I am so happy to start making a story on Cloudjumper! He is just such a great character, all noble and such. He's such a complex character, and my second favorite dragon, Toothless hold the first spot. I still love Cloudjumper, though. I had to find a good way to explain his personality, so here it is.

Surprisingly, there aren't many stories on him, so I'm going to start one. This is taking place to when Cloudjumper is only a little hatchling. Eventually it will go to the present; after HTTYD 2.

I'm not doing a lot of detail like his P.O.V on the second movie, but I'm simply explaining. So, here's me going out of my bubble to write something new. Lets see how long I can make this. I don't expect this to be amazingly long, but who knows, inspiration always seems to hit me at weird times.

I also thank a user from Tumblr, kozmotisblack for letting me use some of her ideas for this story.

Yes, eventually this will be Cloudjumper/OC. You'll all see what happens. That character comes later on.

Disclaimer: I do not own How to Train Your Dragon 2 nor any of it's characters.


Eyes were completely closed as the little hatchling struggled to break free. The hatchling shook and thrashed with all it's might, and soon, it began heating up drastically. The tight space that surrounded the little hatchling, began to crack. Finally breaking free, the tight space suddenly seemed to expand greatly. Pieces flew everywhere, and the tight space was replaced by a slippery thick substance.

It was a liberating feeling for the newly hatched dragon.

The little hatchling was finally able to opened its eyes, and soon found its way swimming towards the light above. The light body the dragon possessed, helped it float, no swimming necessary. As soon as it had reached the surface, the aching pain in its small lungs began to fade away.

The hatchling crawled up, slapping one of its tiny wings on the ground. Greedily taking up air, the little hatchling's heart soon began to beat at a more normal rate.

The little dragon suddenly felt ecstatic, loving the new feeling of the outside world. The little hatchling took another step forward, using on of its wings to support his body. Unfortunately, not being well balanced, the hatchling's wings slipped and its muzzle suddenly hit the ground.

The little hatchling's golden eyes dilated, and he began to whimper and sob at the sudden pain that attacked him. The little hatchling's soft sounds was enough to get attention from any dragon around him.

Immediately, a female Stormcutter came the the hatchling's aid. The female looked down at the sobbing hatchling and began to wrap all four of her wings around him. She released a loud purr from her throat to soothe her offspring.

The little hatchling stopped, and focused his curious eyes on the larger dragon above him. The female Stormcutter, fixed his position so how wasn't laying on his muzzle, rather close to her warm body. Still sniffling, and hiccuping the young dragon calmed down.

The little Stormcutter instinctively recognized this as his mother. The mother saw this and gave her offspring a gentle, loving look. She soon leaned down to the little Stormcutter, and carefully licked his tears away. The mother Stormcutter was very cautious in not flipping over the tiny dragon as she licked him clean.

The little dragon squeakily purred at his mother. His mother rumbled with amusement. His golden eyes looked into his mother's green ones. Both stared intently at each other. He could see and smell the love that flourished around his mother, as both mother and offspring already began to form a special bond. He stayed in the comfortable position, feeling protected in his mother's embrace.

This didn't last for long, for the hatchling began to get bold enough to climb out of the fortress his mother's wings created. The female Stormcutter did not remove her wings; she found great interest in her hatchling as he attempted to get over the large set of wings.

Once he finally climbed out, he took cautious moves, careful not to fall again. Taking his time, the hatchling slowly walked in a circle. Feeling like he was getting the hang of it, he jumped up, his joy once again filling him.

He chirped loudly with excitement at his new accomplishment. The little Stormcutter chirped to his mother. His mother cocked her head, and the little hatchling began walking and showing-off his new skills.

His mother beamed at him, gushing with pride. This seemed to fill the hatchling with absolute warmth for his mother. He jumped up to her, wanting to embrace her as well, but ended up tripping once more. Luckily, his mother was there to catch him. This made the little dragon very happy as he smiled.

The little Stormcutter wrapped his own tiny wings around her large ones, and pressed his muzzle on the wing that had caught him. He rubbed up against it and purred loudly. His mother couldn't help but feel an intense love for her first youngling. Even if he just hatched, she had felt something new inside of her.

"Come, little one," she motioned. The young Stormcutter seemed to understand what his mother said to him, but couldn't respond himself. Every time he opened his mouth to talk, only chirps would come out. Nonetheless, he obeyed his nother and neared her.

She opened her mouth, and regurgitated soft chewed fish. He looked at it, and sniffed the new substance with interest. His stomach gurgled at the wonderful aroma. His mother pushed him towards it.

Once the hatchling had a slight taste of it, he eagerly began to consume the food his parent had given him. Now having a full belly, the hatchling felt very content. He looked up at his mother and saw that she appeared very alert of their surroundings.

They were the only dragons around, and the female had been on edge on staying, knowing that there were rogue dragons.

The little new born noticed that his mother looked worried. She was laying on her side, but her head was looking in another direction. Her frills constantly expanded at every small noise.

He also noticed the she didn't eat. Looking down at the pile his mother had spilled, the small dragon picked up one of the fishes with his mouth.

The young Stormcutter began to climb up his mother's tail, and up to her side. He constantly slipped and stumbled, but when he finally managed to reach his mother's head, he gave it a soft nudge. When she didn't turn his way, he nudged her harder.

When his mother turned, she melted into a smile when she was that it was only her offspring. Her youngling reached out to her with a fish in his mouth. The older female looked at him puzzled. He held out the fish so she could take it.

Slightly giggling, his mouth took the fish, and beamed at him with gratitude. He gave her soft licks, feeling that he should comfort her. His mother welcomed them and didn't complain.

Once he was finished, the little Stormcutter looked at her with his large eyes, wondering what made her like this. He blinked owlishly. He wanted her to be happy. He wanted his mother to continue to have the same wonderful smell of love she previously had.

He whimpered to her. His mother only shushed him, and grabbed the scruff behind his neck and set him down in her wings again. Her soft purrs were enough to make him drowsy.

"Sleep my little one.. Sleep my little Cloudjumper," she cooed. Soon, the little Stormcutter fell into a deep sleep, feeling safe next to his mother. It was that moment that he knew that his name would be, Cloudjumper.

Yes, I felt like writing this. I don't know why, but this was my first idea. I also wanted an excuse to write some fluff. This first chapter is a Prologue, I guess you can say. I'm not sure.

I also wanted to explain where Cloudjumper came from, and show who parented him in the beginning.

Well, if you all like it, I will gladly continue.