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Five qualifications for a Yosen Basketball Club Manager

By: Rinohara Yoshie (F) 1st Year

Special skill: Ability to spontaneously cry at any given moment


1. Don't be a Himuro fangirl.


Yosen High was a prestigious high school, known for it's western themes embedded in the curriculum. It was not only reputable for being culturally diverse, but also known for their strong athletics and intellectual programs. Every student of Yosen high was unique in their own way, however there was one student who particularly stood out to the female population and that was Himuro Tatsuya.

It had become an unspoken rule among the female students that no one was allowed to make advances on Himuro. The teenager was gorgeous with his tall athletic build along with his kind smile accompanied by manners of a gentlemen. He was the school's untouchable idol. No girl was allowed to confess to him, no girl was allowed to date him. There was only one way for any female to show him her affection and that was anonymously, either through shoving nameless love letters into his shoe locker, or getting someone to deliver gifts to the boy.

This rule was the cause of Yoshie's demise.

Rinohara Yoshie was very proud of the way she had composed herself during her first two weeks of high school. Not once did she cry, there were a few watery eyes here and there but a tear never fell. Her resolution for the school year was to rid herself of the horrible nickname, Crybaby Yoshi. But she felt the resolution crumble as her upperclassmen begged her to do her a favor; to bring homemade snacks to Himuro, Tatsuya.

Due to her cowardly inability to say no to people, she could only smile tentatively as slightly charred cookies were shoved into her hands.

Yoshie waited outside near the corridors of the gym, wringing her hands together as she waited for the doors to open. She thought hopefully she could quickly complete the task and it would all soon be over. She wished with all her heart, she would be able to avoid meet the boy who had caused her to cry for the past three years.

Luckily Himuro was the first one who walked out the entrance. She rushed over to him and bowed as the boy looked at her slightly bewildered.

"Himuro-senpai, please accept this!" She said in a rush before shoving a bag of cookies in front of herself.

"Ah, Rino-chin."

Large doe eyes stared at the new speaker in fright, as a figure appeared behind the upperclassman's shoulder.


Murisakibara Atsushi, the giant freshman of Yosen high towered over her with a lazy smile on his face.

But his eyes strayed to the contents in her hand right before he plucked them out of her grasp.

"T-that's for Himuro-senpai!" She cried as she reached for them in vain.

The giant magenta haired boy held the treats high above Yoshie's head. Distracted she didn't notice the rest of the basketball members trickle out of the gym.

She screamed as a figure appeared in front of her crying as he latched onto Himuro. The man wailed, "Why do you always get all the girls? Whyyyyy?"

Tears and snot streamed down the ginormous man's face as a sigh escaped Himuro. "I'm not too sure why either, captain."

Unsatisfied with the answer, the gorilla like third year turned to Yoshie and demanded, "Why him? What's so good about him?"

The girl stared in alarm, dropping her book bag she spontaneously started to cry. Fat wet tears rolled down her cheeks as a deafening wail erupted from her tiny body. All the males in the vicinity, except for one, stepped back in alarm.

Okamura, Kenichi looked horrified as he stared at the sobbing girl sitting on the ground in front of him. "What do we do!?" he all but yelled.

The shortest basketball member Kensuke Fukui huffed in amazement, "I was just joking when I said your face would bring a girl to tears." He raised his arms to rest his hands on the back of his head and with a small smirk uttered, "But I guess your face is really that ugly."

The colossal third year could only drop to the ground to join the crying girl, with his own streaming tears, due to the insult of his vice-captain.

Murasakibara oblivious to the situation opened the bag of treats and shoved a whole cookie in his mouth. He blinked as he chewed on it thoughtfully, a grimace slowly making it's way onto his face. He carelessly threw the bag into Himuro's hands before he bent down to pick up the fallen girl's book bag.

Himuro looked scandalized as he scolded his junior, who's hand disappeared into the girl's bag, "Atsushi what are you doing?"

"Those tasted bad," the magenta haired boy muttered as he pulled out a Tupperware of different looking cookies. "Rino-chin doesn't make gross tasting snacks."

He opened the container and nibbled slightly on the new cookie, before he shoved the whole thing in his mouth and started munching on them.

"Murasakibara, thou acquaintance has not halted in her tears." Wei Liu, the player from China commented with his eyebrows furrowed in distaste at the loud noise.

