Ashachu the ultimate request part 3.

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Plus America should have Pokémon event for X and Y.

This is a role-play between me and Dimmension traveler.

In unrelated news if they have to have Pokémon movies why not have it be crossover between the last traveling companion from the last region and the current one, after the dozenth time in as many years the world ending start to get lame. Plus every five years it can be a collection of all of Ash companions. Why not it has a chance to show the new fans the past. I miss Misty and May. I know not all characters will return, but maybe one fan favorite character from the past and a new character, Misty and character from next generation sound good.

Part of this chapter and most of the last two were roleplayed with Dimmension Traveler give him or her some credit.

Yes I know Ash have a Hawlucha and Froakie evolve as of the time this story was made, but I made this before he got(/evolve) it and I am not changing my story.

Human/regular Pokémon talk:



Three shot: Ash is turn into a Pikachu but this time it is permanent and he have to ask Serena and Clemont for a favor, something that will be near impossible for the two of them to do.


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This idea is a common one, you can find Ash turning into a Pikachu everywhere. However, I have nothing against it and am waiting to see where this goes.

I know it is a common one, but I been wanting to do this one for the past few weeks, and hey just because someone else did a story like mine doesn't mean I can't make my own twist. I am glad you aren't against it good to have a reader/reviewer glad you are looking forward to it, I hope there are more people like you.

All 'bout Espeonchapter 2 . 12h ago

Ah a biker gang. That's an underused class of
trainers. You do a good job of using uncommon ideas with a common theme. Can't wait for the last chapter.

Yeah it was my role-playings friend idea, yeah biker gang don't get enough attention because not organized crime is boring compare to team rocket. Yeah isn't all of fanfiction all of writing is taking someone else idea, and taking your own twist to them. I hope you read it soon.

NO POV some forest in Kalos: 3 months after last chapter.

Ash was crying himself asleep again. Ash had all but given up his goal of being a Pokémon master, being no one would take him seriously if he was a Pokémon. He had to pretend to be happy Clemont, Serena, or Bonnie Pokémon. Some gang or just terrible trainer saw through the act and try to catch him. That wasn't the worst of it, if he was to say even one single word; they had everyone and their brother trying to catch him.

Ash tried to use one of Serena towels to wipe away his tears again. He uses to have dreams to have the able to talk to his Pokémon, and used their moves now his dream became a nightmare, and to make things worst he in the past month made multiples attack on not just his and his friends Pokémon but his friend nearly cripple Bonnie.

Lily tried every possible spell she could make to turn Ash normal none of them work. Clemont try making several machines, most of them blew up, or just didn't do anything.

Ash was thinking of what he should do. He couldn't win the league or heck even battle in a gym. Ash sigh as Pikachu came behind him. "Pikachu come here, I need a…hug." Pikachu hug his current trainer. He loves Ash like a brother, hoping that Ash and him would be together for life, and that Ash wasn't going to do anything stupid in the future.

Ash was staring at his three Pokéballs for his Pokémon. He sighs knowing what he was planning on doing tomorrow.

He cried himself to sleep one last time as he was.

The next morning:

Ash woke up, seeing Serena him wake up, she was worry for him.

Ash was awful like every time he woke up for the past two months he was miserable. Serena wanted to make him feel better but didn't know how. Clemont were trying to make a machine to cure Ash, while Bonnie was just trying to make him comfortable. Ash sigh he had a plan for his Pokémon, and his friends future but he was sure none…none of them past and present would like…or most likely let him do it.

He knew if something was to go wrong he could be capture or worst another team from team rocket or any gang really would kill Bonnie, Clemont…and Serena to get to a talking Pokémon.

