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Chapter 2

"Wait, Merlin is your brother?" Arthur asked, completely confused.

"Yep." Annabelle replied with a grin. "Merlin is my big, overprotective, clot-pole of a brother."

"Huh." Arthur went back to eating his apple. Would never have guessed that Merlin had a sister! I've only ever heard of his Mother - hang on. "Where were you when Merlin went to Ealdor with me Gwen and Morgana?

Annabelle tilted her head, thinking. "Well that was probably when Mother sent me away with the Thatcher family for the summer. Turns out she sent me away for my safety, instead of a trip away for a treat like she said."

Arthur nodded in response.

"Although, it did sound scary." She continued. "The village was a mess when I returned. My friend, Rosemary, her house was burnt to the ground. So her family had to share with me and Mother for a while, at least until her Father and brothers built a new one. And poor Merlin." She trailed off with a sigh.

Arthur frowned. Poor Merlin? Why poor Merlin? He was fine. He questioned this out loud to Annabelle.

"Well because of Will of course! Poor Will died in the attack." She fired back.

Oh! Of course, Merlin's friend. The sorcerer. "Yes, he was Merlin's friend, wasn't he?"

"Yes! His best friend. He was my friend too, but not my best friend. Rosemary has been my best friend since we were born." She told him seriously.

"Oh, right." Arthur nodded absently, as he looked around the room. "So, why is this room in such a mess? Looks like you had a gathering of animals in here!"

She suddenly looked sheepish and twirled her hair around her fingers. "Well, I farmer Wilson's chickens were due to go to the butchers, and I know what that means. So I stole them." She said bluntly. "But you can't tell anyone. Not a soul, do you hear me?" She pleaded.

Arthur sat back on his stool in shock. When he ran into the halls late this morning, he had caught the tail end some town folk begging the council for compensation and guards for the loss of some animals that had been stolen during the night.

"That was you?!"

"Yeah, but you really can't tell anybody! Please" She begged. "I've already had Merlin telling me off." She said with a scowl and crossed her arms over her chest.

"Hold on. Merlin knows about it?" Arthur exclaimed. How dare he not come straight to Arthur!

"Well yeah." Annabelle muttered. "Because apparently Merlin know everything." She said sarcastically.

"Where is Merlin anyway? Why hasn't he come in?" Arthur asked, frustratingly rubbing his head.

Annabelle shrugged, "I told you he's in bed. Asleep."

Arthur surged to his feet and marched to the door at the back of Gaius's chambers, Annabelle scampered behind him trying to get in front of Arthur.

"No, wait! Let me explain!" She tried to get him to stop, even going so far as to tug on Arthur's jacket.

"MERLIN!" Arthur hollered at the top of his lungs, flinging an arm out to push open the door which banged back on to the stone wall. "Get up you lazy idiot!"

There on the tiny cot lay Merlin, fast asleep and snoring deeply.

"Merlin!" Arthur called again, and pushed at his feet. "Merlin?" He walked around the side and rocked Merlin's shoulder. No response. He kept snoring and slept on. Growing a little bit concerned, Arthur slapped his man-servant's face and watched as his head rolled to the side, whilst continuing to be dead to the world. Well, not dead as the snoring hadn't ceased.

"Ahem, ahem."

Arthur slowly turned around so face Annabelle who was trying to look indifferent leaning against the wall. With her eyes looking at a really interesting dust patch on the ceiling.

"Yes?" Arthur asked slowly.

She shrugged. "Well he was going to tell. He works for the king you know! I could have been locked up in the dark scary dungeons and fed to the rats!" She cried with earnest.

Arthur stepped back in shock, did she really not know who he was, and as if he would have locked up a little girl. Even if she did steal a load of chickens, speaking of …

"Where are the chickens?"

"Well, I erm, let them loose."

"Where did you let them loose?"


"Where outside?" Arthur was becoming increasingly frustrated, grinding his teeth together in anger.

"Outside of the wall." It was posed almost like a question, but he saw it for what is was. A little girl who was really out of her depth.

"Gah." Arthur pinched the top of his nose, and floundered for a moment at the elephant in the room – well sleeping man servant! "And why isn't Merlin waking up? Is he ill?" He prodded at Merlin's forehead in attempt to see it he was well.

"Not really. Well he's not going to wake up for a while yet. I may have got the dosage wrong." She muttered.

Arthur glared at her. "What have you done to him?"

"Well, he was going to go running to the King so I had to do something! He started to list off all the different ways to use chicken in cooking! I couldn't let him take the girls back!"

Arthur just kept staring.

"So … I … slipped him a sleeping draught from Gaius's supplies. I only meant him to sleep for a night, and he's been asleep for a whole day now!"

"So that's why he didn't turn up last night or this morning!" Arthur exclaimed.

"Yes! Now Gaius is going to be angry at me for taking his medicines, using them on Merlin, saving chickens – oh alright – stealing chickens, for messing up his chambers and for getting locked up in a cold dark dungeon where the rats will eat me and the King will banish me forever." By this point the young girl had slip down the wall and was hiccupping her way through her tears.

Arthur sighed and looked at the pitiful sight the girl made, he made his way across the room and crouched down next to her. "First of all, you are not going to be locked in any dungeons. Second the King will not banish you, because well I'm the king." He held up his hand to prevent her from another outburst. "If you start tiding now, then Gaius will never know just how mucky this place is. As for stealing the chickens, well Gaius will probably make you write lines or something, and I'll just pay the farmer for them. But with Merlin, that will depend on Merlin. He has a right to be annoyed you know."

"Well can't you just tell him not to shout at me because you're the king and my friend?" She asked in her child-like logic.

Arthur smiled. "Your brother is very stubborn when he wants to be." He reasoned.

Annabelle pondered this for a moment. "Well he must get it from his father, because I'm not stubborn!"

"His father?"

She nodded her head. "We share the same mother, but have different fathers. Merlin father died when he was very young, before I was born. My father died 5 winters ago."

"I'm sorry to hear that." Arthur said

"Yes, well." She stood up and brushed her legs off. "We'd better start cleaning! I want this place sparkling before Gaius gets home. You find a spare brush, whilst I fetch a pail of water." She ran out of the room.

Arthur stood up after her. "Now hang on a minute!" He was answered by the door falling shut behind Annabelle. "I never said I would help clean! I'm the King of Camelot for goodness sake." He muttered angrily as he stormed out of Merlin's bedchamber.


"Well I must say, I honestly didn't think we would get it this clean." Annabelle cried with pride as she took a look around the room.

It had taken them a good few hours, but together Annabelle and Arthur, the King of Camelot had straightened the room up again.

"Oh cheer up Arthur. Didn't I tell you, you would feel proud at how clean and tidy the room looks! Feel the self-achievement!" She cried, bounding up to the scowling man in question.

"All I feel is dirt, paint, grime and things I don't even want to think about!" He retorted sharply.

"It was only a tiny vial of toad eyes! Besides, the leaches were far worse." She exclaimed.

"I said I didn't want to think about it." He said with a glare.

"Well –" She was interrupted by a course shout from behind the closed door which lead to Merlin's chambers.


"Oops." She said sheepishly, as she skipped behind the safety of the table, leaving Arthur alone in the centre of the room, with a broom in one hand and a pail of dirty water in the other. "Look who's awake." She gulped and crouched down from the penetrating glare from the King in the room.

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