Hi, sorry I keep promising a time and not providing, but I'm getting resources and planning things out. I also need feedback on something. For a while I was considering Ezio and Conner time traveling with Ely because they both would want to see her safely home and take the opportunity to look for some answers involving the future, Desmond, and the Isu. Also, it would add some legitimacy to Ely's relationship to the two: Ezio (Fatherly), Connor (love interest).

However, there still is the main arch of their story to consider; should I mess with their main archers of persevering in the unknown, and let the time traveling girl have her way by saying:

"One time traveler is enough." And Ely and Desmond are constantly the leading focal point.


"No, the Brotherhood and my home can make it without me. I'm going to see you home safely, hopefully find out what the future holds, and find the answers to what my time couldn't." And the main charicter list grows.

Also, what if only one did time travel with her, who would be the best bet?

I'm still working out the kinks and letting my other story ideas simmer as I research Batman, Superman, and read more Norse stuff. Doctor Who is shelved with Mario. And Transformers is neglected, but still there when I'm done monkeying around. I just need to work out the maps I have, then draft the first sections. I have time to work the kink out, but I would like to hear what you all think. Because you all've read first story draft and could see where I'm trying to get to; Juno and the Sage's men being the bigger villains then the Templers. And Ely and Des being the non-romantic new Adam and Eve. I just want to best for the story and characters, even if that means Ely and the others hurt.