This is not that really happened in the games story line. It's mostly an experiment. And I have no clams to the story. This is a fanciful story, only. One of which Desmond didn't die, but is sent to find the person that has Eve's blood. This is a two way story. The person with Eve's blood will come soon. If this story does well, leave some words.

Desmond's heart pounded on his ribcage, as he heaved heavy breaths.

Dark gray clouds rolled fare in above the tall trees. Carried on the wind is the unmistakable smell of rain.

Desmond poled his hood as fare as it could go over his head. Hunching his shoulders, he waited for the first drop.

'I hope Dad and the others are safe,' thought Desmond. 'I can't say the same for myself. But, Minerva.'

He slowed as he recalled the events after placing his hand on the panel.

What had waked him was the pain. His right arm felt as if someone had been lit it on fire.

Groaning, he slowly opened his eyes. Fearing the worst, but from his hazy vision it looked fine. Rolling to his side he uneasily got to his knees.

"Easy, Desmond," he gave a small jump at the sound of Minerva's voice. "You are lucky to be alive." The hologram of Minerva hovered over him, glowing in a rusty hue.

"Juno is wrong; you still have a roll left to play. And it's by the side of the one with the blood of Eve." Desmond was at loss for words.

"What does Eve have to do with this? How am I still alive?" Desmond asked with a shaking voice.

"Eve imprisoned Juno here; it's by Eve's blood that can kill her." Minerva started to fade, pixel by pixel.

"Find her, train her as one of your order, find the disc, then bring her back."

Minerva faded completely, leaving Desmond confused, and alone.

"Minerva?" he called out.

"She will come to you; the temptation will outweigh the fear."

"Minerva, who is she?" Only silence replied. He coursed in frustration.

"Long time no see, Miles." Desmond leaped to his feet, and turned to the voice.

It was a young man, some years younger then himself. Desmond couldn't see the boy's face, because he stood in the cover of shadows. But, he could see a long silver, shine in his hand, reaching down to the stone floor.

"I rather die then go back to the Lab, and be experiment on again." Desmond growled, and made a motion with his wriest, activating his hidden blade.

The boy sighed, and stepped into the light.

His blond wood hair reminded Desmond of a lion's main. He was at least as tall as Desmond, and he could see even this faraway, the boy looked as if he welded heavy blades for years.

"I don't blame you, nor am I happy to fight you." His voice was hinted with sadness, pity, and sham.

"But I can't do a thing to change it."

With that he charged, blade raised, and poised for blood.