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Chapter 3

I put my luggage in the trunk and gave out a sigh; I wasn't sure if this was the right thing to do, it felt weird. I mean, seriously, this exceeds my wildest dreams in the past few years, but now… now that I have actually let go and went on with my own life, she goes and admits to the whole world that she has loved me all along and then disappears.

Well, leave it to Miley to make such a scene.

I'd be lying if I said that the option of her doing all of this to get attention didn't cross my mind, whatever the attention she'd be seeking is, wither it's publicity –not that she needs any- or, well, us… like we'd go look for her tell her we understand and that she should come back… which we are basically going to do.

But, no, not this time. She admitted everything she went through, she exposed herself not to us but to the whole world, and she actually left out some stuff, some private- intimate stuff, which looks like she liked to keep personal things to herself… between us.

Like that time we made love. It was one of those rare days Miley actually let her guard down and followed her heart, it was after her and Liam broke up, and after she called me asking for support, of course I was cold towards her at first, but then, I couldn't stand seeing her in such a case.

That day I dropped by her house with a movie, pizza, ice cream and a single rose. When she opened the door wearing her pajamas and looking nothing like the Miley with paparazzi flashing their cameras around her, I couldn't help but be smitten. I put the rose in her hair over her right ear and we both smiled.

We were watching the movie and she was cuddling to my side when she raised her head from my chest and looked up at me, I looked down at her eyes and only found myself leaning down to catch her lips with mine, and she didn't stop me like she usually would, in fact she adjusted herself closer.

She broke away and got up as I followed her with my eyes, she smiled and extended her hands out to me and I automatically took them, she pulled me up and I followed her hand in hand as if I was hypnotized.

Once in her room, we closed the door and stared at each other for a second before jumping on each other, her legs around my waist, my hands on her ass and our lips locked as tongues battled for dominance.

I took the battle to the bed and soon, it seemed like we were losing clothes, and as if our lives depended on it, never losing the physical connection. However, when we got to a certain point, we both pulled away, looked at each other and we knew we both wanted this, so I got off of her looking in my pockets for a condom and when I found it I turned to her the same time she did, both of us holding condoms in our hands, we laughed and connected our lips once again after I put the condom on.

I can't describe that day, and actually right now, even though I remember it very clearly, it sounds more like a fantasy than a memory, one of those things that are too good to be true… it was perfect, we didn't even speak a word during the whole thing from the moment we kissed on the couch downstairs to the moment we laid panting next each other on her bed… we didn't speak a word, yet, we spoke a million word.

That condom we found in her drawer, that was mine, I recognized it because at the rest of the night we were having fun, playing and stuff and Miley actually used it as a balloon.

As I said, it was a perfect day!

"You ready?" I jumped at Joe's sound as he got in the car waking me up from my trance.

"Let's just do it." I said as he started the car and drove out of the driveway in the middle of the night.

We booked a late night flight and wore clothes that hide as much of our features as much, nobody ever knows what we're up to, not our friends, not our families, not even Kevin… and of course not Olivia.

We told everyone that we are going away a few days for a possible work, and Kevin luckily had a wedding of one of Danielle's relatives, so, we told him there's no need for him to come, we'll just take an idea and get away from all the drama anyway.

So far, nobody suspected anything, however, Olivia wasn't very comfortable on saying goodbye, it's not the first time that one of us had to travel for work, but this time, she wasn't very comfortable, she hasn't been since that day we all went to Miley's house.

I have to say that I was being completely selfish on taking her with me that day, it took me time but I faced myself eventually; I took Olivia because I was scared, scared of what I might feel if I went there, I kinda needed her next me as a reminder that I don't belong there, that I actually have another life now.

But that didn't work anyway, did it now?

After all, going to her house was some kind of a guilty pleasure, I absolutely loved the idea that I was the one they needed who knows Miley the most, I loved the idea of saving her, which is why I'm leaving everything behind and jumping on a plan to find her.

And just like at her house, I'm letting my feelings take the lead… bit by bit.

But, no, this is all just to save a friend who happens to be in need.


So, here we are standing in front of the all too familiar house that brings back memories that it shouldn't. I haven't been to Tennessee that much but almost every time was with Miley if not for her. Nobody lives in the house anymore, but it's their family house, it's their home, and I'm sure Miley's family must have already looked here seeing it's the most obvious escape, but I was hoping to find something… anything that they must have missed, because if Miley is in Tennessee, she must have visited this house at least once.

"So, we're here." Demi sighed as we all stood in front of the large house not knowing what to do, just looking at it.

"Yeah, we are. But, how the hell do we get in?" Selena asked. It still feels so weird having Selena on this Miley hunt-jumping, I know she cares, of course she does; Selena cares about everyone, but I didn't expect her to drop her life and travel around the country for a fifty-fifty chance of finding her ex-boyfriend's ex-girlfriend. But, then again, I didn't expect myself to do this either, but here I am.

