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Promoted, Reunion, New Missions

2 April 2018, 18:50

CSF GHQ, Nevada, U.S.A

It was the evening in the 1st Sorcery Operation Battalion's Headquarter in Nevada Desert. The base was rather crowded. The mechanic checked the aircraft, helicopter, and the other vehicles in the base. There were some base volunteers walked around the base or stood in the post near the entrance gate. The base itself also looks like a normal military base. It surrounded by Surface to Air Missiles site to shut down any intruder's aircraft. It also has an airstrip, hangar, some barracks, radar site, fuel depot and ammo and supply storage made it looks like a normal military base.

In one of the hangar, many base personels and wizards can be seen rested for dinner. The song 'Clear Sailing' was rang over the base from the loud speaker. There were two wild pigs that being grilled on the griller. Later an African-American man entered the hangar. The man had a bald hair(probably because of stress) and wore a US Army shirt. There were two oak leaves insignia in both of his shoulder marking that he is a Lieutenant Colonel. He seems to be at least 35 years old. He walked to the queue near were the wild pigs grilled. "What's going on here, Sergeant?" He said snapped one of the soldier there. It was Yuzuru himself with a plate full of vegetables and pork meat. He wore a simple grey plain T-Shirt with a pair of cargo pants and his combat boots rather than his ECBA Mark 2. There also a pair of dog tags tied on his neck. He continued as they eyes meet each other. "Another taxpayer funded CSF Safari?" He asked coldly

"Sorry, sir. This is nothing to do with me." He simply replied to the leader of the CSF.

"Yes, it is. You're the leader of the last operation." He said back before the Sergeant walked back to the queue. "Mind to explain it?"

Yuzuru shrugged but explained what happened. "Yes…Of course, Colonel Spencer. About…three hours ago…"

About Three Hours Ago

2 April 2018, 15:47

Florida's forest, U.S.A

The wizards of Spear 1-1 and Hammer 1-1 were sat in a Blackhawk helicopter cabin with their full combat armor and weapons. There was a space quake about minutes or maybe an hour ago in the Florida's forest. They were planning to capture the spirit alive like Achilles. But after they arrived, they found nothing than a small crater without anything there. They search for the spirit which they believed still in the area for minutes but they found nothing. They decided to go back to the HQ with a Blackhawk helicopter who has already arrived at the operation airspace. Chris who sat near the door with his M4A1 saw some wild pigs ran from the helicopter which flied on low altitude.

Chris changed his Laser Enhanced Bullets Mag with an original 5,56 mm Caliber mag. "Hey, who's hungry here?" He asked the rest of his squad mate but he only earned chuckles from them. He released the safety in his rifle to 'single shot' and aimed at some of the pigs. "Prikhodite k pape!(Come to daddy!)." He said in Russian with a smirk in his face. He squeezed the trigger twice.

"Well, that's it." Yuzuru said after he ended the story. "Have a nice meal, sir." He said again before went back to the queue.

Spencer inhaled deeply before yelled. "KAZAKOV!" He screamed as loud as he could and even made the windows in the Hangar broke but no one closed their ears except for the new personels and wizards because they usually heard their Commander yelled whenever he angry.

Hearing his name being yelled, Chris ate all of his meal as fast as he could and quickly ran toward the bald colonel and saluted him. "Wap if it sop?" He asked with his mouth full of food.

"Chew it first before talking, son!" he said with a rather calm voice. Chris chewed his meal before once again saluted at him.

"What is it, sir?" Spencer gave back the salute.

"What are you doing in the last mission?"

"Well, I did some aerial target practice, sir. I don't want to leave its behind…" He said while starred at the grilled pigs before starred back at the Colonel. "…and don't worry sir, I use a normal caliber."

"Laser or no laser it's still a hot weapon. Safety should be always on all times except for combat and training." He said with some pressure on his tone. "Let me remind you Sergeant, you're the 'runner up' of the best wizard in America history."

"My safety is here, sir." He said while take out a cross necklace from his T-Shirt. "Excuse me, sir. I got some backache after I got back to base." He said while touched his back and leave the Colonel.

As the CO of the CSF, Spencer could fire every single wizard in the CSF but he knew even the wizards are soldiers and mentally strong, the teenager's hearts are still resided in their souls. He sat at the same table with Tony. "Let it be John, the boys hasn't eat for couples of hour and the food supplies hasn't come yet." The Captain said to the higher ranked man.

