It took me a while to get use to the mansion and everyone there but eventually I turned the plain room into my own. The walls were black, not a lot of furniture just a bed, desk, and closet, the bed had a maroon cover and skull sheets poking out from underneath, the desk was already cluttered with pictures, art supplies, a small red lamp and a vase of black roses. There were a few shelves on the walls as well where small nick knacks stood nothing to interesting, in the corner of the room just behind the door was a tall mirror but it wasn't broken or shattered this was here domain. I had trapped her into the mirror where she would stay every night and whenever else I was in the room only when I left would we be bound once more. I tried to avoid looking at the mirror as much as I possibly could I didn't want her to try and take control again and I didn't want her to hurt the others.

But it was hard to escape her I spent a lot of time in my room still not trusting myself around the others and I didn't have a problem sitting at my computer typing away or drawing it's what I've done for years and didn't really know what else I could possibly do. Once in a while my computer would glitch and I would wait for it to stop or sometimes I would send a spell through the screen making Ben stop hacking my computer so I could continue on. It seems as though they're trying really hard to have me come out of my room and join them but I don't want to hurt them, I can't but then again what if they wont want me around anymore? I could take the risk and join them but then again that was when they were more open to her attacks and I still didn't have her completely under control yet.

"Hey Katie you have to leave your room at some time." it was Jeff but I didn't respond "The others are getting worried about you we can't help you get past this if you don't let us try."

Again I didn't answer him I knew that they were getting worried about me they made it very clear but I just wasn't ready to venture out not until I had everything under control again. I heard Jeff's footsteps walk away from the door and down the hall but soon they returned and I sighed he wasn't going to let this go.

"Katie there's someone that wants to meet you he didn't introduce himself before do you mind if he comes in?"

Someone I didn't already meet? I wondered who was left to meet but never the less I waved my hand behind me and the door opened a bit, I didn't turn around until I heard it close but realize that there were no footsteps apparent. When I looked behind me there was a boy who looked very much like he belonged in a pokemon game, he wore grey cloths, black hair, black eyes that dripped blood, but he had no limbs which explained why I didn't hear footsteps he floated in mid-air and looked very sad.

"M..My name's..Lost Si..Silver." he said in barely a whisper staring at the ground


He didn't look up but i faced my computer again when I heard the familiar glitch noise that came whenever Ben was messing around but what I saw was the site and it brought up a profile and story of Lost. I quickly looked over it gathering basic information about the Pokemon character that floated before me and understood his grim appearance he was afraid of being forgotten but was quite shy otherwise.

"Y..yeah they all forgot about me." he said and I looked up to see him behind me "My..my game's Pokemon gold."

The way he said it sounded like he owned the game but then again he was the Pokemon trainer from the actual game so I could see why he said "my game" in such a way after all Ben always talked about Majorna's Mask like he owned the game even if he was a haunted statue of Link but either way they were both glitched game characters. One full of confidence and pride the other shy and quite complete opposites.

"Do you play with Ben?" I asked trying to start up conversation

"I can't." he looked down at his bloody shoulders where his arms would have been and I felt like an idiot for even asking him.

"Are you a ghost then?"

"Sort of. I guess you could say I am since...since I float."

We just stared at the computer screen for a moment when suddenly my computer went to youtube and it seemed to be typing something into the search bar by itself before a video of Lavender Town popped up and the eery music began to play.

"Wrong game Ben." I thought but it seemed as though the glitch didn't hear me and Lost didn't seem to mind that the music was playing.

"Why do you stay in here?" he asked

"I don't want to hurt them I don't have her under control yet."

"They're not that bad, they worry about you too." he looked down with dissapointment in his eyes "They don't worry about me at all."
"That can't be true I bet they do. Do you often stay in your room too?" he just nodded looking back up and looked around me room until his eyes fell onto a small bench in the corner pilled with small colelctables from video games. I looked over to see what he was looking at and my eyes fell upon the cyndaquil resting against pickachu. I got up and went over to the plush toy and waving my hand over it I made it float towards Lost where my green magic suddenly turned red as it floated next to him I could swear I saw a small smile barely noticable but it was still there.

"You can have it if you want."

He looked to me, back at the cyndaquil and it started to float back towards me but I stopped it and made it float back to him.

"Really it's ok you can have it. It'd probably would be happier with you then sitting on this bench here."

He seemed to understand what I was saying and why I talked as though the plush was a real creature but I guess to a gammer they all are. He quietly thanked me for the gift and floated back down the hall and into his room where I got a quick glance at a small amount of the wall near his door, the walls were red but I caught a small glance at several pokeballs in a small piled by the door and a small plushy of some Pokemon that I couldn't quite see completly but I knew that if I saw all of his room I would be walking into the Pokemon universe probably and I wondered if that was how Ben's room was to.

