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"Cut….them….off," she moaned in pain. "Please…Damon…the door…..it needs to be closed…," she gasped placing her hand gently on his cheek.

"You will die, Angel," he said stroking her hair gently; hoping that the action alleviated her pain. They seemed completely oblivious to the audience around them. They had quite the crowd but no one intruded upon the scene.

"No….I will show you…what you need to do..," she hissed through more tremors that racked her body. Ripples of multi colored lights danced on her caramel skin and discharged like static when they reached her hand. In that instant, he saw what he needed to do.

"Sleep," he said and placed a gentle kiss on her forehead. Her tense body relaxed and he gently placed her on the ground; her kaleidoscope, gossamer wings spread out on the forest floor. He picked up his forgotten sword and faced the stunned crowd. They did not flinch under the weight of his icy blue stare.

"Right, so, Scobby Doo gang, you got us into this mess. You are gonna help us out," he said forcefully. He stocked over to the blond female witch that sat amidst a circle of candles and picked up her bowl.

"I need everyone's blood in this bowl, yesterday. No questions till I am done. Got that," he paused looking over at that crowd again. He placed the bowl under the fallen angel's hand. He gently gripped her hand around the sword and slid it down. Drops of blood began to flow down the blade into the bowl. He sensed the power that filled the air; it put the hairs on the back of his head on edge. Her blood always had that effect, what he forgotten however, was the fantastic, mind-altering, euphoric smell that wafted into the air and infected the area. He also forgot that the crowd contained a number of vampires. He heard the low growling before they decided to attack.

"Shit, I forgot about that," he spat. He gripped the sword firmly and drove it into the ground.

"Ignis," there was a woose and the pentacle carved into the ground ignited on fire. The vampires stopped at the edge of the ring; not wanting to be crispy critter.

"Leeches, I need you to hold your horses and remember that; one, you are not new vampires; two, that she is your friend and three, I will kill any of you that tries to drain her. Do I make myself clear?" there was so much force behind that declaration that the vampires willed themselves to shut off the urge to kill. It took several minutes before all the vampires had settled. Not once did anyone speak. The image was so surreal that no one could formulate words. They had succeeded in rescuing their lost friends.

It had taken a year but they had succeeded. During that year, the gang had to track down the witch twins and convince them to help bring their friends back. That conversation was bloody and angry. No one displayed more anger than Elena and Jeremy Gilbert.

Then it took nearly another six months of Enzo, Stefan, Alaric and Meredith tracking down every Traveller, witch, warlock, werewolf and Original to find the right spell. They hit pay dirt last month but had to wait for the solar eclipse. It was fate that allowed them to find the spell so close to the eclipse.

Finally, they prepared to open the door. Liv and Luke, were able to draw the power of the eclipse and use the residual spirit energy of Damon and Bonnie's dead family members in the cemetery; a trick they learned from Davina.

The air within the pentacle condensed into a water bubble that reflected the torch light. After several seconds of the bubble swelling, it burst with an audible pop. In the middle, stood two figures that the group longed to see with all their hearts. The pair blinked their confusion.

"You guys have the worst timing," the male smirked and snorted at his own joke. After a second, the female collapsed onto the ground and began to seize and scream. He moved into action, kneeled and pulled her onto his lap; forgetting the crowd altogether.

"So I need everyone's blood in this bowl," Damon said in a tone that spoke that there would be no room for a Q and A portion. He ventured out of the circle and pulled a knife from a sheath at his belt. The knife's blade was wavy, had shimmering symbols and glowed slightly. In turn he sliced every person's hand and allowed the blood to flow into the bowl. Still no one asked questions. His eyes prevented such an action. Finally when the last person, himself, provided their blood, he walked up to his brother and said, "Drink."

"Brother, I still don't drink human blood," Stefan said horrified that his brother would ask that of him.

"Little Brother, trust me," and in that moment the two brothers gazed at one another and came to a silent agreement. Stefan gripped the bowl and took one sip of the mixed blood. Instead of the frenzy that would grip him, there was only calm that washed into him. Warmth and light spread through him and he swore that he heard his heart beat in that moment. He smiled dazedly at his brother; the happiness seeping through his pores. Damon smirked and inclined his head in validation of his little brother's feelings in that moment. Then he left to allow the others to drink from the bowl.

