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Thankfully, there wasn't an incident with the princess changing into her fencing gear. Velvet led the both of them out into the training room and took Blake off to the side as the princess got into position. Blake tugged on Velvet's sleeve as the instructor began calling out strange words.

"What is it, Blake?" she asked quietly.

"What are those sticks?" he asked, motioning to the foils. "How come they hurt when you touch'em?"

"Those are rapiers," his mentor explained. "You use them to try and touch your opponent. Whoever touches their opponent first is the winner."

Blake listened intently. "Can I play?" It looked like fun, even though he didn't like the clothes.

Velvet tapped her chin. "I think you can learn when you're older," she finally told him. "Right now, it's better to focus on your servant studies. But once you're more comfortable in your duties, I see no reason why you can't learn it recreationally."

"Reckerashunly?" Blake blinked.

"A new word for you to learn," Velvet laughed. "It means for fun."

Black ears twitched at that. "I can't wait to learn it reckerishuny!" Blake said, butchering the word further in his excitement.

While Velvet went about teaching Blake the new word, Princess Weiss focused on her lesson. She was still miffed that a boy had been taught how to put the fencing padding on just in case she forgot. As if she would ever forget! She hasn't forgotten since before she could remember!

During breaks, she looked over to where Miss Velvet was standing with her servant and her eyes narrowed in her mask. He slept in her chair and called it his. He was clumsy and smelly and he couldn't even make his ears stand up all the time like the other servants! He was a no good servant. No good at all.

"I think that's enough for today, Young Majesty," her instructor told her, his tail twitching behind him. "You should get some water to cool down."

Weiss merely nodded up at him. She took sips of water during breaks, but when her lessons were over, she always breathed heavy and her inside neck hurt. She removed her mask and turned to get a goblet of water, only to find one being held out to her already. The servant boy was giving her a cup.

Okay, maybe not all no good. Just a little no good.

Blake worked to keep his ears perked up as the princess took the cup from him and drank her water. The whole time, Velvet was telling him when they were gonna take breaks so he could get his cup ready. Blake asked her if she would teach him how to do that, but she said he wouldn't know until he was older. She would help him until then. He didn't wanna get help, though. He wanted to do it himself. He was best servant. But if he couldn't tell when breaks were, he couldn't be the best, so he had to let Velvet tell him.

The princess didn't look at him with mad eyes when she handed the cup back. Blake turned to walk back to Velvet and stood beside her as she poured more water into the cup. "This is the last break, right?" he asked in confusion.

"This is just in case she gets thirsty again before the lesson is over," Velvet explained. "The instructor still has to tell her how to improve."

"She has to get better, too?" Blake glanced over to the princess. She was listening to the other Faunus talk.

"Of course," his mentor affirmed. "Even princesses need to learn to get better. That way, she can be the best."

Blake nodded. "She's best princess and I'm gonna be best servant, right?"

"If you keep that attitude, you'll be the best servant in no time, Blake."

Velvet wasn't joking, either. Blake had taken to servant life better than she could have expected. He was progressing through each lesson at remarkable speed, indicating a natural affinity for duties like these. So long as he had motivation to keep going, Velvet had no doubt he could possibly even surpass herself and Kanekomuru.

Blake puffed his chest out, smiling happily. He was gonna be the best for the princess. And he got to use the rappers when he was older, so he would be the best fun servant.

As the lesson fully ended, Princess Weiss made her way back over to the trainee. Blake offered her the water and the princess downed it quickly. Velvet stepped forward with a wet cloth for Princess Weiss to wipe away any clinging sweat to her face.

"Shall we get you changed back, Princess?" Velvet asked calmly.

"Yes, Miss Velvet," Weiss agreed, handing the cloth back.

Blake followed behind. He wanted to watch the way the clothes came off, too. Velvet went through each piece as she removed it. When she helped the princess back into her dress, she explained that she would teach Blake how to tie the back as he grew so he could get better at it.

Weiss huffed. She wouldn't need a boy to tie her dress. All of her maids tied her dress just fine. Her new servant listened to Miss Velvet, so maybe he could learn to tie the dress right, but not like her maids did.

Once fully dressed again, the princess led the two servants from the changing room and out into the rest of the castle. Velvet's rabbit ears twitched at heavier than usual breaths coming from her student. Even though he had been walking around a lot since his arrival, Blake still didn't have the endurance to stand and walk for as long as the day insisted.

