Body Double

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Life Will Never be the Same Again

Maura woke with a start, still partly on European time it was dark outside, her body had a satisfied ache, in a way that she had never felt before. The arm around her tightened, pulling her closer to her lover. The doctor's mind snapped back to the night before. Jane was holding her, Jane who had worshipped her body for hours, on and off, into the night, loved her in a way she never thought possible. A part of her still felt like she was in a dream. She had thought that being with Jane might be embarrassing and awkward to start with. She had hoped that the detective's passion could be reigned in to eventually make her a spectacular lover. In truth, the detective had been incredible.

"Go back to sleep Maura," Jane said, her voice even more gravelly than usual. Always a light sleeper the doctor's movements had disturbed her.

"Your early morning voice is even sexier than your normal voice," Maura purred.

"You're insatiable woman," Jane said, kissing the back of Maura's neck, making the doctor arch back into her moaning. All thoughts of sleeping wiped from the Italian's mind.


Their impromptu early morning love making made sure that the morning wasn't awkward between them. Quite the opposite; they fell into their usual morning routine if one of them slept over, with the addition of a shared shower and lots of kisses and touching. The touching was not just in a sexual way; it seemed Jane had to have her hands or lips on Maura at all times.

They made it into BPD headquarters with moments to spare; as they reached the elevators Jane put her hand on Maura's shoulder, turning the doctor to face her. "Let me know when you start the autopsy I'll come down."

"Are you sure you want to watch this one?" Maura asked.

"Hell no, but if you can stand to do it, I can stand to watch it." Jane answered firmly. Even though she knew it wasn't Maura, it was still going to be impossible not to be affected by the fact the woman was identical to her woman. She couldn't see a future that didn't include Maura in it; when you fall in love with your best friend there wasn't a lot left to think about.

"I am going to have Susie check my DNA against..." Maura's mind drifted what did she call the body? Her sister, her twin, Miss Jessop. Her scientific mind was refusing to one hundred percent accept that she was her twin until she had the evidence in front of her. It was hard to argue with the evidence of her eyes but Maura being Maura wanted it belt and buckled before she would admit that it was her twin.

"Sweetie are you sure you want to do this?" Maura was touched by the deep concern etched on Jane's face.

"I have to; for her. I need to help get justice for her." Maura admitted, she had this deep sense that she was the voice of the dead, finding how they lived their lives just prior to their deaths and the cause of death itself. The evidence she found helped the dead get the justice they deserved.

"I don't want to let you go. Is that crazy? You're only downstairs but I keep feeling I could lose you if I haven't got my eyes' on you at all time?" The detective had a neutral look on her face, terrified she was coming on too strong, at the same time even more petrified that she would experience that feeling that she had last night. She almost wanted to wrap Maura in cotton wool and lock her in the house, anything to know that she was safe. She pulled Maura closer to her and their foreheads where touching.

"I love you, nothing is going to happen to me downstairs. You can have Susie keep an eye on me if you want," Maura teased lightly and with a gentle brush of the lips they parted ways.


Jane hadn't even got to her seat before Cavanaugh was hollering at her that he wanted her in his office.

"I heard you lost it at the crime scene last night."

Jane stared back at him with a stony face, she wasn't going to give up everything she worked for over one incident.

Cavanaugh knew Jane was never going to make things easy for him. She was never going to admit to what she perceived to be a weakness. "I'm sorry, I thought it was Dr. Isles who was dead and I still sent you. It was a snap decision and I know it was wrong and it was cruel. I'm sorry."

The lanky brunette nodded at him, accepting his apology as sincere but knowing deep down she would never totally forgive him for the pain she had been put through. "I need to get back to work."

"For what it's worth you and the doc, I'm pleased for you both, you'll be good together. If you have any problems let me know."

"You know that'll never happen," Jane said, rolling her eyes at her boss. No matter what you couldn't report stuff to the brass, it was a reputation you didn't want to get.

"Yeah, just don't kill Crowe," Cavanaugh said, only half joking. He knew the guy was a jerk and if he could get rid of him he would, but none of the female officers would ever officially report him.

"Sir if I kill him, you'll never find the pieces," Rizzoli drawled giving Cavanaugh a wink.

"Get outta here," Cavanaugh growled at her with a smile on his face that at least some of the atmosphere had lifted.


Jane stepped into the bullpen waiting for the inevitable teasing to start instead she was beckoned over by Korsak and Frost, kicking herself she remembered it was Saturday and the only reason she was there was because they had an active enquiry.

"How are you doing?" Frost asked tentatively always aware that the Rizzoli temper could explode at any time.

