January 14th - 8:45am

The day should have been normal, the keyword being should.

It had at least started out normal, people going to work and school in a rush. The Cartoon Network Universe was a very happening place, after all. While people mostly resided in their own towns, there were times where the heroes and villains would interact. School was one of those times, and as the majority of the characters were in their teenage years, middle and high schools were where most of them were during the day.

After a decree from the Mayor of Townsville (that was actually proposed by the secretary Sara Bellum, but not many people knew that), many students were merged into the same school. It was a social experiment meant to cut funds that never truly ended. None of the students really cared anymore, having already become used to each other.

Pokey Oaks High was one of the schools that was used for the budget cuts. Originally, not many students attended, but now there were many people littering the halls on this fine morning.

Princess Morbucks was one of these people, though she was standing in a corner on her phone instead of chatting with her friends. Not that she actually had any, but in her opinion that was, and always would be, the fault of the Powerpuff Girls. No, instead of spending her time like a normal high school girl, she was texting an evil genius that took the form of a green monkey. Or, at least she was trying to. For an evil genius, one would have thought he would learn how to text.

Biting her lip so she didn't curse in frustration, she texted, 'Oi, monkey u there? r u even an evil genius like u cant even text.'

It was quite a few minutes before she received a response. 'I am Mojo Jojo! Of course I can text. I am able to put my fingers on the buttons, the ones that produce the letters required for a text. There I will type my sentence, no more words, no less words. I am indeed an evil genius! I am a genius as I have the perfect brain capacity to be considered as such, and I am evil because of my indecency to all human kind. Thus, I am both evil and a genius, presenting me with the title of 'evil genius'!'

Princess should have expected this sort of response, but she rolled her eyes anyway. This was a textbook case of Mojo Jojo. If she had the patience she would actually write that textbook with example after example of his behaviour. Maybe she could get a publisher to do it for her. Her father did know a few of those types of people, after all. Hell, he knew at least one person in every profession. It was such a convenience to the young girl.

The bell rang, signalling the beginning of class. With a click of her tongue, Princess shoved her phone in her pocket before quickly taking out her books and walking to class. She made sure to carry as little as possible. Nails were breakable and a lot more important than her education. Who needed mathematics when she had her family accountants?

"You're late, Miss Morbucks," her history teacher said as she sat down on the nearest seat to the door. "Detention after school."

Princess gave the teacher a look as if to say, "And you have actually deluded yourself into thinking I'm gonna show?"

The class started, but before Princess could pretend to pay attention, a voice beside her said, "You know, maybe if you went to detention they could teach you how to be a Powerpuff Girl."

"Shut it, Eddy."

The shorter boy gave her his crooked smile before jotting a few things down in his notebook. Definitely not history notes - probably something for the next scheme he was cooking up. Princess had never liked the scammer. Sure, they both liked to manipulate people, but in her mind she was actually good at it while he was incredibly mediocre. She definitely hated other people more than him, and not just the Powerpuffs (like that Mandork kid and his cracked up laugh), but he was still a thorn in her side.

Ignoring the pest beside her, she took her phone out once again and started texting under the desk. She wasn't expecting anything new to be there, but there was another message from Mojo. Tapping it, she knitted her eyebrows together as she read.

'This is one of Mojo's minions, Spencer. He's gone to space but he wanted me to tell you to get to the volcano urgently.'

Her fingers were silent as they tapped her reply. 'Huh wats goin on? I cant go til next period. Wait wat u mean hes gone 2 space?'

She didn't receive an answer after that, so she spent the rest of her time filing her nails and ignoring the teacher. The rest of the class socialized whenever they were left to their work, but she didn't really speak to anyone. Everyone was beneath her, after all. There were the occasional exceptions, namely boys she had her eye on, but other than that everyone was basically scum.

The bell rang a while later and Princess joined the swarm of students that ran out the door without waiting for the teacher's instructions. The small break between periods was meant for book dumping and collecting, but Princess had never really cared about time limits. She zoomed past the other people in the hallway, throwing her books inside her locker before looking for a place she could be discreet while lifting off. Usually she loved the attention, but being caught sneaking out of school wouldn't be pretty. Therefore, secrecy was essential.

The perfect place was behind the female bathrooms near the oval. Nobody went there during the short breaks, and Princess knew this from experience, so she crept over there as fast as she could and launched herself into the sky. She hadn't gone too far before someone saw her.

"Princess! Where are you going?! Class is in five!"

Damn those Powerpuffs and their heightened senses.

Only one of them was down below. Blossom wasn't hard to spot, and it wasn't just because most people knew her and her sisters. With her red hair and bright pink clothing she stood out from many of the other students. She was wearing the signature scowl, the one she wore when she was scolding others, which happened so much Princess was shocked that it hadn't stuck when the wind changed direction.

