Hey it's Katie again and things have gotten a little better but not really, I still miss Jeff and sometimes wish that I hadn't left him after all who the fuck cared if he cared at all about me I was happy just to be there with him. But he's just one killer in this messed up world it's not like he was the only one and I was quite surprised when I did more research and found so many interesting people just like Jeff and sometimes I wondered if he knew them. Did he know Jane, Sally, Toby, did Jeff knew any of them? They all had their own stories and each one of them caught my attention and wrapped me up in their own stories, each one was unique in their own way and each one I wanted to meet just like I had meet Jeff.

I even went out and bought Majorna's mask hoping to see the glitch Ben Drowned, bought the supposed original version of pokemon with only Lavender Town to see if the theories were real, if they had something to go with their story I bought it hoping to bring them to life just as Jeff had appeared to me when I needed to see him hoping he would have ended my life and honestly I wish he had killed me all those years ago. Everything would have been better if I was dead and no longer here after all no one seemed to notice that I had been missing for a few years when I went off on a killing spree with Jeff so why would they have noticed if I died they wouldn't and my parents wouldn't care either way I might as well just be home school.

Which was exactly what I did, I enrolled in an online homeschool program and never left my room, never opened the blinds just stayed in my world of darkness as I slowly slipped into insanity. I could feel my mind slipping but that really didn't matter. I heard the doorbell ring and after signing my name for the delivery I quickly rushed upstairs and put the new game cd into my computer. I had just purchased the Slender man games again hoping that I could meet him as well, like I said the creepy pasta world had become my obsession but then again I had just meet Jeff the killer the most notorius out of all of them so there was no harm in hoping to meet any of the others and how had I meet Jeff? Drawing, watching his story all over the internet, I saw everything that he was apart of and one day there he was standing in my room with those un-blinking eyes and permanent grin.

It was a sick obsession of mine to meet these killers that had started out as "legends" and were now becoming more and more popular everyday as more people began to read their stories and claim to see them in person. I would stay up for hours typing, researching, playing, they had become my life as I slowly slipped into their world of insanity. I didn't go out and kill people like I did with Jeff, I tried but I couldn't do it it reminded me to much of Jeff, and as I cut that smile into their face I could feel him behind me whispering how beautiful they were now as I made the fatal kill hearing him whisper "Go..To...Sleep." I still cared greatly for Jeff there was no doubt in my mind but he had moved on and I would probably never see him ever again but that didn't meant that I couldn't meet any of the others that were just like him, that didn't meant that they weren't real to me.

Laughing Jack

Eyeless Jack



Laughing Jill

The Rake


They were all real to me every single one of them was real and I knew that they were out there somewhere making their mark on the world letting everyone else know that they too were real just as I knew they were, they had to be real. My walls were decorated in all sorts of pictures about them, Slendy's "pages", Sally, Ben, Red, Lost Silver, BVRB, all of them. All except for Jeff I had taken those pictures down long ago not wanting to look at the killer that had meant so much to me, I couldn't look at the only person I had ever cared for knowing that he had probably forgotten about me by now after all everyone always forgets about me. They always forget about me but that didn't matter because now I was on equal terms with the voices and we saw eye to eye in this world of insanity that I had given myself up to and I loved it here, I loved the darkness, the crazyness, feeling invincible. But still I couldn't smile, still I wasn't happy with who I was, I could no longer feel my heart beat and my soul had long ago dissapeared.

To many people had hurt me and in the process had ripped my heart to shreads and dissinigrated my soul so that now I felt nothing, absolutly nothing at all. No pian, no emotion, I was numb to everything in the world, I could cut again and not feel it, I could burn my skin and not feel the sting. Ha..ha..hahahahahahaha. It was perfect not feeling anything and I understood why Toby loved the feeling so much because no matter what anyone did to you they wouldn't be able to hurt you because you didn't feel pain and there was nothing left of my heart to break so there was no heart break to be felt and that was perfect, that was how I wanted to live my life knowing no fear, pain, sadness, only this dark insanity that I had fallen victum to and without a fight I gave myself up to it.

I played Lavender Town Syndrom for the billionth time today listening carefully to the tune waiting for the moment where I could hear the high pitch tune that was deff to so many people but not to me I could hear it, could hear the sound rush through my brain but it didn't hurt my head like so many of the other kids because I couldn't feel fucking pain at all. As for the suppose suicidal thoughts well that was nothing new to me I had delt with those for years so when I pulled the blade out again and ran it across the skin or even thought about popping a few pills that was nothing out of the ordinary for me I had done those things my whole life so really Lavender didn't effect me at all but I loved the eary music that went with the town.

