Hey guys!

This is just an small short story I made up at an family camp. My cousins asked me to do it, so I'll do it.

(Don't worry, I'm still working on the other stories, too. :P )

Hope you guys like it.

The Lucario's Goodbye

"Lucario!", the man screamed. He and his Lucario was in the thick of it. Team Rocket was burning the forest around him, and they seemed to have much more powerful Pokémon than he thought. And on the ground, Lucario was dying. Dying, The man can't bare to think that word. "Lucario, please, get up!"

"Lucar-!", the Pokémon felt a deep pain. He was nearly knocked out, is now burned, paralyzed and even confused.

"Damn, I wish I've brought Dragonite", the man thought allowed. "Return!"

The man recalled his Pokémon, only to be attacked again by the Rocket Gang.


"Ariados! Ariados! Ariados!"


"Gah-!", the man was hit, but was able to jump into an cave, where most of the escaped Pokémon was. Scared, most of the Pokémon ran out of sight, with others trying to help him.

"I'm fine", the man reassured them, "Just, let me check on my Lucario."

He released him, and soon enough, his Pokémon was collapsed on the ground.

"Lu?", Lucario reached out for him, but the man was too tired to try and hold his dear best friend. "Lucario... Lu..."

"Go get some-", the man coughed, "-Rest, Lucario. There isn't any use to protect me or anyone else". The man grabbed his Pokéball, but Lucario stopped him.

"Master...", Lucario reached through him by telekinesis, "There is no use... I'd rather die out here... than in that comfortable ball..."

"Lucario, you're not going to die-!", the man coughed again. "You're going to be alright!"

"I am... Once I have entered... The other side...", the dying Pokémon stood up again, only to fall down to his trainer's arms. The other Pokémon tried helping him, but couldn't do much since all the berries are burned up with the forest around them. "I... I am... So s-sorry... Master..."

"Sh, sh... You don't have to be. It's my fault that-", the man coughed again, "that I put you into this mess..."

"Master... Goodbye...", the Lucario closed his eyes silently, and began tearing. "I... Love you, master..."

"I love you, too , Lucario-", the man coughed again, "You're the brother that I never had...". The man patted his head, comforting him, even though there is chaos amongst them. Slowly, but surely, the Lucario began to dissolve, and the man held him as tight as he could. To calm everyone down, he began to hum a soft tune, in which the Pokémon in the cave began to follow.

The memories started to flow. From the day they met, at home, when they were both only seven years old, and Lucario was still a Riolu, to the times of their adventures together, competing in leagues and contests alike, to the tough times of being an ranger, saving Pokémon and people and enduring hard goodbyes almost every month.

"Goodbye, Lucario", the man held his cheek, just to see his face once more before he died. "I will always remember you..."

The Lucario dissolved to nothing, leaving the man alone to cry himself.

"Master...", Lucario's voice said once more. "I will never forget you. Stay strong."

The man suddenly gritted his teeth, wiped his eyes and stood up. He grabbed his Capture Styler and put his hood on.

"Team Rocket will pay!"

Well? Did you like it? Cause I think I did (even though the mood was a bit dark, but who cares?).

I'll see y'all 'round (and probably with more one-shots and chapters).