"Whatever, Blossom! I need to get to Mojo's volcano. One of his weirdo minions said something about him being in space. Bye!" With a rude gesture, she flew in the direction of Downtown.

January 14th - 10:01am


Usually during morning break, Dexter would go to the library and work on a few blueprints or finish his homework real quick so he had more time to spend at his laboratory after school. He didn't actually need school, or at least in his opinion he didn't, but the mandatory attendance policy said otherwise. If it was up to him, he would spend day and night at the laboratory, but school and a few other annoyances (such as a certain older sister of his) wouldn't let him. It was safe to say that socializing wasn't his strong point, and that was why he let out a long sigh as he closed his locker.

"Yes, Blossom?"

The older of the triplets wasn't even bothered by his bitter tone. They had become acquainted due to being in a lot of the same classes and had become used to each other. If there was anyone Dexter would be able to call a friend, or even something close to one, it would be Blossom. Still, he couldn't spend time around anyone for more than five minutes without getting exhausted.

"Do you know of anything happening in space at all?" Blossom asked, eyes darting around nervously.

Dexter raised an eyebrow. "And you are interested in this subject why?"

Blossom pursed her lips. "Princess ran off in a hurry at the end of first period. She said something about Mojo Jojo going to space? I don't know, but I just need to know if you've seen anything up there."

"Sorry, Blossom, but astronomy has not been at the forefront of my mind as of late. Maybe you can check for yourself later this afternoon or tonight?" he said, beginning to walk to the library. There was no need to stop his routine just because of some social interaction.

"I would, but Bubbles and I are busy today," Blossom said, eyes drifting to her shoes as they walked in step with the boy genius.

Dexter didn't need to ask what she was doing that afternoon. It had been only a few months since Buttercup's disappearance into the sea, but the remaining to girls along with their 'dad' had not given up hope that she was out there somewhere. While he had never really been in their shoes, he could empathize a little due to having a sister of his own. She may not have been a crime fighter, but she was definitely accident prone. Not that she ever hindered herself during any of her episodes.

Shuddering, he turned his head slightly so he could see Blossom more clearly. "I see. Well, I'm sure you will find out soon enough if it's a matter to be concerned about. I don't really question the motives of the green monkey. I have my own 'evil genius' ignoramus to worry about."

The two of them were about to enter the library when a tremor rippled under them, coming and going before they could say, 'earthquake'. Blossom managed to lift herself so she hovered just about the ground, but Dexter wasn't as lucky. He fell backwards, hitting his elbows on the pavement in an attempt to keep himself from hitting his head. Some would argue it was his only redeeming quality, after all. He yelped in pain, making Blossom giggle a bit before offering to help him up. He took her hand and brushed himself off, a frown on his face.

"I wonder what that was," Blossom said after her giggling had subsided.

As if responding to her thoughts, shouts were heard from the oval, which wasn't too far away from the library. Dexter and Blossom looked at each other before walking (or, in Blossom's case, hovering) towards the commotion. Students and teachers alike were standing in a circle, surrounding something Dexter couldn't see due to his short stature. Seeing his problem, Blossom lifted him into the air a little so he could see what it was.

'It' was definitely the term for this, well, this thing. It was green and sort of round, but there were bumps all over it. Some sort of substance was oozing from all sides and dripping onto the grass. People were staring and talking among themselves, wondering what on earth was happening. No one moved for a while until someone shoved through to the front of the crowd.

"Look, Eddy! It's a giant jawbreaker!"

Dexter sucked in a deep breath. People like Ed irritated him to no end, but patience was a virtue. He had learned that much when it came to Dee Dee. At least Ed wasn't his responsibility. If anyone, it was Edd's, and there he was, dodging the stronger people in the crowd to reach his idiotic friend.

"Ed! I highly doubt that this is a jawbreaker! N-No! Don't lick it!"

The crowd's eyes moved towards 'the Eds', as they were affectionately named (or not so affectionately as it was really hard to tell what the kids from the Cul-de-sac thought sometimes) as they argued over the origin of the supposed jawbreaker. Dexter's eyes remained on the green object, inspecting it and running theories through his head. It was a habit he had picked up as a child, always being the type to wonder how things worked and where they came from as opposed to either ignoring it or using it without intending to update it. He never really understood how people could go through their day-to-day lives not wondering how exactly their pieces of technology or how nature worked.

Before he could stare at it for too long, however, the substance on the ground began to move, forming into a round shape resembling a teardrop. He grabbed the arm of the person holding him, which directed her attention towards the object. She cried out and almost dropped Dexter as she did so, making him grumble. She set him down gently before hesitantly flying over to the moving forms, which were now growing eyes and teeth, the former of which were as red as blood.

