Chapter 15:

The Epilogue?

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Donald immediately darted to the front of the large group. "Krane, if you get near these kids-"

"What?" Krane teased. "What are you going to do? Fire a laser at me? Even when you know I'll just absorb it?"

Donald glanced back at Douglas, as if asking for help.

"What do you want with us?" Luke asked.

Krane chuckled. "Simple. I'm getting revenge for a friend."

"You mean Jack?" Thomas interrupted.

"Thomas, you stole Vanessa from him. Did you think he wouldn't be upset?"

Mary turned to her father. "You never told me that," she said softly.

"Because you didn't need to know." Thomas turned back to Krane. "You tell Jack, if he has a problem with me, he can come down here and face me like a man. Sending a guy to do it for him don't work for me."

"Oh, he didn't just send me."

Suddenly, in a rush of black smoke, close to fifty teenagers surrounded the group. Their eyes glowed green.

"How many bionic soldiers did you make?!" Donald shouted.

Krane laughed. "Oh, don't worry. There are plenty more."

Just as Krane took a step towards the group, Horace who was in the middle, thrust his hands out. A blue glow filled the room. Seconds later, Krane and the rest of the bionic teenagers froze in place.

"Everyone come with me," he said urgently, hurrying towards the door. The group obeyed.

As they hurried up the stairs, Ravi, who was at the tail end, called up to Horace, "What did you do to them?"

"I froze them," Horace answered. "We have about 30 minutes until they unfreeze."

"Where are we going?" Emma asked.

Horace didn't answer that question. Instead, he pushed open the door that led to the hospital, and led the group through the halls.

Taking several turns and going through several corridors, the group eventually came to an elevator. Yellow caution tape was strung around it. Horace rapidly pressed the up button.

"What is this?" Oliver asked.

"An escape port."

The doors opened, and Horace led the way inside. Against the back wall stood a keypad on a podium. Horace typed in a code, and the front doors slammed shut.

"Horace, what's happening?" Douglas asked.

The elevator lurched, the doors opened, and the sun blinded them. Stepping out, the group realized they were a good 500 yards away from the hospital, in the middle of the large field that they had crossed to get to the hideout.

Horace motioned for them all to follow him.

"Wait, Horace," Donald started. "Where are we-"

Donald was cut off as an explosion from behind knocked them all off their feet.

As the dust cleared, Victor Krane stepped forward out of the shadows. He cracked his knuckles. Jack Moyer came up behind him, a laser gun poised in his hands.

Thomas stood with his hands up to show he had no weapons. "Alright, Jack. How about we just talk this-"

"Talk?! You think talking is gonna fix this? These kids should be mine!"

"Well, they're not, Jack!" Thomas burst out. "They're mine." He sent an apologetic glance back to the twins. "And I didn't realize how lucky I was to have 'em."

Krane scoffed. "Well, isn't that nice? Unfortunately, this isn't a feelings group."

Suddenly, from out of nowhere, a large army of teenagers appeared, surrounding the group.

"Bionic soldiers," Krane bellowed. "Attack!"

The children all let out shrieks. Horace put his hands out, freezing the entire army before they had a chance to try anything.

"There," Douglas said, pulling his own laser gun from behind his back. "Now it's a fair fight."

Krane laughed. "Oh, really? Because," he pretended to count the number of the group. "You have more people than us. I'd hardly call that fair, would you?"

"It's fair alright," Donald argued. "Considering that you've got more bionics than all five of these kids put together."

"Oh, that's right. How good of you to remind me."

Krane lifted his hands, but just as he was about to throw a large energy force onto them, a blast of fire hit him from behind.

The group turned.

"Oh, my, God," Mary whispered.

Vanessa Olsen was standing a good 20 feet away, holding a fire gun in her hands. She was aiming at Jack and taking slow, steady steps towards him. "Stay away from my kids," she said.

Jack took a step back, but held his ground with his own gun. Standing behind Vanessa was a large firing squad of policemen, with all of their guns aimed at him, shouting things like, "Drop the weapon!" and "Put your hands up!" Jack paid them no heed. He wasn't sure who he was more scared of: the cops, or his ex.

"Now, Vanessa," he said soothingly, trying to negotiate. "You wouldn't-"

"Take one more step near any of these people and I will."

Krane struggled to stand from where he had fallen. "We're gonna get you Davenport," he said to Donald. "And those two too. Cause next time," he eyed the twins. "Mommy ain't gonna be here to save ya." With that, he grabbed ahold of Jack, and the two of them teleported out of sight.

As the police stood in disbelief, Donald took a step towards Vanessa.

Vanessa shook her head. "Don't start Donald. I'm still mad at you."

Mary took a step forward, but still stayed a ways back, as if she didn't truly believe that her mother was standing before her.

Luke came up next to her, and put a hand on her shaking arm.

Vanessa looked at them longingly. "Look at you two. You're finally together."

"Why didn't you come get me?" Mary asked her quietly.

"Sweetheart, I couldn't. I didn't want to mess your life up any more than I already had."

Luke opened his mouth like he wanted to say something, but closed it.

Vanessa took a step back towards the road. "The choice is yours. If either of you want to come back to Detroit with me."

Luke turned to his sister as their other siblings looked on anxiously. "I'll do whatever you do."

Mary sent her birth mother a look that she couldn't really understand. "I'll stay."

Two days later, Mary packed her suitcase in the room that held the capsules in the hideout. It was all one with. Christina had immediately had builder come in and fix Mary's room. The Ross's were flying back to New York that night. Donald was going to install a hydro-lube in the panic room so that the twins could get to him in case their bionics, which they were going to keep, glitched.

A knock at the door made Mary turn. Kaz stoo leaning against the doorframe, a sad smile on his face.

"So, you're plane leaves at 6?"

Mary nodded.

Kaz took a few steps forward. "You gonna visit?"

"Do you want me to?"

Kaz hesitated, then nodded. He continued to come forward, until they were just inches apart. For a moment, Kaz leaned in, as if he was going to kiss her. Then, Emma's voice from upstairs, called out, "Mary! Hurry up! We're leaving!"

Kaz and Mary pulled apart, and for a moment, there was an awkward silence between them.

Kaz rubbed the back of his neck.

Mary grabbed her suitcase off the table and headed towards the door.

"So, I'll, uh...I'll see you later," Kaz said awkwardly.

Mary turned to him and gave him a small smile. "Maybe you will."

The End

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