Ash looked through his Pokédex. Using the custom setting that allows the Pokédex to order in what he saw them in.*

He quickly skips through the part about Pikachu, smiling at Caterpie his first capture Pokémon. He smiles at his Pidgeotto, then the Kanto starter Pokémon, so much adventure, enjoying all of it, skimming through the Lapras and Snorlax part. He smiles at his Johto starters, and his shiny Noctowl. He smiles at his Hoenn Pokémon that was the first time one of his friends got starters and when he got his a new traveling companion (May). He smile as his Sinnoh bird Pokémon, his Turtwig, his Aipom, the only Pokémon he every trade away (for Buizel), his Chimchar he got when Paul abandon the poor thing. He smiles at his Unova Pokémon*. He slowly look through Froakie entry; Froakie, the Bubble Frog Pokémon. From its chest and back, Froakie creates bubbles called Frubbles, which act as a cushion and soften the blow of an opponent's attack. Then Fletchling entry; Fletchling, the Tiny Robin Pokémon. Although Fletchling's chirp is quite beautiful to hear, it is relentlessly tough with those who enter its territory. He look at Pikachu entry one last time; Pikachu, the Mouse Pokémon. It can generate electric attacks from the electric pouches located in both of its cheeks.

Serena, Clemont and Bonnie look at Ash, "We need to talk Ash." Clemont said.

Ash looks up to his human trainer friend, "About what."

"We was wondering what you are ultimately going to do?" Clemont asked.

"I know what to do." Ash said.

"What?" Clemont said.

Ash sighs and looked at Serena, "I got an idea Serena, and I need you to do me a favor."

She was surprise by this by asked what.

"I chu-would…no I pika-need you to take chu-care of my Pi-Pika-Pokémon for me." Ash said.

Her eyebrows raised at this. "Ash, why are you asking me to do that?"

"They Chu-need a trainer" Ash said.

"What do you mean they "need" a trainer? They already have one, you!" Serena said, throwing her hands up.

"What pika-good am I, I chu-can't train them, I can't have ka-gym battle, I can't even chu-get supplies for pika-without someone trying to catch them what good am I?" The yellow mouse trainer said.

Pikachu ran at him, hearing what he said, and hugged him, begging him not to talk like that. That they were brothers, and they had to stay together.

"We will buddy, we will." Ash said.

Pikachu bit his ear in a playful manner.

Ash smile but Pikachu wasn't going to change his mind.

"Hey Chu-Clemont can you ka-get me my pika-Pokémon Pokéball." Ash said.

Clemont sigh but did what Ash asked him to do, put Froakie and Fletchling. "Pikachu's Pokéball chu-too."

Clemont was surprise but he let Bonnie go get Pikachu Pokéball.

Ash sigh letting his water frog and flying bird Pokémon out one last time.

"OK, Serena ka-you know what to chu-do." Ash said.

"I can't Ash their still your Poké…." Serena said, stopping in both shock and horror as Ash used Iron Tail on Fletchling Pokéball then did the same to Froakie's releasing both of them.

"Go chu-ahead." Ash said, Serena reluctantly threw two Pokéball at the Pokémon.

He looks down at Pikachu Pokéball smiling seeing the little lightning bolt, remembering when he got Pikachu. He woke up late; he only got Pikachu as a last option.

He sighs turning around and using his Iron Tail on his best friend old home destroying it. Pikachu eye widen, and Serena used all her strength to capture Pikachu.

Pikachu new Pokéball shook three times before beeping, Serena sadly picks up her new Pikachu.

"Ser-chu-ena I need pi-you to chu-do one pi-more thing." Ash said.

Serena asked what weakly.

"I need pika-you to chu-capture me." Ash said.

"Ash I can't." Serena said.

"YOU HAVE TOO." He gave his reasoning in Pokémon.

Serena was going to say no, but Ash eyes when bright red which over the months they knew meant Ash was going to attack someone.

They all try to walk away but Ash used a Quick Attack on Serena, Fennekin used a fire-ball at Ash knocking him out. Serena knew what she needed to do. She sigh throwing a Pokéball at Ash crying as the stars appear around the device. Picking up her old friend in the Pokémon capture device,

*Why isn't this real.

*I try to ignore Unova anime because it suck and could have been good, I hate Cilan was a self cocky bastard and Iris was an egotistical bitch.

The end.