He facepalmed while talking to his subordinate and best friend. "I don't believe this. The AST and SSS girls are far better than those bunches of undisciplined barbaric cowboys you called wizards."

Later a wizard with still in his full ECBA Mark 1 armor came and saluted at both the Captain and the Colonel. Both of them stood up and gave back the salute. After went ease the wizard began to talk. "Sir, General Armstrong is waiting for you both in the research center."

John nodded his head. "Okay, tell me we'll be there." The wizard nodded and left.

A man named Gary Armstrong (55) was stood in front of a room. He wore a US Army Shirt with Four Star insignia in both of his shoulder. He has a pretty short hair and a handlebar moustache. He also wore a black barret that closed his entire hair. He stared inside the room by a big window in front of him. In the room there were some scientists and researchers checked something about the DNA, fingerprints, blood, and the other science craps from a spirit that codenamed Achilles who still unconscious on a bed with a blanket that closed all of her body excluding her head and both hands. The General held a paper in his right hand. He later stared at the left were both leader of the Alpha Company and the entire of CSF unit coming. They both saluted at him which he saluted back.

"You call us, sir?" John asked the General.

"Yes, it is Colonel, Captain." He replied. "This is about Achilles…and one of your men."

John and Tony stared at each other before stared back at Gary. "What do you mean by 'one of our men'." Tony asked curiously.

The General of SOCOM gave Spencer the paper. John's eyes widened after he read the result. This caught Tony's attention.

In the paper was written:

DNA result test: Comparison between genetic traits of

- Major Sergeant Yuzuru Eversmann

- Codename: Achilles

Result: The Genetic Pattern is 99,99% match.

Fingerprint matching result: The fingerprints of Codename: Achilles is matched with Yuzuki Eversmann.

Both of them shocked after they read the paper. "So it's mean…" John said in shocked tone.

"…Eversmann's sister is alive but…" Tony continued and starred at Achilles's unconscious body. "…how could she become a spirit?!"

Gary shook his head. "I don't know but I want to inform you that I want to make Sergeant Yuzuru Eversmann as the subject my power displacement augmentation experiment."

"But why must Eversmann?" John asked

"Because they DNA are same, I'm really sure the experiment will 70% successful." He replied.

"What about the '30%'?" This time Tony asked with serious tone, concerned about one of his boy safety.

"It failed." The General said in flat tone.

"Permission to talk freely, sir." The Colonel asked.

"Permission granted."

"Do you? Okay then…" John paused a bit before continued. "…are you out of your mind?!"

Gary only raised his eyebrows

"Do you think it is a logical choice using our best of the best wizard as one of your 'Random Whatever Spartan Augmentation' experiment rat?!" He asked sarcastically. "Let me tell you something sir, we are fully different than those DEM dogs! Our wizard safety is more important than our mission! So, that's my duty to protect my men at all costs!"

Gary sighed before replied. "I understand about your concern, Colonel. And don't worry, if this experiment successful, this Yuzuru Eversmann will have Achilles's spirit power but I'll make sure he can't go berserk and Achilles or probably Yuzuki Eversmann will become a normal teenage girl without spirit power." He took a breath before continued. "The Sergeant also will can use the prototype of our new ECBA Mark 3, as you know it needed a lot of power and of course he can use the spirit power to operate it."

"What if it's failed?" John asked again.

"They both will lost ALL of their power or worst died." This made John enraged.

"Good god man, you can at least think again about that hard decision again!" He said again still in his angered tone.

"I've already thought about this multiple time and I will not force him." The General replied. "Tell him about this! That's an order!"

John stared at the General with his sharp glare before whispered something to Tony. Tony Stared back at Gary before nodded and leave the two. "Caterpillar Moustaches Bastard!" He cursed in his thought.

Meanwhile, in the living room in one of the barracks, some wizards gathered there. They had a conversation with the other wizard, watching TV, browsing internet, or just rested there.

Mike was stood in front of one of the sofa while wore his full ECBA Mark 2 armor except he didn't wear the visor but he wore a conventional unit helmet and combat boots made he look very weird.

"Speak up. So, this is your safety?" He said in his usual joking tone while pointed at the helmet in his head. "Well, this is my boot, son" He said again while pointed at his boot made the other wizards laughed. "And it will fit up your ass with the proper amount of force." He said again. The wizards were just laughed at him.

While in the other side of the living room Lucas was drawing something in his drawing book with glasses in his eyes. Yuzuru who lay in the sofa near him began to ask him. "How is your manga Lucas?" He said while look at the drawing book. "I heard you won the shoujo manga writing competition last week, isn't it?"

