Here is a story I wrote about Rex abusing/using drugs. I kinda wrote it from my own experiences and hardships (I do not use drugs, but have friends and know people that do) so here ya go:

WARNING! There is use of drugs, alcohol and strong language. Do not read if you are young or oppose to these subjects.

If you are still here:

"Inner Demons"

Rex slowly walked down the halls. He felt like shit, but he also felt shame. Shame like a weight on him, in his mind, pushing down. He approached the meeting the doorway to the meeting room.

"We can't have some pill pushing teen working at Providence"


Rex stopped to listen, then realized he didn't care. If no one needed him, fine. He started to jog away, noticing how bad his head hurt. Rex headed to his room but veered away. He pressed his hand to the smooth, sterile wall. Blue lines spread out. Rex closed his eyes and willed the door to open. He stepped onto the green, spongy grass that lined the Petting Zoo floor. EVOs moved freely and ignored Rex. Rex ignored them as well and made his way to the exit. The barren ground cracked beneath him as he stepped out of Providence.


Sorry for the short chapter.