Hey guys, how are you? I think some of you must be confused on how my OCs appearance looks like. Some of their appearances are based on the Hollywood movie and FPS game but since Date A Live is an Anime, just imagine how the West Movie and FPS game characters turn into an Anime. Please note that the CSF wizards are Spec Ops, so they don't wore rank insignia and name tag in their Armor except for the American Flag (based from the Delta Force).

My main OC, Yuzuru has a hair style that looks like Shido except its color is Aqua rather than Navy Blue. A hair style that was a bit too mainstreams for the Anime Male MC and red eyes. His posture is looks like Shido's except Yuzuru is a bit shorter and have more muscular body.

I always think that James has an appearance like the usual new soldier product fresh from the boot camp contrast with his 'Drill Sergeant' like personality. I think he's looks like Josh Hartnett as Sergeant Matt Eversmann from 'Black Hawk Down' complete with his body posture and hair. He also wore a ski cap during in mission.

For Mike, I was thinking about his normal appearance from Call of Duty: World at War: Final Fronts but later I'm thinking about Jimmy Hopkins from 'Bully' except he has more matured soldier material appearance rather than a naughty boy and has wild spiky hairstyle. He wore a baseball cap with words 'Life's Beach' during combat (He said it's his lucky cap).

Since Lucas has the same age as Mana and Kotori, I always think that he's a Shota (Loli version of boy). Outside combat, he usually wore glasses with small rectangular lenses (but he wore it not because he's minus or plus but because his eyes are to sharp and he's too shy to show it to anyone except his squad mates).

At first, I was originally thinking that Tony's appearance is looks like a fearsome US military veteran a bit contrast with his age who's the same with Ryouko. But now I'm thinking that he's looks like Matt Damon as CWO Miller from 'Green Zone', a kind of experienced and the usual fresh American soldier.

And finally Jake. Well, nothings special about his appearance. Just think about your average side characters in Anime.

Maybe that's it. Have a nice read!



Freezing Rain

30 April 2018, 15:19

Tengu city, Kanto Region, Japan

Yuzuru were walking down the street in the downtown of the Tengu City. The city was raining but his Raizen high school uniform didn't get wet, thanks to his umbrella. He just got a message from the CIA HQ to meet with one of the SIAA agents.

He rode a map on his hand. He later found that he's near with the meeting Area. "So this is…" He stared at a building in his right and saw a maid café. "…the place?" He checked again the map, tried to find that he's wrong, but he's not. "a Maid café? SERIOUSLY?!" He said with too much pressure on the 'Seriously' part. He stared at his surrounding and saw almost all of the people stared at him. He sighed and walked to the entrance. When he entered he saw that all of the waiters wore the Maid and Butler outfit (You don't say?!). He walked toward the bar and saw a boy around his age in a butler outfit that really looks like Riki Ooyama, the SIAA agent he want to meet.

As the lieutenant sat on the chair, the butler greeted him. "Good afternoon master, may I help you?"

Yuzuru cleared her throat before replied. "I need a Beer Wine."

The butler nodded. "Wait a minute please." He said before walked back to the kitchen. Some minutes later the butler went back to Yuzuru, dressed in a similar uniform like him with an umbrella in his hand and a small bag. "Follow me."

Later, they both sat on stairs in an alley. The butler opened his bag revealing papers and gave it to Yuzuru. "I'm Chief Warrant Officer Riki Ooyama with the Supernatural Intelligence Assessment Alliance. I was the former AST and PSIA operator. I bet you have already known about my profile, right Lieutenant Eversmann?"

Yuzuru nodded. "Yes Chief Ooyama, you got the point." He stared back at the papers. "So, what do we got?" He saw some Hermit's photos in the papers.

"Nothing solid, that's the photos I took when I'm encountered Hermit yesterday and sometimes ago." Yuzuru read some of the text in the papers. "And also her information, power, and weakness."