I'll admit that at times I tended to freak myself out, I had gone completly insane and had lost all hope in ever regaining any sanity at all or really even going back to the girl that I once was. But who needed her anyways no one liked me or cared for me and they still don't so there really was no point in changing back into the Katie that everyone seemed to know back in school. Being homeschoold though was amazing I never had to leave my room and school was only a few hours long which meant that I could go back to gaming I had just downloaded Luna Game a fan based game for MLP or My Little Pony I know sounds dumb and retarded right? Well your wrong, this game is actually pretty creepy all you end up doing is through several different games you play as Luna for a while then your screen turns to a creepy version of Pinkie Pie and you can't exsit the game, move your mouse, you can't do any of that and there's this creepy music that begins to play.

It seems as though Creepy Pasta had taken over my whole life but that wasn't really all that bad after all when you meet Jeff the Killer and spend a few years running around killing people with him you get a little hopeful of meeting the others as well and when you get hopeful of meeting the others you look up their stories and anything else you can find about them and when you do that you lose your mind. Hahahahahaha, you lose all sanity and become a freak just like the stories, just like those very killers that had become so popular and scared the shit out of everyone that ever read their stories. Hahahahaha, you become insane just like me, you forget what sleep is and the time doesn't exist anymore to you, you lose all feeling, and you grin as your mind turns twisted with the prospect of what these people have done with their lives and you realize that some of them are pretty similar to yourself.

That's the real reason I lost all sanity because these killers had taken over my whole life, they turned my brain into darkness and I gave myself up to insanity. I lost all reason to live, lost all reason to leave the damn house, lost all reason to do anything else besides sit at the computer and read, play, find them in the world and understand their motives, why they kill, why they hunt people down, why they've become the person they are now. These people suck you into their worlds and you can never leave them because your trapped there, your captivated by all that's around you and you don't want to leave, you don't want to sleep, you want to stay awake and learn more about them, you want to see them, want to believe that they're real. But who says that they're not real, after all no one believed that Jeff was real and I meet the damn killer himself and thought that someone had actually fucking cared about me for once in my god damn life but no, oh no Jeffery was just like everyone else, he didn't care he only pretended to care about me. He only pretended that he needed...wanted me to be there by his side when really he just wanted to be alone, wanted me to go away well now I'm gone and I fucking hope he's happy.

What a son of a bitch Jeff is he doesn't fucking care about anyone else but himself and to think that I thought he was doing something good, he still is, he's saving people from all the hell in the world, all the bullshit people like to create. He's saving them from having to go through all this fucking pain but unlike them we didn't feel pain, and because we didn't feel pain or really knew what we were doing half the time it was our job to liberate these poor souls because they couldn't do it themselves, they were to blind and stupid to open their eyes to the truth of the world. They couldn't see what we could and yet they teased us, bullied us because we were different because we could see the truth that they all neglected. Poor souls just wanting to fit in with the rest of the crowd, why would anyone want to fit in though it seems so boring to be just another clone it's so much more fun to be unique, to be different then the rest of them. It's so much more..free.

The only problem that I wanted to fix was this damn frown that was always on my face. Somewhere in the past I had lost the ability to smile I couldn't even twitch my lips to form a small smirk they could only frown or form a straight line. So many times I would I hold that knife and I would draw an invisible line where I wanted to cut so that I could smile from ear to ear but I never did it you know why? Because then I would look just like Jeff, I would look like that damn killer that had made me so hopeful that my life was going to be better and it was for a short time and then his true intentions shone through he just didn't want me to be the one to kill myself, he was just using my emotions against me and I hated that bastard for everything that he's done. Making me so hopeful that my life would change, feeling happiness for once, feeling as though I was finally wanted by someone but no he was using those dreams against me so that when the time came he would he his chance to kill me. Poor bastard will never get that chance though cause I'll be ready for him when he comes, I know all of his moves, his stance, how he attacks, I'll be ready for him and when he comes he'll be fucking sorry for ever messing with me. He'll be damn sorry he ever hurt me.

I hated how much I still had in common with Jeff I hated every single thing we shared in common and how half of what we shared I couldn't change because it was our pasts that were so similar but there were other things I could change small details that I could easily fix. I didn't smile no Jeff had taken that away from me, I still had my eyelids but like him my skin was ghostly pale from that night when they burnt my skin with fire and those scars still scared my skin but even though I didn't smile permanently like Jeff I was far prettier then him. He might think he was beautiful but I was far prettier I started to experiment with magic, dark, dangerous, magic. Magic that I didn't know that I could do before but now I could, I could make everyone hurt just be thinking of them in pain, I didn't have to say anything, didn't have to twirl a wand, I could just think of them in pain and next thing anyone knew they were on the ground screaming in agonizing pain.

