Dream Guardian King Allen: Welcome everyone, to my second story ever! This is an adaptation of the first Super Smash Bros. game on the Nintendo 64, which is not easy to make a movie about a fighting game with no plot what so ever. So I am giving it my best effort. With that out of the way, only thing left to do is to say ACTION!

Disclaimer: I don't own anything; all properties belong to their respective owners since without them we wouldn't have these great games to make fanfiction for.

Prologue: Pulling Some Strings

A fight between a plumber in red and a spiked shelled turtle dragon was taking place. The plumber ran behind the turtle and grabbed it by the tail and then started to swing it around at increasingly fast speeds. Then the plumber let go of the turtle's tail sending the turtle flying toward a spiked ball at the edge of the area they were fighting on. When the turtle hit the spiked ball it exploded, then the whole scene froze.

"Why do they fight?" asked a voice as he observed the battle from his home. A white glove that would belong to the right hand came out from the shadows and the battle changed into a diorama of the battle field with statues of the plumber and turtle on it. "I create their worlds and give them life, and still they waste it on these worthless fights. I JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND!" yelled the glove slamming his fist down onto the diorama making the statues fall over. The glove then picked up the statues and placed them upright on the table and positioned them to where they would be perfectly place on the battle field.

"It is not just those two that do this," said the glove looking over other dioramas that were set up in the large room, "It is every last one of these beings. I created their very existence and worlds for them to live in peace and still they squander this very gift by fighting. I should wipe the universe clean and start again, but that would only lead to the same situation I find myself in, and what good would that do?" The hand tapped his finger on the table thinking of a logical way to get the answers he desires.

Then the hand came up with an idea, and snapped his fingers. "Of course, that's it," he then waved his hand and caused eight statues to float over to him and spun them in a circle, "If my creations wish to fight, then I'll just bring them to my dominion and see which of them is the strongest among them. The one that does shall have his or her world sparred, as I destroy the rest." Then figures spun faster and faster, getting into a tighter circle before the hand closed his palm holding the figures in his palm. "If they need to fight, then THEY SHALL FIGHT!" Then a flash of light emitted from the hand and he hackled in evil laughter.

The Screen Fades

The Smash Symbol forms in a fiery blaze

The Title pops out in blazing letters:

Super Smash Bros: The Movie

Dream Guardian King Allen: Well I hope you enjoyed that little beginning to the adaptation of the first game. To answer ahead of time, I only plan to focus on the original fighters of the game so no one from the other games will show up. Don't forget to read, review, follow, and favorite this story as well as my other story, because more support means a lot, and I can't wait to see what you guys think of this.