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The next morning, a soft screech could be heard as a pair of mist-blue eyes opened to find an unfamiliar face gazing at them curiously. "Where did you come from?" the white-haired girl demanded, clutching at her stuffed blue rabbit and looking around for her parents.

"I woke up here." The little boy shrugged. "The door was locked." He cocked his head for a moment before asking, "Who are you?"

"You don't know who I am?" the girl gasped.


"Hmph." the girl crossed her arms and stuck her nose in the air. "I am Weiss Schnee, princess of my daddy's kingdom."

"Oh." the boy murmured. "Well, I'm Blake."

"Where did you come from?"

"I dunno." Blake shrugged again, ears twitching slightly. "I can't remember."

It was about then that Weiss actually took notice of the tiny purple protrusions amidst the black tresses and let out a louder screech than before. A maid rushed into the room, tail swinging behind her as she gazed around, assessing the room for a threat. Spotting the cat-Faunus near the princess' bed, she growled, brown eyes narrowing. Blake began to tremble as she stalked closer, natural instinct kicking in and sending fear coursing through his body.

"How dare you sneak into the princess' bedroom, you disgusting cat!" she snarled, picking Blake up by the collar of his shirt and carrying him from the room.

"Hey!" Blake shouted, wriggling in the tight grip. "I'm not a cat! I'm a Finus!"

"A Faunus that is not supposed to be here." the dog-Faunus retorted, descending a grand staircase toward two large ornate oak doors.

"Put me down!" Blake ordered, still struggling to get free.

"I'll put you down where you belong, you filthy, mangy-."

"Stay." The command, though soft, was still firm and it brought the maid to an immediate halt, Blake swinging in her grip. "Kyla, please release the princess' new personal servant." Blake was dropped unceremoniously to the ground, bouncing with a slight squeak. Both Faunus turned to the staircase to find an exact replica of Weiss standing at the peak of the stairs wearing a long flowing white gown.

"Your Highness." Kyla curtsied. "My apologies. I was not informed that the princess had been assigned a new servant, especially not one so..." She wrinkled her nose at Blake. "...feline."

"The king brought him here last night." The queen explained. "He was placed in the princess' room to get accustomed to her scent. I suppose his nose is filled with yours now."

"I'm sorry my queen. When I heard the princess scream, my first thought was to protect her. I was acting out of instinct."

"As all you animals tend to do." A deeper voice drawled from further behind the queen. A man with shockingly red hair stepped up next to the queen and sneered down at the two Faunus below them, the maid curtsying once more.

"My deepest apologies, King Rot."

"Daddy!" a shrill voice shouted and Weiss sped into sight, running with a few maids right on her tail. "There was a boy in my room! And he was a Faunus, Daddy."

"I know sweetheart." Rot's expression softened as he knelt beside his daughter.

"You do?" Weiss asked in confusion. "Is he gone now?"

"No, Darling, he's going to be your new personal servant."

"Servant?" Weiss blinked cutely, wide eyes confused. "But I already have servants. See?" She pointed to the trio of maids standing behind her.

"Yes, but this one will do only what you tell him to. He'll clean only your room and bring only you food. Understood?"

"Yes, Daddy." the white-haired toddler nodded.

"Good. Now, then, try giving him an order."

Weiss nodded and turned to the pair still at the bottom of the stairs, watching the conversation in bemusement. "Blake?" she called. "Come here."

Instantly, Blake scampered up the stairs to stand in front of her. "Yes?" he asked.

Weiss glanced to her father before commanding, "Get me a drink of water."

"A drink?" Blake asked in confusion, all of the adults paying close attention to his reaction. "Why can't you get it?" Then he gasped, amber eyes widening in realization. "Are your hands broken? Here, I'll get it."

"That won't be necessary." King Rot called, stopping the brunette from spinning and rushing away. "Antoinette, if you would get the princess a drink." The white-haired poodle-Faunus nodded and disappeared down the hall. Rot motioned to Blake and the remaining pair of maids flanked the brunette boy. "Take him to be trained." he ordered. "I want him adequately able to serve my daughter in a month. And make sure it isn't a dog training him."

