Bad news. Accidentally deleted the real chapter one so I just typed up what I remember.

Sunlight filled into the room through a window slowly waking up a mess of black hair. But she was being stubborn. Even after a whole year of waking up early by a certain stubborn hanyou, she still wasn't a morning person. Unfortunately for her, the sunlight was persistent and was set on waking her up. When Kagome did wake up, she remember she wasn't home, she was in Magnolia.

Kagome, now 17, just packed her things into her sapphire blue backpack. Her bag was almost bigger than her back. Her hair now to the small of her back, and at 5'3, she felt like she needed to be take a break from Tokyo. She loved her family but she just felt like a change. Looking at her family with teary blue eyes, she said her "I love you's" and departed down the stairs of the shrine. She took a long train ride but she finally arrived to Magnolia.

Arriving late at night had its cons. She wasn't able to go sight seeing until light came. Walking done the streets, she managed to find an inn just down the street from a nice river and a couple restaurants. She managed to rent a room for the night and decided to find a better place to stay in the morning. Looking out the window, she could see the stars. The view was better than it was in Tokyo due to the pollution but it still couldn't beat the view back in the Feudal Era. She crawled into the wooden bed with white sheets and blankets and last thing she saw was an odd building in the distance.

When she managed to get up and do her morning routines, she rushed out of the inn and checked out. But not after grabbing a map for no reason. Kagome tried to make sense of the map but she was not exactly good with directions. While cursing the map quietly in her head, she bumped into a collapsable wall and heard a yelp. Quickly realizing she bumped into someone, she tried to help the person gain back their balance.

I was walking down the low stone wall like usual and ignoring the warnings from the fishermen in boats inside the river, and suddenly I was trembling. I couldn't keep myself calm and straight and prepared to fall into the freezing cold river but just then, I felt small hands grab my wrist and pulled me away from a second bath in one morning. I looked to my savior and saw it was a girl my age gasping for breathe in surprise while sitting on her butt. "Thanks."

I was surprised and I was scared to let her fall into the river. She looked nice enough, maybe she can give me directions to somewhere for breakfast. But she said "Thanks," before I can talk. "Sorry. That was my fault but can you give me directions? I thought I saw restaurants around here last night."

She smiled. That smile was as bright and as warming as her blonde hair. "For breakfast right? I'll treat you."

"No. It's alright. You don't have to since it was my fault but breakfast sound pretty good right about now." But she was insistent. "No. I insist. You helped me." But that was when Kagome gave in.