I proceeded forward with thick footstep, each one I took I wanted to take back, I wanted to be home… with my fiancée, not hunting for clues about my ex's whereabouts, I don't want to do that, but somehow, I needed to. I reached the front door and fumbled through my pocket fishing out a key and inserted it in the lock.

"Of course he has a key!" Joe mumbled behind me and I unlocked the door allowing it to open in a dramatic sluggish way with a squeaky sound unraveling the dark house inside, for a moment my heart pounded, what if she's here? What if she appears right now in front of us? An image of me running towards her and engulfing her between my arms where she belongs flashed in my mind as panic washed over me and I quickly shook it off.

"Right, so, look for anything suspicious." I said as the four of us entered the house. I know my words were vague; anything might be suspicious, but honestly, what can we do but that?

"Shouldn't we search her room first?" Selena suggested.

I shook my head, "No, it's all the same. Miley loves this house as a whole; her room here isn't even the most special room to her in this house."

"The basement is." Demi concluded and I nodded. It was; when she was a kid, they used to go to the basement and jam all night; it was the highlight of her day. She once brought me all the way here just so we could jam together in the basement; it was around the divorce of her parents, and she wanted to feel safe again.

"I think we should split up." Joe said and as we agreed everyone went in a different direction while I stood there taking a deep breath to take it all in. I was comprehending the idea that after everything, after all this time, Miley still managed to make me drop everything and run to her rescue, to have my heart pounding in my chest, to ache for her touch and seek her face, despite all the odds and every and any one, Miley is the only one who can make me like this, so sure yet so scared.

Even though it was established that her room wouldn't be much of a help, but they have left it for me, and I didn't know if this was a good or a bad thing. Did they leave it because I said it wasn't important or because I wanted to be the one in there? Because, I did.

I and Miley might have only made love once, but there were several occasions leading that way that would get interrupted one way or the other. We have come so close to it once right there on this bed.

My face has been between her legs when she stopped me and told me panting that Liam had asked her to get back together. I think it was an understandable turn-off. She liked doing that, she always got me all worked up and then threw me crashing to the bottom. Rage has filled my veins then instead of lust, and curses filled my mouth instead of her juices.

However, I tend to always leave out the bad parts and remember the good ones when it comes to reliving any Miley memory.

I sighed looking around and knowing by heart that I will find nothing significant in this room. Am I even going to find anything at all? Who the hell do I think I am? Sherlock fucking Holmes?

My phone buzzed in my pocket as I groaned getting it out expecting to see Olivia's name. However it wasn't. I stared at the phone screen as rigid as a statue as I read Noah's name.

I snapped out of my surprise and accepted the call setting on the edge of the bed, "Hello?"

"Nick," she breathed out her voice has become a lot like her sister's only more girly. "Hi."

I chuckled, she was definitely like her older sister; Miley never knew how to start a conversation, yet, she was so direct to her point once she gets talking, "How are you?"

"As good as it gets." She answered. "You?"

I nodded more to myself, "Not any better." I admitted and she needn't question why.

"Mom and dad don't want me to call you."

"Yet, you are."

"Because they're being stupid," I could already see her rolling her eyes, "They are afraid they'd be bothering you with their troubled daughter's antiques."

"Aren't you?" I smirked.

"Are you bothered?" she shot back.

"Maybe." I lied.

"Nah, you're flattered." She said and I was taken by surprise even though I shouldn't; she's Noah, of course she's sharp like Miley, after all she's only her role model, "You're flattered because now everybody knows you're her weak point, always have been."

"I don't like being a weak point." I frowned.

"Yes you do." She argued with a chuckle, "You love her, Nick, you needed to know that long time ago." She said with a hint of sadness in her voice.

I should argue with what she said, I should tell her that I used to love her and that now I'm in love with someone else, I'm with someone else, but I can't say that when I'm across the country away from my current fiancée seeking the almost none existence chance to find Miley.

I took in a deep breath, "What do you want, Stewart?"

"Right," she answered knowing she has been right, and me changing the subject was enough for her, "I was wondering…" she trailed off unsure.

"What is it, kiddo?"

"You don't know anything about her, do you?"

"Why would you assume I would?"

"Come on, Nick! Give me more credit than that. I know Demi was in her house, would you really miss on that?"

"I have been at hers. But haven't you? Haven't the police?"

"You are not us and not the police. You know her the best." She said sounding frail, she felt guilty, she didn't want to let her sister down, but she still had no clue what to do."

"I don't." I shook my head, "I don't, Noah. You are the one who has been there for her the whole time."

"I have yes. But, you are the one who knows her, Nick. You get to her soul better than anyone of us."

"I wouldn't be so sure about that."

"Quit it already. You know I'm right." She was getting nervous, "Tell me you haven't the slightest sense of her whereabouts, tell me you haven't been thinking about this ever since it happened and it gave you goosebumps, tell me that you don't have the tiniest bit of thought to hunt her, tell me any of this and I'll believe I have been wrong all along."