Lucas nodded without looking at him. "Yeah, that's it. I got the third place but I thought it was better than nothing." He paused to catch a breath. "Not only got a bronze medal and 250 dollars, I got many of fans including my sister's daughter. So, I'll continue my work."

"Oh yeah, I heard that your sister's husband has been back from Afghanistan, isn't he?" He asked again. Lucas only hummed in response. "Is he okay?"

"Yes, he is okay. He only got some several injuries and fortunately he didn't get a PTSD. Like Narosky said 'There's no unwounded soldier in a war'." He said in his usual flat tone. "As you know almost all the male on my family has a military back ground. My ancestors were fight in the American Revolution war and the Civil war. And my grandfather, Bud Anderson or more known as 'the crazy ace' was fight the Krauts during the Second World War. My father also fought in Vietnam War and finally my uncle who fought in the Gulf War. I thought your uncle, Matt Eversmann also fought during the Battle of Moghadissu , isn't he?"

"Yes, he is" Yuzuru said in sad tone. "He only told me about that once. He don't want to remember that fucking day were his friends were get killed by the Somalis Militia."

Seeing his reaction, Lucas didn't say anything and continued his draw.

James still focused in finishing a date simulation game on his Samsung Android. He suddenly asked Jake who calmly watched the TV. "Hey Jake, Chris, Aika want me to choice a panties for her. Which one do you think it's good?"

Jake sighed and shook his head. "Dammit James, I think you must stop playing that shit."

"Well, I'll only stop playing this game if my mother told me. But unfortunately, you're not my mother Jake." He said while chuckled.

Chris smirked on his reply. "Ask Comrade Yuzuru about that. He was played countless dating sim game before. That question means nothing to him."

"Whaa?" Yuzuru said in both confused and surprised as he stared at Chris.

"That's right, isn't it Yuzuru? I thought you've played those games countless time." Jake said again.

The Aqua haired Sergeant sighed while placed his right hand on his palm. "Tell her to wear the panties with blue and white stripes, that an order."

Chris, Jake, and James laughed after heard their squad leader answer but James obeyed his 'order'. Jake quickly raised the TV volume. "Oh wait, this is my favorite part." It was an anime TV series called 'Baka to Test' that being played in the TV. Jake frantically laughed when he watched the TV.

Back to Mike, the joker was still busy to make his squad mate laughed. "Hey, we're at the 10-yard line here, men. You understand. Can you count, one, two, ten?" The other wizards laugh exploded. "Okay? We're my running backs? I say again, we are my running backs?" Almost all of the wizards shouted 'Hoo-ah'. But all of them stop laughing after Tony suddenly appeared behind Mike. Mike quickly release his conventional unit helmet and act innocently like there was nothing happened.

Tony slowly walked to Mike before asked the present wizards who most of them from the Alpha Company. "Pretty funny, hoo-ah?" some of the wizards replied 'Hoo-ah' in low tone while some of them tried to suppress their laugh. "Alright sit down Corporal." After Mike sat down on the sofa, he began the announcement. "Okay boys. As you know, the spirit's activity in Tengu city, Japan increases wildly. So, the AST asked the United States Japan Forces for assistance. Some of the Alpha Company wizards will be deployed there at no times. Okay, that's all. Carry on." After the announcement every wizards in the rooms were murmured excitingly about the announcement. Suddenly a phone call ringtone 'woody woodpecker' from James Samsung Android ranged. He quickly picked it up.

"Hello, baby." he said. "Oh, sorry I'm busy right now."

"Hey James, I thought you must stop playing otome game!" Mike suddenly shouted in his teasing grin.

"Shut the fuck off!" James shouted back to Mike. "Oh, okay see ya, baby." He said.

"Hey as you know, Sergeant Roebuck is cheating his girlfriend with a virtual anime girl!" He quickly shouted again just before James touched the end call button.

James quickly stood up and walked with an angered face to Mike. "You die, bitch!"

"RUN! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE, MIKE!" Jake shouted. Without any warning, Mike quickly ran out from the living room while being chased by James. Sometimes later, a distance scream can be heard.





Of course, the wizards who heard the scream laughed, even Lucas who has an emotionless personality also laughed a bit. After Tony recovered from his laugh, he walked toward Yuzuru who still laughed.

"*cough*…Eversmann, General Armstrong want to talk head to head with you."

"Okay sir but…what for?" Yuzuru asked in fully confused tone.

