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She's in darkness, she's sure of that much. She can't see or hear anything, and it's quite frightening to her. She's always been scared of the dark, but this darkness can't be quelled by her nightlight. This darkness seems to swallow her whole, and that's terrifying for the blonde headed six-year-old. She curses the darkness for being such a weakness.

"Young one," the voice comes from the never-ending darkness, making her skin crawl in fear, "you've been called. You won't understand this yet, for you are too young, but you're needed to save your parents. I cannot tell you who they are, as that is something you must figure out for yourself. If you succeed, you will be born as you are now." She wants to interrupt, but she's been taught better. Her parents taught her, the ones she's been called away from to save.

She's confused, as the deep voice from the dark says she will be, for she was just with her parents. She's sure she remembers her parents names and how they play with her. She remembers everything about them both. She would be able to point them out in a heartbeat, running over to them and jumping into awaiting arms.

She's not sure she likes the feeling of being suspended, like gravity has suddenly been allowed to work again.

"If you fail in finding your parents and getting them together, you will never exist. As I don't want that to happen, I'm helping them. But to do that, your memory must be stripped of the time that you've had with your parents. You are to help them get together with your… cuteness." The sudden uncertainty of the voice is funny to the six-year-old that doesn't really know what the man is saying. Just that she has to get her parents together again. And that she won't remember anything of her life, which is sad and scary to her.

She doesn't understand why that has to happen… Her parents, she supposes, won't be able to have that long hug that they always talk about when she asks about where babies come from. She's been told that she was a baby once, but she doesn't remember that happening. So they won't hug, and she won't be born if she doesn't do what the strange man's voice is telling her? That thought makes her want to cry out in fear and run into her mommy's warm embrace.

But it's so dark and scary, and she's having trouble remembering what that warm hug even feels like, not to mention which woman her mommy is. Her chin starts to wobble, but she doesn't let the tears fall.

"Little one, there is no need to be scared. You will succeed, and I will be there to help you." Where is there? she wants to ask, but she can't; she's much too frightened. "It won't be hard finding them, for the little town is small. You will run into them, and you will know. You must trust your heart, young one, along with your magic. Feeling funny tingles means you've found one of them." The blonde feels the tightening of her stomach as little tingles singe her hands. "There you go, you've got it." She can see her hands, alight with a light blue as sparks jump between her fingers. She smiles, letting a small giggle escape her mouth, at the sweet sight before her. She remembers doing this same thing with… someone. Her brows furrow, and her chin quivers again, tears welling up in her eyes as fear takes over again.

"Don't cry, little one, this will be over soon. You will remember the rules, my voice, and basic information about this world, but nothing of your family. It's taking effect now."

Her sweet voice is faintly heard. "Why are you helping my family? Doesn't magic always come with a price?" A deep, creature-like rumble comes from the darkness, her magic having gone out with her tears.

"Your mother taught you well. Let's just say, I'm invested in your future."

And then she falls.

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