The same euphoric feeling spread into everyone, including the humans within the group and still no one dared ask any questions. Finally he stepped back into the pentagram, sipped from the bowl and kneeled down in front of the fallen angel.

"Angel, I need you to drink," he said gently while lifting her head to the bowl he presented her. She accepted the blood and fell back in her sleep. Her long dark curls spreading out in a halo. He gripped her dress and ripped it in half; exposing her to the elements. He began to murmur the spell while dipping his finger into the rest of the blood. He then painted symbols on her forehead; the palms of her hands; the soles of her feet and finally he dipped his entire hand into the bowl and coated his entire hand in the final drops of blood.

He paused in his murmuring and said, "Everyone this is going to hurt, so pick a happy place, go there and pray." He resumed his chanting louder in a language none recognized. The pain blossomed in the center of their chests and knocked the humans to their knees with the agony. Everyone screamed.

Damon placed his blood coated hand in center of the angel's chest. Her back arched and light spread through her; her caramel skin glowing. Her body lifted from the ground; the tatters of her dress, wings and hair dragging on the ground. She screamed so loudly that the power physically spread and slammed into the agonized group. The light within her body grew in intensity; crystalized and broke all in a matter of seconds. Her beautiful jeweled wings began to slowly loose color as they disintegrated into grey dust that scattered with the wind. In that instant the solar eclipse ended. The world was bright but silent.

"You people always put on the best shows but I don't approve of the pain mate" said Enzo after a few moments into the silence.

"Let me explain later, I need to get her somewhere safe and comfortable."

"Yeah we can go to the lake house," said Jeremy looking at the fallen figure of his former girlfriend; still too stunned to ask any questions.

Damon gripped the sword and willed it to disappear. He then removed his leather jacket and placed it over the girl's body and scooped her up gently. He stopped in front of the boy and said, "Thank you, Baby Gilbert." The boy rather man nodded dumbly, stunned that Damon of all people had thanked him.

"Liv what juju lines did you get crossed when you summoned them? Because that is not the Damon I remember," Caroline spoke suddenly halting the procession to the caravan of cars.

"Nice to see you too, Vampire Barbie."

"Nice…Nice…Damon when have you ever used those words. You are a pod person and what have you done with the real Damon and Bonnie."

"Vampire Barbie, trust me. I will prove it to you later but right now your best friend needs to be comfortable and I need to break her fever. So save the questions till we get to the lake house."

"Don't think I am letting you out of my sight, Damon."

"Would never dream of it, Vampire Barbie. Now like I said earlier, she needs a bed and some way to break this fever now that she is trapped in a human body again."

The crowd walked towards the car. Stefan held out the back passenger doors of the SUV for Damon to place Bonnie in the backseat. Once she was situated, everyone climbed into their cars and proceeded towards the lake house.

Silence permeated the car ride. Damon knew they were dying to ask question but he had laced his orders with magic and they had yet to recognize that fact. He felt drained. The spell he had done to close the door that his foolish friends opened had taken so much of his reserves that he needed to feed. He mused that he could still feel the magical barrier around the town.

"How long has it been" he asked into the silence within the car.

"A year," came his little brother's voice.

"Stupid Guardians," he mumbled.

"What," Caroline asked.

"Nothing, part of that explanation I owe you guys," he replied.

"Why haven't you guys taken down the barrier around the town," he asked. A few seconds passed before he received a reply.

"Well, we all decided that the town was safer with it up since the supernatural is so drawn to the place," his little brother answered. Damon saw how Caroline placed her hand on his brother's hand and gently squeezed.

"So you and Vampire Barbie," he said after a few seconds.

"Yes," was his only answer.

"Good," was his reply and fell back into silence as he watched the forest go by. He began to stroke Bonnie's hair softly and hummed. He missed the looks that Stefan and Caroline gave each other when they heard him. Stefan silently observed his brother through the rearview mirror and saw the tenderness in his brother's eyes. Something he hadn't seen since he was a little boy. Yeah this conversation was going to get bloody and angry quickly.

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