"Just make sure to get your ass over there. You'll know it later, Hoo-ah?" He replied.

"Hoo-ah" The Sergeant said before stood up and get off from the room with his superior.

The two finally arrived in front of the laboratory. Yuzuru who now dressed in his army shirt quickly saluted at Gary as he noticed him. "Major Sergeant Yuzuru Eversmann. Reporting for duty, General!"

The General saluted back. "At ease, Sergeant." After they at ease from the salute, he started talking. "Do you know why I call you?" He asked. Yuzuru shook his head. But he confused because both Tony and John gave him an uneasy look. "Alright follow me!"

The four later entered the briefing room. The briefing room itself has many chairs like a theater and a big holographic screen in front of the chairs. Yuzuru, Tony, and John sat at the chairs in the front row while Gary stood in front of the screen.

"Okay, gentlemen let's start." He said while press the button on the remote he hold. Some image pops up from the screen. The first image was a UAV video feed of a burning complex residence.

"This is…" Yuzuru said in shaken tone.

Gary nodded his head. "Yes, this is the Predator feed of the burning Nanko complex residence in Tengu City five years ago." Yuzuru's eyes widened in shook. "As you know this is the time when we found you."

The UAV's camera zoomed in and recorded a spirit that stood up in front of an unconscious boy in a ruined and burned house. The spirit and boy weren't other than Achilles and Yuzuru. But later, the video when to static and another image popped up from the screen. It was the photo of a preteen Japanese girl. The girl has a long aqua hair and appeared to be happy. Once again Yuzuru shocked after saw the photo. "Is that…Yuzuki?"

The General nodded. "It is indeed Yuzuki Eversmann, your little sister. But we still don't sure if she is still alive or not. The Predator was down when we recorded the burning." He said in flat tone. "When the SAR team arrived at where we found you, they also found two unidentified bodies which we assumed it was your parents but we don't found Yuzuki's body there. The SAR team has checked all side in the house and didn't find anything. So, we listed her as one of the victims."

Yuzuru stared at the floor. He recalled the time when the incident happens.

About Five years ago

11 June 2013, 14:00

Nanko Complex Residence, Tengu City, Japan

Yuzuru stood up to his feet. He stared at his surround. Fire was everywhere. He stared forward and saw someone in a strange armor kneeled backing him. "Who are you?!" Yuzuru shouted at her.

As he approached her, the figure slowly turned her head toward him. "Onii-chan, NO! Get away from me!" The figure shouted back. Yuzuru shocked after know that the figure was his own sister.

"Yuzuki?" As he slowly walked to her, she throws a blue fire at him, knocking him. He saw her eyes were full of horror as his vision turned to black.

After recalled of his past, The Sergeant held his head with both his hands as a massive pain stabbed his head. Both John and Tony stood up from their seat and hold the young boy's hands.

"Eversmann, are you okay?!"

"Talk to me son!"

Yuzuru lowered both of his hands and weakly waved his right hand. He stared at Gary who stood in front of him while giving a concern look at the younger soldier. "Please…to the point, General…why you call me?" He asked weakly.

The General nodded. "Alright, Sergeant." John and Tony sat back on their seat. "Let's continue, I just want to say that your sister possibly is still alive…" He exhaled deeply before continued his word. "…but as Achilles."

Yuzuru suddenly froze in his seat. "What?! How could it possible?!"

"I don't know son, but many quotes said 'There's nothing impossible in this world'. So, it may be possible even thought I don't know why?"

Yuzuru became uneasy because he wasn't only fight his own sister, he also shoot her with his rifle and even hurt her. Gary knew what he thought and calmed him.

"I know what are you thinking, Sergeant. But if it wasn't because you beat her, we still don't know if she's still alive or not." He took the result of the spirit's DNA and fingerprints and gave it to the young boy. "You might want to check this."

Yuzuru took the result from his hand and read it. He also shocked like John and Tony before.

Just before Yuzuru said a thing, Gary started to talk. "At first I also shocked after saw the result. And I want you to do the power displacement augmentation experiment tomorrow because the successful percentage will increase if the subjects have a same DNA." He paused a bit before continued. "I will not force you to do this but if this success you will have her spirit power and become stronger while she will become a normal teenager. But if this failed you both will-"

Yuzuru cut off The General's words. "I'll do it. As a good brother, I'll do everything to save Yuzuki, I don't care if this will danger my life. If this experiment failed, we both will follow where our parents stay. That's all."

Gary smiled at his answer. "Oh wait, I forget something." He took a black box from his pocket and gave to Yuzuru.