I could also turn peoples nightmares into reality, I could their fears against them, I could comand everything that was dark,t he shadows, the night, spirits, fears, creatures, I could use them all to my own use. My favorite was necromancy there were several different types and I didn't put a soul back in its body frequently that was cruel and I still had respect for the spirits but I could use their skeletons could bring forth their spirits for hauntings. I was the darkness, I was everyones fear and nightmare, at the very mention of my name struck fear into peoples eyes and I would watch them tremble in fear from the shadows and when they looked back I would be gone in the blink of an eye. This was so much fun, I loved striking fear into everyone especially those silly boys that had caused me so much pain and suffering, they suffered past the point of terror.

Of course I knew where they all lived and with my new found powers I could read their minds and I knew their fears and nightmares and when they would wake and see me standing there with my frown and saddened eyes hiding a psychotic look behind them. They would stare for only a moment and then I would send them through their own hell's, they would fall into sleep and I would enter their minds, altering their peacful dreams into ones of horror and hell and there I would be watching from the shadows of their minds watching them run in horror, scream in fear and terror, they could never wake up only when I left their minds would they be able to wake up and sometimes they would still be stuck to terrified to leave their nightmares. It was a new type of fear, of torture and pain, it was a new way to get even with those that had hurt me before but now I would make them hurt, I would make them feel pain the way I had for years.

I was a dream demon, dream snatcher, a dark mage haunting peoples minds, people began to make names for me because so many people had experienced the same fear, the same pain and hellish nightmares. Ha it was adorable to watch them wither in pain or flinch at the very mention of my name, soon they would all hurt, they would all cover in fear and regret those terrible choices they had all made when I was still sane, when I was still Katie. I didn't change my name to something else I was still Katie but I was known by other names as well.

"I saw the dream mage last night her eyes held a look of insanity in them."
"The dark mage killed everyone I cared about right in front of me."
"She's a bloody dream demon that's what she is."
"Her name was Katie and she was always a freak to begin with."
"She was just a little girl who was bullied poor girl lost her mind."
"It's Jeff the Killer all over again that's what it is."

There was that damn name again, Jeff the god damn Killer. I was nothing like that bastard, I was stronger, darker, I was better then him and he was dead to me.
"We didn't think anything about our taunts she was just a freak, she was different it's normal for people like her to be teased."
"We didn't think she could possibly break and become this monster."
"She was always creative and it did seem like she was becoming darker before she left to be homeschooled."
"I bet she was the one who killed those boys at the party."
"Yeah we did burn her but we weren't going to shoot her it was an air gun not an actually gun. But she didn't kill them she was still tied on the ground when he attacked the stench of blood clung to him."
"Who did kill those boys then?"
"His face was bleached white, eyelids burnt off, permanent smile carved from ear to ear, it was Jeff the Killer."

I threw the stacks of paper in the fire watching them all burn to ashes, I had made the front headlines of dozens of news papers but Jeff was always being compared to me and that pissed me off, I wasn't like Jeff we were nothing alike. I was stronger, deadlier, more dangerous then Jeff could ever be. They'll see, I'll show them when the cops come to my house after several calls of disturbence and when they enter my house they'll see me very briefly before I'll dissapeare and at my feet with be Jeff the Killer and he'll be dead beaten at his own game. His eyes open in terror, cloths torn from our little knife fight, but it's what I'll show Jeff that'll scare him forever. Never again will they quetion which of us was the stronger because Jeff will no longer cease to exist once I'm through with him he'll be dead and I'll be the better one, they'll be terrified to even say my name, they'll all know how I Katie the dark mage, the dream demon, the demon mage whatever name you wish to call me they'll all know that I killed Jeff, that I put a stop to his madness.

Oh I can just taste the victory, his blood dripping from my hands, pooling around him as he lays dead at my feet, I can hear him scream from the realistic visions I'll show him, see the terror in his eyes and hear his screams from pain and torture as I take his own knife and kill that bastard once and for all. Oh I can see it now, I can hear the cops rushing up the stairs and just as they enter the crime scene they'll see me before I vanish in a cloud of black smoke and once it clears they'll see that son of a bitch dead and then they'll know who the better was and they'll forever cower in fear at my power.

(Deranged, psychotic laughter that would send goosebumps down your arms)

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