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"Depending on the amount of energy left behind by its previous user. As in the more it was used, the stronger it would boost." Natsu's and Gray's eyes pop out like bugs. "You mean using old used stuff can make us stronger?" They were responded by a shrug. "Then let's find more!" Gray suggested and ran off into one of the dark hidden tunnels.

Once fully clothed once again, Gray and the others explored the underground trails. Lit by a torch, Erza and Gray each carried one while everyone else walked in a group. Kirara was back in her kitten form but leading the way back to the main room where the attack took place. There had been a lot of chatter going around, something you wouldn't expect from a battle ground.

A short man that only went to Natsu's chin was there in a blue suit was being angry and arguing with a small group of people in maid and concierge outfits trying to calm the old man down. He spotted the group out of the corner of his eye. "What're you doing here? This is off limits!" He bellowed. He squinted his eyes to look at Lucy and Erza. "Wait a minute. I recognize you two. You were here last year when the hotel was attacked by that menace Jellal! You guys were here during this attack too! How are you guys going to pay for the repairs!"

"Repairs? But we didn't cause the damage!" Kagome tried reasoning. She only got a glare from the old man and she didn't know why she was so shocked that she walked backwards into Gray who held her elbow to steady her. "Then what about the damages from last year? I saw the attack on the surveillance lacrima and they were targeting you." He pointed at Erza who dodged at the appendage. She lowered his hand from her face slowly and her face became stern.

"The man who attacked us was a wanted man, you should have reported to the magic counsel for compensation." The old man's face turned an odd shade of gray but he refused to back down. He leaned forward to stare straight intond Erza's eyes. Lucy who was on her right, saw her face from the corner and she flinched away dramatically.

"Well what's your excuse this time? Who will pay for the damages here!? The hotel was attacked again because you were here like last time! It can't be a coincidence!"

Anyone can tell that Erza is in no mood to argue anymore. Her bangs casts a shadow on the upper part of her face and an ominous aura appears in the background. "Like you should have done last year, you could report the damages to the Magic Counsel and have them deal with it. Now if you will excuse us, we should get going back to our rooms." Erza quickly brushes past the old man before he could say anything in retaliation. The group could only follow in silence. With Kilala in Natsu's arms, and Happy on his head, Natsu managed to look really dashing.

Once in their hotel rooms, they gathered in Erza's room. They quickly scattered and sat in different parts of the room. Erza sat on a wooden chair facing the exit. Gray and Natsu sat criss crossed on their own beds. Both with their own respective cat in their laps. Happy on Natsu and Kirara on Gray's. Kagome sat on the ground, at the foot of the bed Gray sat on. All the girls were in their pajamas. "Hey Erza?" Lucy began, "Isn't it a weird coincidence that we were attacked here again?" Erza lightly bowed her head in thought. "Yes, it seems so. What do you guys think?"

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