"What is this?" The boy curiously opened the box. His eyes widened after he saw the things inside the box. It was two rank insignia with a stripe on the center of it. "This is…!"

"Congratulation, Eversmann. You're Second Lieutenant Now." He said calmly.

Yuzuru excitingly saluted at him. "Thank you very much sir!" He slowly lowered his hand and asked his superior. "Before I do the experiment, I have a last request."

Gary raised his eyebrows. "What is it?"

Yuzuki sat on a chair in a small room. The room was more like a small room. It has a bed, a sink, a toilet, a shower, a table, and two chairs. The door was locked from outside. She wore a kind of hospital pajamas. The last thing she remembered that she woke up in a laboratory. Later a group of man that wore a grey camo shirt entered the laboratory and took her to this room. From how they act and speak, the group of man probably a soldier.

Later, someone opened the door. As the door closed, the man started to talk in a familiar voice. "Yuzuki?" the young girl turned her head to the man. The man was dressed in the same uniform like the soldier. But he has an aqua hair and red eyes like her, except his hair is shorter than her. Her eyes widened after she saw him. She quickly got off from her seat and embraced him.

"Onii-chan!" Yuzuki said to her brother with teary eyes. Yuzuru returned the hug. "Onii-chan, I miss you!"

"I miss you too, Yuzuki." He said. He released her and wiped all of her tears. He slowly got her back to her seat. He sat in the other chair facing her. His smiled later turned into a serious face. "Who the hell are you, Yuzuki?"

She surprised a bit but she smiled like a child. "I'm Yuzuki, your cute little sister, why do you not knowing me?"

"I know you're Yuzuki but how you can have a spirit power? And how you mysteriously disappeared five years ago?"

As she bombarded by questions, she lowered her face. "I don't know, the only thing I remember before woke up in the laboratory, an aqua haired mecha mecha soldier injected my neck. I only feel that I've been a sleep for long time."

He nodded. "Alright, I have some question for you." Yuzuki gave a 'what is it' look. "What color do you like?"


"What is the name of your cat?"


"So, you're really Yuzuki."

"Of course, I am. But what happened Onii-chan?" She asked curiously.

The now promoted Officer explained her what happened.

She shocked after hear him. "What?! This is a joke, right?"

He shocked his head. "No, this is true. But don't worry, my superior will make an experiment that save you. The experiment will displace your spirit power to my body. We still don't sure if this will success or not. We will either Alive or Die." He stared at her shocked face.

"If this successful, what happened with both of us?"

He gently smiled at her. "They will send me to Tengu City, the place where we born and raised with my squad for a duty. But don't worry, you will live in my old apartment in Houston and will attend a Junior High school there. Every month I'll send you moneys, use it wisely." He pulled the chair closer to her, facing her. "After, I back from Japan. I'll always be with you." He extended his pinkies before continued. "Promise me, okay."

Yuzuki smiled back at him and tied their pinkies. "I Promise." After tied their pinkies, she hugged him. "I love you, Onii-chan." Yuzuru only smiled and hugged her back.

The next day, is the time when the augmentation experiment happened. Yuzuru entered the laboratory with his service uniform. He saw Yuzuki's body on a tube full of blue waters and only dressed on her underwear with an oxygen mask.

"Release your clothes, please." One of the Scientist said.

Yuzuru untied his Uniform and entered the other tube. He took the oxygen mask on. As the blue waters fill the tube, he began to fall asleep.


UAV : Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

LT : The short for Lieutenant

PTSD or Posttraumatic Stress Disorder : a trauma that may developed after a person is exposed to one or more traumatic events, such as sexual assault, warfare, serious injury, or threats of imminent death that result in feelings of intense fear, horror, and powerlessness. War veterans are commonly risk for PTSD. (Please see Wikipedia)

That's the Second Chapter of The Undercover. As you see, Yuzuru has a tragic experience like Shido and Origami but unlike Origami, Yuzuru joined the CSF because he just wanted to do it and he didn't have any hatred toward spirits. If you ask why the wizards said and chanted 'Hoo-ah', it's because Tony was a Ranger before joined the CSF and the Alpha Company were trained by the Rangers at Fort Bening just before this stories began. I want to say Happy Eidul Fitri to you if you celebrate it (me too) and please forgive me if I said or did something wrong that made you angered. Thank you for you who has follows, reviews, and favorites my story, I will not disappoint you guys. Don't worry the original DAL cast will be stared at the next chapter. Okay, I'm out!