"Your Highness?" she called, stopping the princess and Blake in their tracks. "Do you mind if I take Blake away for a bit? It won't be long, I assure you."

The princess looked between the two of them and nodded. "Yes, that is acceptable, Miss Velvet."

Velvet bowed to the princess and waited for her to turn the corner. Once she was out of sight, Velvet turned to Blake and lifted him into her arms. "Let's get you to a chair."

"What's wrong, Miss Velvet?" Blake asked. At this proximity, it was much easier to hear how winded he was.

"Blake, I'm going to assign you times to sit down during the day," Velvet explained. "You're still too young to stand for long periods of time, so I want you to rest every once in a while. You can't be the best if you're too tired to walk, right?"

Blake's ears wilted slightly. "Yeah. I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry," Velvet cooed to him, setting him on a window seat. "I just don't want you to hurt yourself. Even people who are the best need to rest every once in a while to make sure they stay refreshed."

They sat in silence for ten minutes. Velvet knew how important napping was, but something like that would reflect poorly on her at present as the Princess hadn't taken her daily nap. Because of this, Blake couldn't nap until she did. Teaching him to rest like this was a better way to get him used to this routine.

Once a sufficient amount of time passed, Velvet checked on her pupil. "How are you feeling?"

"I feel good!" Blake told her, hopping up. "We can go see the princess again?"

"That's right," Velvet laughed. He had such enthusiasm. She hoped he kept that as time went on. It would certainly benefit him in this line of work. "Let's go find her."

Princess Weiss, meanwhile, was making her way toward her mother's favorite sitting area. The room always smelled like the perfumes her mother wore, and sometimes made Weiss sleepy with the warm fireplaces. Raising her hand, Weiss knocked firmly and waiting until she heard, "Come in, sweetheart."

"Hello, Mother," she called, stepping into the room and closing the door behind her. Her mother sat on one of the couches drinking some tea. Weiss curtsied and then climbed up beside her.

"How were your fencing lessons today, dear?" Schimmer inquired.

"Boring," Weiss huffed, crossing her arms. "And the boy servant was watching me the whole time."

Schimmer gave a soft giggle. "You don't like Blake very much, I take it?"

"He's smelly and loud!" the little princess responded immediately. "And Daddy always told me boys are stupid."

"That's to keep any of the greedy dukes from getting their sons into your good graces," Schimmer said quietly, more to herself. She looked down at her little girl. "You should at least try to give Blake a chance, sweetheart," she insisted. "Even though he is just a Faunus servant, he's going to be your Faunus servant for the rest of his life."

"That's… a long time?" Weiss asked curiously.

"A very long time," her mother affirmed.

Weiss bit her lip. Maybe she was being a little mean. The boy servant didn't smell really bad, like he used to… and he didn't shout like he did when Kyla tried to throw him out. "Okay," she mumbled. "I suppose I can be nice."

"What was that?" Schimmer asked. "A Princess does not mumble, Weiss."

"I can be nicer to the boy servant," Weiss repeated herself, stronger this time.

"I'm glad. Because here he comes."

No sooner had she said that than a knock on the door sounded. "Come in, Velvet."

Velvet opened the door, stepping inside with Blake beside her. "Forgive any interruption I may have caused, Your Highness," she said with a deep bow. "I simply wished to return to Blake's training with the princess."

Schimmer smiled. "I doubt this is a suitable room to do so," she laughed. "He's likely to fall asleep."

Two yawns lit the room at her words. Weiss leaned against her mother as she usually did when she grew sleepy, and Blake rubbed his eye tiredly from Velvet's side. Both adults laughed at the toddlers and Schimmer stood with Weiss cradled in her arms.

"Shall we set these two down for a late nap?" she asked.

"It may be best," Velvet agreed.

She lifted Blake, like she had done earlier, and followed her queen to the princess' private chambers. While Schimmer tucked Weiss into bed, Velvet gently set Blake on his chair. Once the children were put down, they left the room.

As they strode down the hall, Schimmer turned to Velvet. "Are you sure you're alright with staying by his side for a few more years? I understand you won't be with him for everything, but you have always been loyal, and I know how much you love your duties."

"If it ensures the princess gets the best qualified servant, it's my honor to remain by his side until he knows all I have to teach him."

Schimmer nodded. "I'm glad to hear that." She closed her eyes a moment. He will certainly need all the help he can get in the coming years.

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