"I'm good guys, Maura's still... and we...uhm had a good night's sleep."

"You look like you had a good night Janie," Korsak teased, noting the edge of a hickey, just about under the collar of her shirt. "Not sure about how much sleep you got though."

"Shut up," Jane said, but finding it hard to keep the big grin off her face. "Haven't we got a murder to solve?"

"Yeah we've got a few things, Jessop isn't her name it's Anna Leoni. She has made a complaint of assault against her partner then dropped it. She had also made a complaint about her now ex-partner, had stalked her. We are waiting for Newton PD detective Ballard to get back to us." Frost recapped.

"Okay that's a lot; it would be weird if this turned out to be a domestic. What was she doing outside Maura's house?"

The aforementioned doctor's approach could be heard as her heels sounded like pistol shots on the hall floor.

"Maura," Jane whispered, her heart beating a tattoo against her chest. She wondered if she would ever get her equilibrium back when the doctor was near here. She still had the scent of her lover in her nostrils, it kept shooting X-rated images back at her. She wondered if it was normal, she prayed it was; it was like she held a small piece of the doctor with her at all times.

Maura walked in with her usual bright smile, maybe even a few megawatts brighter. "Hi guys." The doctor was surprised when Korsak and then Frost hugged her.

"Dr. Isles... Maura," Cavanaugh said, moving towards her, feeling a little awkward, what could one say, 'I'm pleased you're not dead?' He decided that his officers had the best idea. He hugged the M.E ."It's really good to see you."

Maura had spent most of her life alone, in the confines of her own mind. It was only since her friendship with Jane that her life had changed. She still thought most of the people were only in her life because they were Jane's friends and family. She had already been hugged by a number of techs this morning. There had been a huge bouquet of flowers and a box of candies on her desk. For the first time in her life she felt truly loved.

"Maur, we have a new name for uhm... the victim. Her name is Anna Leoni. Seems she was the victim of domestic violence," Jane relayed the facts back.

"I'm ready for the autopsy Jane," Maura said quietly.


"Black talons, was Maura sure about that," Korsak said, he caught the look Jane gave him, of course the doc was sure and right.

"Yeah I saw the thing on her tray," Jane shuddered, whoever killed the woman knew what they were doing, a head shot from one of these was always deadly, the hollow point opened up into six very sharp points, that shredded the brain into mush.

"Winchester discontinued making them in..."

"In 2000, Maura said," Jane helped Korsak out with the dates. The bullets were infamous because of their stopping power and it made law enforcement personnel nervous when someone was using them.

Frost came off his phone. "Detective Ballard has arrived."

"I thought Newton said he was on leave?" Korsak asked, it wasn't totally surprising that a detective came in to work on leave, they had expected a phone call that was all.

The detective in question was soon with them, Jane noted that his eyes looked bloodshot and his body language was off, right from the moment he entered the bullpen. The introductions were made, before anything further was discussed the familiar sound of the M.E approaching could be made out.

Detective Ballard rushed towards the doctor before he was blocked off by female detective.

"Sorry we should have warned you Anna's body and car was found outside Dr. Isles home. Dr. Isles is my girlfriend," Jane warned Ballard, she didn't like the way he was looking at her. "Do you know why Anna was there?"

"I had been helping her look into her adoption. It was difficult to say the least, she told me she had found something..."

"How? I tried looking into my adoption records, I was told they were sealed," Maura snapped out.

"I may have leant on the lawyer that arranged it for her," admitted the detective shuffling his feet. "The adoption isn't what killed Anna, her ex wouldn't leave her alone. He was stalking her, her car was damaged with "whore" scratched into the paint work. She had dead birds pushed through her letter box. I didn't even know she was back in Boston. She was renting a place up in the Maine cost where her parents were from."

"What, you know where my parents are from? Who they are?" Maura asked.

"No, all we could get from the lawyer was an address from where the adoption was arranged. If she found anything out she didn't tell me," Ballard wanted to touch the woman who looked like his dead lover, he was too scared to get close. The tall Italian detective was making it clear with her body language; if you get to close to the doctor I will break you.

"I want that address and I want to know the address of the lawyer," Maura said. "Jane I need to go."

"I know and I will take you as soon as you come with Frost, Korsak and myself to see the boyfriend," Jane said, turning the doctor so she could look into her eyes.

"Why me?" Maura asked.

"Your going to do GSR test, but mostly if her reacts like detective Ballard you are going to knock him on his ass." Jane said with satisfaction. "If you don't feel safe doing this tell me."

"I always feel safe with you Jane," Maura said, her turmoil over her adoption partially forgotten as she looked at the woman she loved.