As I leaned against the door frame of my room I looked down that hall towards Ben's room and wondered if in his room there would be LoZ (Legend of Zelda) everywhere practically bringing the world to life. But then again he was the ghost of a kid that was drowned and took possession of a game so maybe it would be more gammer like.

"Look who decided to step out into the light princess."

I turned around and saw L.J. walking up the stairs.

"Again you can stop calling me princess I'm not little anymore and not that innocent."

"True but were you really innocent back then even after I warned you about what I was capable of doing?"

The first time Jack tried to leave I had caught him and begged him to stay, that night he told me what he was and what he did but still I told him to stay that i needed him and something made Jack stayed.

"I needed you Jack and I didn't care if you were a killer because at the time I only saw you as the greatest friend I could possibly have ever made. I didn't want you to leave me alone even if it meant you killing me."

I stood up straight and faced him as he stood in front of me, he placed one hand against the wall next to my face and leaned against it.

"But it would have been painful you know what I do."
"True but it didn't matter to me what you could do to me at the time all I knew was that I needed you and you needed me don't deny it Jack that's why you never killed me. I still knew you weren't going to hurt me I could see it in your eyes and you promised that you'd only protect me."

His smile faded, balled both fists on the wall, one on either side of my head and leaned in close shutting his eyes. There was pain surrounding him remembering those nights but I could only stop him the first time; the second time I let him leave pretending to be asleep until I was sure he was gone and then I woke up and began to cry knowing that he was gone for good. I had no one to comfort me my parents were still "working" and the babysitter had left with some friends and I knew she didn't plan on coming back at least not sober anyways. I spent hours crying until I cried myself to sleep only to dream of L.J..

"I didn't see you as a killer only a friend even though I knew that any moment I could be nailed to the wall and cut open. I knew But that didn't matter because you made me happy in what would have been a terrible and depressing childhood, you allowed me a few years of laughter and joy." his hands were slowly falling down the wall but I continued to look at Jack. "You saw me the same way you saw..."

"I'm sorry Katie."

His hands fell to my shoulders, I stepped closer to him and wrapped my arms around him and he returned the jesture as his head fell onto my shoulder.

"I didn't want to leave but I wanted to hurt you, I wanted to watch you bleed but I couldn't hurt you. You were just like Isaac."

I led him into my room and closed the door with my foot. I didn't want the others to see L.J. like this I knew they would probably tease him and there was something about Jeff that I knew he wouldn't let this go against Jack. Somewhere time had turned Jeff into a bully whether he knew it or not I could just feel it he had the sense to him as the other bullies did. We let go and he sat down on my bed still not smiling and I didn't like that it wasn't the Jack that I knew I wanted him to move on from the past. I waved my hand and a small black bag rested on his lap.

"Open it." I said

As soon as he did his smile appeared for inside was an assortment of milk chocolate and hard candy.

"You still remembered after all these years." he asked holding up a small piece of candy


He pulled me in close again, in the past hour I had made two killers smile and I had found my closest friend once again. This time I didn't have to worry about him killing me, I was sixteen and now one of them or so they said I was.

"I've missed you Jack I'm glade you're here."

"Seem's like Jeff managed to do something right this time...princess."

This time I didn't tell him to stop calling me princess but just smiled realizing that I didn't want him calling me that because it reminded me of the past but that was the same reason why I smiled this time. We were quiet for a moment before I remembered thinking about Lost and Ben's rooms and I tried to imagine L.J.'s room.

"What's your room like L.J.?" I asked not sure how it would look

"It's nothing much but would you like to see it?"

He led me down the hall between Ben and Jeff's rooms, the walls were grey but were outlined with a small carnival shadow all the way around. His bed had black and white stripped cover with black sheets poking out from beneath, on a few shelves that decorated the walls were small carnival rides that had candy in the seats, in the corner stood three black balloons with white, screaming faces on them.

"Yeah nothing grand but it works." he said

"I was wondering if you'd have a carnival design it fits you perfectly L.J.."

Maybe it was time I got to know the others better, I'm not going to make friends by staying in my room all the time and who knows how my new life will turn out to be. I might enjoy being here, maybe I can finally belong somewhere where I'm even wanted. I said bye to Jack and headed out into the hall closing his door behind me, when I turned to head towards my room I saw Ben's door was slightly opened but hiding behind the door I could see Ben with curiosity in his eyes but a smile on his face.

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