"Yes, Your Majesty." The two dove-Faunus nodded, curtsying and making their exit, taking Blake with them.

Weiss watched them go before turning to her father in puzzlement. "Is a personal servant different than other servants?" she asked.

"Yes and no, dear." Schimmer told her. "You see, a personal servant does all of the things a normal servant does, like cook, clean, read you a story before bed and wake you up in the morning. However, a personal servant only takes orders from you, no one else. They only cook for you, they only clean rooms you frequent, theyonly read to you and they only wake you. Understand?"

"But he's not trained?"

"No, dear. When the time comes, they'll need your help to train him. Do you think you can do that?"

"Yes, mommy." the little girl nodded.

"Good girl." Rot beamed to her, something reserved only for his wife and daughter. "Come, let's get you some breakfast and then we're off to begin your lessons for the day." Weiss waved to Kyla-who had been awaiting any further orders-before following her parents toward the dining room.


"Where are you taking me?" Blake asked.

"To begin your training, dear." one of the maids, the one with soft blue hair, replied.

"Are all of the servants here Finus?"

"Oh dear, they'll have to work on his etiquette first." the maid with the dark-green hair tutted. "We can't have him attending parties and meetings with the princess when he speaks like that." Blake cocked his head in confusion as they stopped in front of a large mahogany door. The green-haired Faunus gave four sharp raps to the door and a voice inside called, "Enter."

Blake's ears twitched at how pleasant the voice sounded as he was ushered inside. "Kanekomuru?" the blue-haired maid asked.

"Yes, Madison, what do you need?"

"Coomara and I have brought a new servant to be trained. He is to be the princess' personal servant."

"Alright then. Where's the man I'll be training?"

"Well..." the green-haired Coomara coughed. "He's not quite a man yet." Both stepped aside to reveal Blake, ears flattened to his head as he looked up. Sitting behind a large desk was a platinum-blonde-haired man with pitch-black eyes and no discernible Faunus traits, but Blake spotted two black horns poking through his thick hair.

"Ah, I see." Kanekomuru hummed, leaning forward. "How long do I have?"

"A month." Madison responded.

"That will be a piece of cake." he nodded. "Tell me your name, young man."

"Blake." the brunette replied, ears slowly beginning to perk up.

"Well, Blake, I am Kanekomuru, your new training supervisor. Please come with me so we can get you a new trainer."


Kanekomuru stood, presenting a lean body with long arms and legs as he made his way to a door off to the side of the room. Waving to the two disappearing maids, Blake followed the older Faunus through the door. Inside of the room was a pigeon-Faunus secretary scribbling away at something on her own desk.

"Sara, we've a new recruit." Kanekomuru called.

"I'll get the paperwork." Sara replied, retrieving a packet of two or three sheets of paper and a sheet or two of loose leaf. "I will begin whenever you're ready."

"Blake?" Purple ears flicked in the horned-Faunus' direction. "Answer each question as truthfully as you can, understood?"


"Good. You may begin Sara."

"What is your name?"

A flash of irritation crossed the cat-Faunus' face as he replied, "Blake."

"Eye color?"

"Yellow, I think. Or is the really bright one orange?"

"Yellow then. Hair color?"


"Where are you from?"

"I can't remember."

"Do you have any family?"

"I dunno."

"How old are you?"


"What is your Faunus-heritage?"

Blake blinked. "What?"

"What kind of Faunus are you?"

"I'm a cat." Blake puffed his chest out with a small smile.

The questions continued for half an hour, ranging anywhere between 'what's your favorite color?' to 'what's four plus six?' Some questions like 'what do you like to read?' took longer than questions such as 'favorite food?' The entire time, Kanekomuru observed Blake's reaction to certain questions, especially ones pertaining to royalty.

Once the final question had been asked ("Do you have any other Faunus traits aside from your ears?"), Kanekomuru stood. "I trust that you will take no longer than an hour to get me the results?"