Yuzuru gazed at one of the photos of his units fighting the DEM wizards. "You also took this shit?"

Riki chuckled. "Yeah, I also took that one because it's kinda interesting. This is the first time I saw a dude beat one of the strongest DEM bitches to a shit. I almost laughing frantically after I saw the bloody nose of hers."

"That Bailey bitch kept force me to give her Hermit's doll but I resisted and finally give her a punch." Yuzuru explained. Just before the disguised butler asked him, he already knew the answer. "And don't worry about the doll, that thing is on someone's hands I trust."

The young lieutenant read the papers from page to page and found a page where he saw a picture of Shido hugged a naked Tohka near a railing on the cliff. "What about this photo?"

The chief rubbed his cheek. "I took it days ago. I think that Itsuka dude can seal a spirit power by kissing her. Well, it's only a hypothesis, but please kept this a secret for anyone except the SIAA and CSF leaders. The other might want to take him to Area 51 and tore him apart."

The Spec Ops soldier finally stared at the agent. "Do you have any information about 'Catfish', Chief?"

Riki cleared his throat. "No, I don't have anything about him but, why do you ask?"

Yuzuru's face turned serious. "I have an unfinished business with him. Tell me where he's right now."

Riki rubbed his hair before answered. "Jeezzz…He can be anywhere you know but if he's in Japan, he'll be at the DEM Japan's branch main building. By the way, what's your 'unfinished businesses' with him? Does he's that precious to you?"

Yuzuru began to tell his past story. "Nah, that Brit has no price for me. He's just an arrogant man, a mad-dog to be exact. A year ago in Rio de Janiero, I almost kick his ass until that damn Ellen sliced her fucking blade towards me and almost kill me." He sighed before continued. "But at least I could injure her and got some experience in fighting the best wizard in history."

Suddenly the space quake alarm went off. Both the boys stood up and stared toward the rainy sky before to each other. "Chief, I'll go now and thanks for the information." Yuzuru said before ran away.

"Don't mention it, Lieutenant." Riki replied with a salute.

Later, the AST unit 01 and the CSF Spear 1-1 Actual once again fight the Hermit. The AST wizards kept chasing and firing at Hermit without any resistance from her. When Yoshino flying in low altitude in the alley, she saw two wizards floating and pointed their riffles at her.

"Light it up!" Yuzuru shouted. Both he and Mike rained the spirit with their Enhanced NATO 5,56 mm caliber. The spirit turned around and hit the ground. "Hit!" Yuzuru turned to James. "Bush gimme a handcuff!"

"It's not needed, just finish her!" Ryouko said before James threw a handcuff and her Minigun began to spinning. When the black haired wizard opened fire, a smoke screen appeared. "Does it hit?"

Yuzuru remembered that Hermit has a strong power but she didn't dare to use it. After the smoke screen disappeared all of the wizards saw a very giant rabbit.

"Jesus Christ! What the fuck is that?!" Mike shouted.

"That's her Angel!" Lucas replied.

Two of the AST wizards got scared and boldly open fire at the rabbit. Yuzuru barked at them. "Cease fire! Cease fire dammit!" But the wizards disobeyed his order and kept firing. Finally the Rabbit fired its laser and froze the wizard's territory. "Shit! We got two wizards down!" The rabbit ran away after it froze them. The lieutenant turned to Mike and Jake. "Mob, Niners, check the downed wizards! The rest of you follow me!"


Yoshino heard Shido's voice called her name. She turned towards him. "Sh..Shido-san…"

"Yoshino, I got this for-" Before Shido finished his words someone fired a laser towards Zadkiel. It was not other than Origami. Another wizard engaged Yoshino in close quarter combat.

Later one of the wizards shouted at him. "Hey kid, get out from here! It's too dangerous!"

Yuzuru shouted at all of the wizards. "Listen up, here's the plan! I want you to take position on the top of the building to fire the energy net towards that rabbit! After that, hit it with everything we got! Understood?"

"Yes sir!"