"What the hell are those? Is this Grim's doing?" came the cold voice of Mandy, eyes narrowed. "Damn underworld."

Suddenly, the green monsters shot out at them, causing a panic. They attempted to bite people with their pointy teeth and leave the substance all of their skin. Most of the students were running away as fast as they could but Dexter, in a state of idiotic bravery, grabbed a glass vial from his pocket and ran over to the substance the spawns left behind, scooping it up as quickly as he could as well as making sure he didn't get any of it on his skin. Who knew what it could do to him?

"Dexter, come on!" he heard Blossom yell as she kicked one of the little spawns off of Bubbles, who was screaming, "Ew, ew, ew!" in quick succession.

Not wasting any more time, he ran towards the library, preparing for the principal's message which would, hopefully, be sending all the students home.

January 14th - 12:34pm

Hoagie P. Gilligan Jr. was in a crisis.

After being sent home from school, he hadn't been able to take the time to sit back and relax, not with what was going on. Being a teen agent had its perks, but it definitely had its lows, such as being last on the priority list of Moonbase. Contacting them was a marathon and a half with how they were only allowed to converse in secret, and now was no exception.

"C'mon, I don't have all day!" he growled, resisting the urge to pound his fist on one of the many buttons of the control panel.

Abby walked up behind him, staring at the screens used for transmission. They had been installed quite recently compared to the rest of the tree-house technology so they could converse with the teen bases on the other planets in the Solar System. All were on standby save for the Moonbase screen, which was right in the centre.

"You know the Soopreme Leaduh is busy," she said, folding her arms across her chest. "Abby was in that position once before too, remember?"

Hoagie whirled around in his chair, slightly jumping at the sound of her voice. "Yeah, I know, but I wish they would listen to us now if not any other time ever. This is serious. What the hell were those things earlier today?"

Abby shrugged. "No idea, baby. We just gotta be patient. Abby's sure Dexter or that Mandark guy will figure something out. The little monster things are being kept at bay for the time being. Nowhere else around this planet or whatever became infected with that stuff. Still, where did that green thing come from?"

Her voice grew quieter with each sentence, which meant to Hoagie that she was about to go into deep thought. He figured he would leave her alone for a while and go back to waiting impatiently for the Soopreme Leaduh to answer him, so he turned back to the screens only to find a new discovery.

"What in the world?!"

All of the monitors were showing static, the only words being 'NO RECEPTION'. Usually it was a problem on their end when that happened, like a power outage or something of the sort, but that didn't appear to be the case. The lights weren't flickering and Kuki had checked on the hamsters as soon as they had arrived back from school, so they weren't the problem. The antenna was working fine according to his tablet, so that didn't have anything to do with it either. This was too strange.

"What's wrong, Hoagie?" Abby asked, leaning over the desk chair so she could see the screens. "Huh? This doesn't usually happen."

Hoagie was about to make a sarcastic comment, but he was interrupted by a heavily accented voice. "Oi, what's that up there?"

Numbuhs Two and Five walked into the main room where the large windows were, showing them an excellent view of Sector V below as well as a heads-on view of the sky. Wally was pointing at something towards the left, his body angled so he could see it properly. Hoagie and Abby did the same, pressing themselves up against the glass so they could see. Kuki joined them a few seconds later, orange rainbow monkey in hand as she took the spot to Wally's right.

It didn't take Hoagie long to see what Wally was talking about. It was small, but he was sure that was just the distance. It was a green sphere, or at least the green parts made up a sphere. There were smaller shapes jutting out from the green surface like really bad boils, all of them a different colour than the rest. It was something Hoagie would only imagine seeing in one of his sci-fi shows, and if he had to guess he would say it was -

"A planet," he whispered, but the rest of his team still heard him, heads moving in unison to look at him.

There was a bit of silence before Abby spoke up. "It sure does look like one. Wouldn't be surprised if it was. It's the same colour as those pod-type things earlier today."

Kuki shuddered, probably remembering the green spawns. A lot of the goo had stained her jumper, much to her chagrin.

Hoagie was about to say something else when he saw something fall from the alleged planet, falling towards the other end of the Suburbs. Judging by his map of the area, it was right near Foster's Home. The team looked at each other before Abby nodded and called out to the rest of them.

"Teen Operatives, battle stations!"

So this is a thing. If you have read this far you must be very brave to read past all my drivel.

A thing about the ages. I made them in high school mainly because of what the character designs look like and because of how no one can decide on an actual age for them wherever I go on the internet.

But yes, I hope you enjoyed.