"Of course." Sara replied, beginning to set out other pieces of paper on the desk.

"Wonderful. Have one of the other servants bring them to me. I'm taking Blake on a tour of the castle. Come along, Blake."

The black-haired Faunus waved to the secretary before scampering after his training supervisor. Kanekomuru grinned, beginning to show his new charge around the massive castle. "Tell me, Blake. Where all have you been in the palace?"

"The princess' bedroom and with you." Blake replied.

"Mm." Kanekomuru hummed. "Then, we'll end the tour at the princess' bedroom. For now, I will show you the servants' quarters first."

Kanekomuru led Blake through a series of hallways, pointing out the importance of certain statues and paintings and answering any questions Blake asked pertaining to the kingdom, the castle, the staff and the royal family. Blake was trying to take in all of the beauty at once.

The ceiling wasn't overly high and arching like in the fairytales he vaguely remembered, but they were covered in snowflakes as if telling of an impending snowfall. The walls were a rich reddish color, decorated every now and then with shades of blue, purple or gold. Many of the statues were carved of limestone or marble, but there were a few bronze and silver casts interspersed every few hallways. Many of the doorways had ornate carvings on the frames and painted snowflakes on the wood with brass handles that curved slightly outward. The furniture was an assortment of colors, from the deepest black to the palest white. Chairs, benches and window seats littered the corridors, promising a comfortable place for staff and servants to sit after a particularly hard job.

It was magnificent.

Not only that, but Blake was obviously intrigued by the amount of knowledge his temporary mentor held. After receiving a very brief but informative lecture on one statue in particular, Blake asked, "How do you know so much?"

"I read books." Kanekomuru replied jovially. "History books, biographies, anything else really."

"Do you read fairytales?" the brunette beside him inquired.

"Sometime, I read fiction and fantasy to take my mind off reading other things."

Blake was silent for several moments and when Kanekomuru glanced at him, he noticed a pensive expression on the chubby face, ears flattened to black hair in deep thought. Finally stopping in front of a large plain door, Kanekomuru cleared his throat. "This is the servants' quarters. Every maid, butler and traded slave sleeps here. If ever you need someone to do a job that you can't or the princess throws you from her bedroom at night, you come here. Every bedroom has three servants in it and we usually try putting Faunus that are compatible with each other in the same room."

"What's contabitle?" Blake asked, not understanding the word.

"Compatible." Kanekomuru chuckled. "It means they go good together."

Blake nodded and said quietly, "Do you think... if I read... I'll be like you? Really smart?"

Kanekomuru beamed and ruffled the black tresses between the cat ears. "We'll have to see, won't we? Come on then."

Blake smiled and followed along as Kanekomuru led him toward the wing that housed the royal family. Blake continued asking questions throughout the rest of the tour and the older Faunus answered them to the best of his ability. They were just finishing up with the Grand Entrance and were about to head to the princess' room to end the tour when Sara came rushing up, gasping for breath.

"Kanekomuru!" she panted.

"Sara?" the male adult Faunus checked his watch and raised an eyebrow. "You're late. That's unusual of you."

"It took longer than expected to find a trainer with the closest criteria." She handed him a sheet of paper and his face lit up.

"Perfect choice!" Kanekomuru exclaimed, turning to the cat-Faunus surveying a picture of the late King Blau. "Blake, let's go meet your new trainer."

Ears perking curiously, Blake trailed behind the two obviously-excited adults. Returning to the wing Kanekomuru and Sara had set their offices up in, the trio stepped inside and Kanekomuru beamed. "It's good to have you back." he chuckled.

Blake peered around his legs and spotted a woman standing beside his desk. She had brown hair and large brown eyes set in her soft round face. She was wearing a long-sleeved white turtleneck and a flowing knee-length brown skirt, black stockings disappearing into brown flats. Two long round brown rabbit ears poked up from the top of her head, twitching at any new sound they caught. Placing a hand on Blake's back, Kanekomuru slid the cat-Faunus forward a little ways.

"Blake, meet your new trainer, Velvet Scarlatina."

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