"Alright, let's do it!" They began to work. From the SIAA agent, Yuzuru learn that Hermit can be temporally penetrated by using energy net. The wizards went to their position and fired their energy net to trap the Hermit. "Tobiichi! You're up!"

Origami nodded and deployed her light saber. She charged towards Zadkiel but the rabbit free itself from the net and fired a snow beam toward Origami forcing her to evade.

"Dammit, get out from here! Get out!" Ryouko shouted and everyone flied toward another location. After they landed the AST Captain started talked. "With this Snowstorm, it can detect our magic power from our body armor and increased that Angel's defense."

"But if we deactivated this armor, we'll being hit by thousands if not millions snow needles that far more hurt than the 50 BMG cal." Jake said.

"The first thing I know to take down spirits with the same nature like Hermit is by surround her and hit her with everything we got and some of you charged at her but…forget about that, it's out from option." James said before turned to the wizards behind him. "Anyone get a better idea?"

Yuzuru turned his gaze towards Origami. "Tobiichi, do you still have the doll?"

Origami shook her head. "After I took a bath this afternoon, the doll that I kept on the clipboard disappeared. I think Shido took it."

"Kuso!" Yuzuru cursed. But after he heard the word 'Shido', he began to relax. "Well, if Shido got the doll, he could use it to attach the Hermit and seal her power like what he done to Princess. Thanks buddy, I owe you a sushi." He continued his thought after knowing that Shido couldn't enter the Spirit's shields with just his own body. Yuzuru turned to the rest of the squad. "Anybody saw a boy with blue navy hair around this area?"

Ryouko nodded. "Yes lieutenant, I saw him on the rooftop over there…" She pointed at the rooftop where she found a boy standing there. "…but what happened about him?"

"Alright, I think I'll go get him the rest of-FUCK!" He rolled to the right to evade a laser attack. He saw at the source and saw a purple haired girl with a broad sword and purple astral dress.

"Yatogami Tohka!" Origami said and charged at the girl with her light saber. Tohka managed to block all of her attack. Then, both of them floated in the air.

"I'll not let you stop Shido now!" The 'spirit' shouted. Ryouko ordered all of her girls to engage the Princess but the boys still on the ground and waited for their leader order.

"LT, what about Hermit?" James asked while reloading his Mk 48.

Yuzuru reloaded his SCAR-H by using the 'Tap and Slap' style. "Just forget about her, I know someone who will take care of her." He cracked the bones in his fingers and unslung his Battle Rifle. "Let's join the girls in the party!" All of the American wizards flied towards the Princess and AST.

Some minutes later, the cloudy sky turned to bright blue like nothing happened before, plus there was a beautiful rainbow appeared. All of the wizards stopped chasing the Princess and stared at their GPS and saw that Hermit's magic has been disappeared. "What happened? Why does Hermit's magic disappear?" One of the wizards asked.

"Oh that? I don't know…" Yuzuru lied. He contacted the HQ. "Omega, this is Yurei! What's the status on Hermit?"

"All units, this is Omega. Hermit's threat has been eliminated! Mission completes! RTB!" Omega answered.


Tap and Slap: A well known reloading style by tapping the mag to the helmet and enter or slap the mag into the cartridge.

RTB: Return to base.

PSIA: Public Security Intelligence Agency, CIA counterpart of Japan (This isn't a fictional organization).

Enie Minie Money Moe! Chapter five has been finished!...*Ahem*…I cut some of the scenes because it's already in the Anime. I think you must be know who's Catfish but if you still don't know, JUST KILL YOURSELF!...*Ahem*… I mean, you'll know it later. And about the pairings, I think I'll pair Yuzuru with one of the Date A Live Cannon (Hints: She's not one of 'Shido's Spirit Collection' and she's a wizard).

Yuzuru: "Readers, this is Spear 1-1 Actual! Relay from the author that he wanted some PMs and Reviews or he'll go crazy, over?"

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