 'Him's sweet yet sinister voice said.

"But who devised the perfect plan, action and time to do so?", spat Mojo, his eyes looking into that of his eldest creation.

Brick remained motionless, his eyes still closed the boy slowly placed his arms under his pits and deepened his frown.

"I made you better!",

"I gave you life!", the monkey couldn't lose.

Mojo unleashed a hidden weapon from his pockets, a small dark purple hand laser. He pointed it at 'Him'. "Either you Kill 'Him', or I will children... This is new technology, specifically made to dissolve unholy beings! He'll become nothing but dust.", he pointed the laser at the demon, who only smiled in response. This angered the monkey, it wasn't taking him seriously! "Remember this was your choice!", he yelled aggressively, his inner ape coming to surface, as his fingers came lethally close to pulling the trigger. His mind was made, he'd have to take action into his own hands!

His body became stiff with shock, a sharp hot pain shot through his chest, as the realization hit him like a train. He coughed up blood as he fell onto his back, his hands gripping the wound as it cauterized.

"Ho- How dare you?", Mojo gargled out a few pools of blood as Brick approached

"You know, we never wanted it to be this way, but you took it way too far. You and Mom would have definitely been an unstoppable force, but your actions lead us to ...this. You've gone too far!" Brick paused before looking at 'Him'. "Kill Him..", ordered their Mother, Mojo looking on in pain, and distraught. Mojo blinked as his eyes become heavy, knowing that the end was near.

"Yes Mother," replied Brick, his hands glowed a vivid red, the pain came before he even processed that Brick had so mercilessly unleashed his attack. The monkey simply stared down at his chest. He'd say he expected this, but that'd be a complete lie. His eyes widened, as more blood forced itself through his mouth, Mojo dropped into the floor like a boulder. His breaths were failing, and he'd landed right on his chest. The monkey's body jerked up from the ground as he gasped in an attempt to fill his lungs with precious oxygen. Nothing, it was in vain. The damage had ultimately been done. The ape gave one last determined, yet weak jerk before he felt his consciousness begin to slip, and soon after only darkness remained.

Sirens blazed throughout the city. The destruction left from the enormous battle was one never seen in the large city to date, this was surprising considering the number of villains, monsters and beings that favor targeting this area. The results of said bad were just as destructive as the damage, oh, by all means, the city could be rebuilt, however...

The girls, the protectors of the city had been defeated.

The only remains of the once super-powered beings, being a small tattered bow, that lay lowly in the pavement.

"It's over..", spoke a soft sinister voice.

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