Kagami stared at Kuroko with confused and betrayed eyes, he opened his mouth but words seemed to be tied. He felt multiple eyes stare hard at him in shock and Kuroko kept reaming. He watched as Midorima-san hurried to Kuroko's side. The doctor turned his head toward him. "Get out." He shouted with a glare but Kagami's feet were frozen to the floor. He did not understand what was happening and he did not want to leave until something made sense. He felt a hand on his shoulder. He looked to his side to see Himuro standing beside him.

"Come on Taiga." Himuro said pushing him out the door. He went along with it; he couldn't do anything to help. Himuro closed the door behind them and Kagami immediately pressed his ear against the door hearing everyone trying to calm down Kuroko. He quickly pushed away as he heard footsteps walk toward the door.

The door slammed open and Kagami felt his face pale. The door was quickly shut and a split-second later, Kagami found himself pinned against the wall, scissors pressing against his throat. His eyes cautiously looked down to see Akashi glaring up at him, one of his eyes gold in colour while the other remained a dark threatening red. "What the hell did you do to Tetsuya?" Akashi demanded in a low growl.

Kagami raised his hands in defense. "N-nothing, I swear. I don't know why he began screaming like that." He explained quickly hoping the captain would understand and release those scissors. Unfortunately, his wishes went unheard and scissors pressed further against his throat. Behind him Akashi, he saw Himuro's eyes went wide as he felt something warm trickle down his neck.

"I detest lies Taiga." Akashi growled and Himuro protested, yelling at Akashi to stop. Akashi ignored him.

"I'm not lying." He promised. He had no idea why Kuroko began screaming like that but knowing that Kuroko did made his heart feel heavy. He should have stayed with Kuroko to prevent his kidnapping though it did not seem right that Kuroko freak out over that reason.

Akashi continued to press the scissors against Kagami's neck as everyone in the hospital room except for Midorima-san and Kuroko, of course, exited the room. Many people called out Akashi's name but he ignored them, focusing intently on Kagami. Once the ace entered the room, his beloved Tetsuya panicked and he was not going to let this monkey get away with it. He felt some arms wrap around his waist and forcefully pulled him away, he looked behind his shoulder to realize it was Wakahisa. Another officer had forcefully taken the scissors away from his hand. No matter, he had other pairs on him.

"What do you think you are doing?" Wakahisa scolded him, Akashi simply ignored him. There was not time for lectures; they need to solve this mystery starting with Kagami Taiga. "Are you even listening to me?" Wakahisa sighed as kept his hold on the short teen afraid that that if he let him go, the teen would only pin the other again.

"Let me go." Akashi ordered. Wakahisa hesitated for a moment but finally released the red-head teen; he did not want to hold the crazy teen any longer. How Kuroko would still came as a surprise.

Akashi faced Kagami who stared back at him. "Tell me the truth Taiga. What happened?" He ordered and eyes intensely stared at Kagami. Kagami sighed.

"Nothing, I don't know. Why Kuroko began screaming is still a mystery to me. I did not do a thing to him, I swear." Kagami explained hoping someone would believe him. He looked over toward is team who avoided eye contact but was deep in thought.

"I don't believe you." Akashi stated as he put his hands on his hips. Kagami dropped his head. Of course Kuroko's crazy boyfriend did not believe him.

"I believe Taiga." He looked up to see Himuro standing in front of him, in front of Akashi. Akashi only glared at his brother. "Himo-chin…" He heard Murasakibara mumbled.

"I'm with Himuro-kun; I can't believe Bakagami would do anything to hurt Kuroko-kun." Kagami stared at his coach in awe and saw his team standing behind her nodding with a confident smile.

Wakahisa sighed once more catching everyone's attention. "I don't know all the details but you seem like a good kid Kagami-kun though it was obvious Kuroko-kun did not feel safe with you. So, I would like to ask you to go home and just stay there and not do anything pertaining to this case. I do not want you near Kuroko or this hospital. I will come to you for questioning later." Wakahisa ordered and Kagami stared at him in shock, his mouth dropped open. Was he being suspected or something? And how can he not do anything? Kuroko was his shadow; he was not going to just sit still. Oh, Alex is home.

"Fine." He finally agreed. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw his teammates stare at him if he was an idiot- which he was not. He looked down at his hand which he slipped in his pocket and briefly showed them his phone.

Wakahisa gestured to one of the police officers to escort Kagami home, ignoring the brief showing of Kagami's phone. These kids have no limits. He faced the other teens as Kagami left. "I want you kids to do the same. Your friend is safe now and is in good hands." He told them only to receive deadpanned looks. These kids…

Akashi looked at Wakahisa directly in the eye. "Do you really believe I'm going to halt my investigation in the knowledge of Tetsuya's living nature and safety? I will not be clueless of this criminal act toward my Tetsuya and I will not lose to a cowardly murderer." He declared in his superior tone and Wakahisa blinked at him. Before Wakahisa could speak, Akashi opened his mouth, "Do not dare tell me that we will not be safe because of our age and gender. Remember our discovery earlier; none of our names have the characters 'ku' or 'ro'. So we will be perfectly fine." Wakahisa winced slightly. Even though that's true, its dangerous nevertheless.

"Atsushi, you will remain here and tell Tetsuya I will be back very soon." Akashi ordered receiving a nod from the purple haired giant before walking away. The rest of the miracles followed him and the Seirin team who had been whispering amongst themselves left soon after the miracles; only Wakahisa, another officer, Murasakibara and Himuro stayed behind. Wakahisa sighed before entering the room one more.

He stared at everyone's backs as they walked away from the door, he glanced at the room number; 2-06. How appropriate. His eyes immediately saw the words written underneath it; Kuroko Tetsuya. He scowled. That bastard is still alive. Even after all his precaution he took. He glanced at the name tag, that filthy bastard is still tainting his pure brother. His has tightened into a fist.

He needed to hurry and purify his brother. As well as that emperor: Akashi Seijuuro. He continued to scowl; the emperor should serve and praise him, not to filthy creature. And cowardly?! He was no coward; he is ridding this beautiful land of the disgusting creatures that dare call themselves human. A crazed grin appeared on his face. The emperor should not underestimate him. He'll release his wrath and watch as the emperor turns weak and begs for his forgiveness.

His chest felt light and the urge to cackle was strong but he need not to reveal himself. He scoffed, these people should already know who he is and should understand his reasons like they are supposed to; his form is not need to be seen by the weak and dumb eyes. It saddens him that the people have turned blind and all because of these wretched creatures. Is fit tightened more. He wanted to go in that room and sow the filthy one his punishment for escaping alive.

He needed to calm down- no, he is calm. He's always calm. Though the image of the poor boy crying and shivering, bruises, burns, cuts, and blood running down all over his body excited him. Hearing bones crunch beneath, cries of pain made him smile in pure joy. He thought it was a shame he couldn't hear the beautiful noises anymore after the ninth but his ears could now again hear the awing symphony once more.

He pulled out his phone; he needed to create yet another plan, to pull all of these people away from the room. He went down the list of numbers and smiled at one particular number. His plan was forming.

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