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"Hello caller. I'm listening," Frasier said.

"Well Dr. Crane I love your show. As your producer mentioned I'm having a problem with my daughter. She's super sensitive."

"I see," Frasier said.

"And she never lets anything go," the caller said.

"She never lets anything go?"

"Not until it's resolved," the caller said, "Sometimes it's like she's doing that to irk me."

"Ronda," Frasier said, "Have you ever considered that it's possible that she's unable rather then unwilling?"

"My daughter is a smart girl. She's 13 and she's been in the honor society. She's been in WHO'S WHO for crying out loud. She has done so much so why should I think she's unable to do a simple thing like letting things go."

"For many people it's easy," Frasier said, "But for some it's more difficult. If something is unresolved for them it's like a wound that can't be closed until it's resolved."

Ronda sighed. She never thought of it that way.

"I just don't know how to get through to her," Ronda said.

"Have you thought of looking at it from her point of view," Fraiser asked, "Sensitivity is not a choice you know."

"It's not?"

"No. You know, I have a seven year old son who is very sensitive. He is a good boy but if something bothers him he can't help but get overwhelmed."

"Thank you Doctor Crane," Ronda said, "You helped me understand"