Hello, dear followers! I know it's been a long time since you've heard from me. But since then, I have been faced with many challenges. You see, I was homeless for most of 2019: March 1st until mid-November. I don't want to mention the circumstances because its still too painful for me. But I was more fortunate than others as I had my car to sleep in, even though it is a small car—Scion, IQ. I had two pillows and a comforter to keep me warm, but some nights were so cold that I would wake up freezing, the comforter not helping. On those nights I had to turn the car on and let it run for about 15 minutes.

I'm not homeless anymore (I rent a room in a house near where I work) but it has left me with PTSD and destitution. I had to use all my resources back then to stay alive. My furniture is gone (sold to help me get food and put gas in my car. Also, to pay for the gym so I could shower.)

The PTSD is still there, sometimes leaving me sheltered in my room. And I have used all of my money and I am desperate for donations. I have a GoFundMe but no one has donated to it.

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This is my GoFundMe. If you can make a donation it would help me immensely, and maybe some of you friends and family members?. Oh, my. I would so grateful.

Let me tell you about the progress I've made. About a month ago I was able to start reading again and have been trying to read every day. And I'm re-reading "Prophecy" in order to familiarize myself with the story again. I was so hungry to read that I read Stephen King's "Doctor Sleep" in just 4 days. And I'm walking, started 3 days ago..

Please, can you help me?


Lori M.