"I'm in Tennessee."


"I'm in Tennessee, I think she's here. But, don't tell anyone though."

It was silent on the other line for a while and I had to check if she was still on the line, "Well, I didn't expect that." She admitted, "You think she's there?"

I sighed, "Hopefully."

"We've been to the house."

"That would be too easy, give her more credit." I smirked and she laughed.

"I guess you're right." She voiced her thoughts, "So, you are hunting her down."

"Look, don't expect anything of it… or me for the matter, it's…" I trailed off not knowing what it is exactly that I want to describe, do I want to explain why I left my fiancée behind to go find my ex? Or do I want to explain how much Miley means to me? Either case, I didn't know how to explain.

"It's fine, Nick. I understand."

"You do? Because, I don't."

"You'll be just fine." She said and then chuckled, "My parents actually think they will bother you." She laughed, "You didn't even need invitation to butt in."

I have always been close with Noah, ever since she was a kid and I was first with Miley she used to love seeing us together, it was her first ever relationship goals, and then as she grew older and we drifted apart, we got in touch every once and a while, it was never awkward with her, she treated me as her older brother and she was my little sister.

I groaned, "Don't make me regret telling you."

"You won't. So, I get it that you have nothing so far?"

"I just got here."

"I see. Alright, Nicky, go find my sister and make sure to ring me when you do."

"If I do." I corrected.

"When you do, Nick. You will find her, just follow your heartbeats." She teased, "Bye-bye, Nick." She said not even giving me a chance as she hung up.

Are all the Stewart girls alike?

I sighed getting up and returning my phone to my pocket as I began searching the room; this call has raised my self-esteem and filled my ego. After all, everyone is turning to me to find her; this has to mean something. But I can't keep getting pleasure from this. I have a fucking fiancée back at home who thinks I'm working and is waiting for me to get back to her and the wedding planning.

I found nothing in the room as I expected as I left to go look somewhere else. I found my footsteps taking me to the basement as I hesitated at the entrance a little; however, I then took slow steps down the staircase and stood at the bottom looking at the familiar cozy place.

"Going down a memory lane?" Selena's voice made me jump as she appeared as a silhouette in the dark. I stepped closer having a better look at her smiling face from the couch. I plopped down next her at the other end and nodded.


"I know you do." She nodded, "We all do."

I looked at her confused as she rolled her eyes, "You're not the only one who misses her, Nick." She clarified, "Even if you're the most."

"Would you stop saying that?" I rolled my eyes and said out of impatience, "I have a fiancée."

"I know. I didn't say you love her, I know she means a lot to you." She said and I felt stupid for my outburst; I just had to jump to conclusions like that, now this make me sound guilty of what I screamed to claim not being true.

"Oh," That was all that came out of me and she smiled but didn't push it. "Why are you doing this?" I asked what has been a burning question in the back of my mind since we planned this whole trip.

"She's my friend too." She shrugged, but I could already tell there was more to it, "I care about her, Nick, wither you believe it or not."

"I do, I believe it."

"Good," she nodded.

"So," I took a deep breath to change the subject, "Did you find anything here?"

She shook her head, "No, but you can have a look around, you might find something that I didn't."

"I doubt it." I said as I scanned the place with my eyes, there didn't seem to be anything abnormal, "Let's go."

We got up and headed for the stares when something caught my eyes. I stopped in my tracks and knelt down picking up the orange empty package feeling a pounding in my heart, could this be my clue?

"What? What is it?"

"She was here." I voiced the result of my racing dreadful thoughts.

"What? How do you know that?"

I showed her the empty package cover of Reese's with a gin, "This. She loves it. Miley can't live without it… at least used to." I said racing up the stairs.

"So? This proves nothing, Nick." She said following right behind me.

"Don't you get it?" I asked impatiently, "She is seeking her childhood, her innocence. She would come here to her childhood house, and she would jam alone in the basement and eat her favorite chocolate bar. She was here I'm telling you."

"This could be anyone else not Miley specifically."

"No, they hardly eat it. That's why she always felt safe having loads of it exposed to the eyes in her room… until Noah discovered it of course." I said chuckling at the memories of every time I saw Miley with the chocolate bar in her hands, which were tons of times; I used to apologize to her with it.

"Where were you, we've been looking for you two." Joe said as he met us with Demi following behind.

"Have you found anything?"

"Yes," she said and handed me a notebook. An empty notebook.

"What's this?"

"Well, it's probably nothing, but it could be." She reasoned as I looked at her waiting for an explanation of why she thinks a blank notebook is a clue of Miley's whereabouts.

"We found it tossed near the door, it was hidden, almost unnoticed." Joe explained, "Look," he said pointing to the middle of the page, "There are writing marks, and the previous page is ripped."

"We think she was here, and wrote something hurriedly, ripped the paper and was aiming for the notebook to land on the shelve over there." Demi demonstrated.

My heart rate increased at this. I was right; Miley is here. She is somehere in Tennessee and I will find her.