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Brown eyes gazed at the sky, through the window, watching as grey dull clouds slowly rolled across the blue sky. It's as if Mother Nature were attempting to show this town her sympathy or perhaps pity due to the occurring awful and terrifying crimes. Devastating crimes are in need of much mourning.

The owner of those brown eyes, detective Wakahisa Daisuke, whom is his early thirties, dressed in a brown suit, with short dark brown hair and sporting a small moustache, looked down at the case files in his hands. He heaved a sigh. Wakahisa glared at the files wanting them to burn into ashes in his hands so he can then take the ashes outside and let the wind carry them far from this land. Wakahisa wanted nothing to do with this case but his wishes went unheard. He was assigned to the case because supposedly he would not be affected emotionally as much compared to others.

Emotionally affected, heh… Of course he was, this case is brutal. He just could not believe anyone would do this but yet there is someone out there who is twisted enough to do this. Wakahisa gazed out the window once more recalling all of the information so far regarding this case.

Some bastard, who is suspected as a male for the chances a female doing these crimes is impossible, would rape then kill his victims. The Marker, the name he and the police dubbed the unknown culprit, would carve a line with an 'X' on the right of it on his victims' right cheek. The Marker would then leave his victims' battered, bruised and naked body somewhere in the public. What made this case so revolting was The Marker's type of victim, teenage boys.

The eight victim appeared last week. Wakahisa slammed his fist down on his desk startling some of his co-workers, he ignored them. This case is so frustrating. Every lead they had ran off into a dead end and The Marker left absolutely no evidence at all. Wakahisa along with the rest of the police were following a cold case.

The Marker left neither evidence nor clues at all. The motive, exactly how this was planned- if he randomly picked his prey or if chose them purposely, if the latter, then how? - the number of lives he plans to take, how he manages to take his victims and release them into the public without any witnesses, or why is Tokyo the city he's committing these crimes or if he plans to commits these crimes in another city, all was unknown.

To top it all off, the media has been going crazy about this and now the city is in a panic! The media and parents began complaining it was the police's fault. Wakahisa grimaced at the thought. The police was not at fault, the fault entirely belonged to The Marker who without a doubt was building an ego off this.

Wakahisa snapped out of his thoughts as he felt his phone vibrate indicating a call. He slipped his the modern gray phone out of his breast pocket and answered without glancing at the caller I.D. "Hello, this is detective Wakahisa speaking."

"Hello Wakahisa-san. This is Doctor Sato from Mori Hospital. I called to inform you I received a certain patient." A male voice said.

"Please tell me how this certain patient pertains to me, Sato-san?" An annoyed tone was evident in Wakahisa's voice. He was busy with the case and was not in the mood to be told useless information.

Sato's voice dropped to a near whisper causing Wakahisa to bury his brows in confusion. "Well, this certain patient is alive and he, um, bears the mark of The Marker." (The public as well knew the culprit by the name of The Marker). At the words, Wakahisa's brown eyes widened in shock. Useless information be damned, this was a lead! "What?!" His voice boomed throughout the room causing the few dozens of people inside to stare at him as if he were an obedient dog turned wild. He couldn't care less.

"Yes, although I do not know his name." The doctor's voice sounded startled and nervous at the sudden change of volume.

"I'll be right there." With that, Wakahisa promptly ended his call and slipped his phone back into his breast pocket. He dashed out of the office with a victorious grin leaving many persons blinking in confusion.

Wakahisa exited the building and quickly entered his silver car. He stepped on the pedal, driving his way towards the hospital. Finally, there is a lead. One of The Marker's victims' lived and the boy can tell the police who exactly has been committing these horrific crimes. His grin dropped as soon as realization hit him. Hard. This was the ninth victim, meaning the police failed to protect yet another citizen and the boy had to forever remember the terrifying event. The boy was the only victim who survived.

After fifteen minutes, Wakahisa finally reached the hospital. He rushed in surprising the lady sitting in the receptionist area; he quickly walked towards her and asked her for Sato. His voice sounded urgent hinting the message he wanted it done fast. The fairly young lady understood.

Wakahisa drummed his pale fingers against the smooth marble counter, his patience running dry. "Detective Wakahisa, I presume?" A male voice came from behind him. Wakahisa turned around facing a male with light brown hair around his mid-forties.

"Yes, and you are Sato-san if I'm right?" He replied.

The doctor just nodded then started walking in another direction. Wakahisa followed. The duo continued to walk in silence for three minutes before stopping in front of a closed door. Sato placed a hand on the doorknob. "Here is the patient. He is currently sleeping at the moment." With that said, Sato opened the door revealing the patient inside.

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