"Ah, she's not going to stop for a while." He stated as the girl only continued sobbing. He was only met with various looks of annoyance and desperation. The freshman continued, "The only people who could calm her down were Kuro-chin and Momoi-chin."

He looked at the girl who was still bawling her eyes out and then at his teammates.



2. Be a grade A student.


Yoshie fidgeted, her fingers fumbling with her sleeve as Araki-sensei stared her down. This was the first time she had ever been called out to the teacher's office in all her years of schooling.

"I'm concerned about you Rinohara. You're a very intelligent girl, however it seems physical education is the only class you are barely passing."

The girl shook her head, about to softly protest her asthma had been the cause of her lack of participation in the class.

However the stern look from her teacher, stopped her in her tracks. "Frankly speaking, your grades in this class are abysmal."


Yoshie's breath hitched as tears welled in her eyes slightly. She had never done so poorly in a class before nor has a teacher looked so disappointed due to her performance.

"I-i-" she stuttered as she tried to keep the water from cascading down her cheeks. "May I do something to bring up my grades, please?" She mumbled through small sniffles.

The tips of Araki-sensei's lips turned downwards, she wasn't used to making girls cry. But she hoped the solution to the girl's tears would be solved easily with her next words, "Are you acquainted with a boy named Murasakibara?"

Yoshie froze, but found the courage to nod meekly at the teacher's waning stern look.

"Come to the gym later today after you finish up at the culinary club."

"Y-yes, sensei."

After school, the small doe eyed girl popped her head tentatively through the two gymnasium doors. She rushed over to the sole female among the numerous sweating players and bowed, "Hello Araki-sensei."

She only received a nod before her teacher authoritatively called out, "Murasakibara, come over here."

The violet haired boy lazily glanced over only to uncharacteristically spring up slightly, and walk at a faster than normal pace to the coach. Yoshie took cover behind her teacher's back, as she was all too familiar with the gleam in the tall boy's eye.

"Rinohara bring out whatever snack you brought." Yoshie blinked at the request owlishly and brought out the sugar cookies she made not too long ago.

Murasakibara reached for them almost immediately after their appearance, however a hand blocked his. He blinked quizzically at Araki-sensei as she spoke firmly. "You've been slacking lately, you will receive these," she plucked the cookies from the young girl's grasp and waved it in front of her student mockingly, "if I deem your efforts acceptable."

Murasakibara's eyes shot towards Yoshie as he stared at her, in annoyance, "Did you tell her?"

She shook her head in refusal, "N-no!"

Despite the barrier that was Araki-sensei, the female freshman cowered in the giant's presence and oppressive aura. However she was saved from boy's gaze as the coach spoke with an unwavering voice, "Go do those drills immediately Murasakibara."

The black haired teacher didn't look away from the retreating basketball player's figure as she asked, "What did he mean just now?"

Yoshie stared at the ground as she remembered her hellish years at Teiko. Her shoulders dropped as she revealed her degrading role as the violet haired boy's keeper, "Nijimura-senpai, uhm one of the captain of Murasakibara-san's old team used a similar method in middle school."


3. Have some skill in baking, or be prepared to buy a lot of snacks. (Being able to do both is actually the best)


She should have expected this, she really should have known the moment she realized she'd be continuing as Murasakibara's caretaker that this would happen. The conversations would always start with a request and a hole in her poor wallet by the end of the week.

"Hey Rino-chin."


"I want to eat macaroons tomorrow."

"Uhm- but tomorrow is the biology exam!"

He looked down at her passively, "So?"

Sometimes Yoshie would wonder how Murasakibara had even been accepted into Yosen. She knew the boy didn't really study, the only use for his book bag was to carry all his snacks to eat through out the day. In truth, the boy's only forte was basketball with all other areas of skill falling into average to below average. The girl felt horrible for thinking this, but she thought her classmate fell below Teiko standards academically and was actually quite dim. The whole reason she had even applied to Yosen, was because the acceptance rate was harder than Teiko's. She had hoped to never see the gigantic boy again; due to 70% of the time she had cried because of him and basketball related issues.

Yet here he was, staring at her with demands for her to create time consuming desserts, right before a test for a subject she was starting to fall behind in.


She shrank under his gaze.


He stared at her with unrelenting violet orbs.


She used up her month's allowance buying the boy two boxes of the expensive treat, knowing he would finish one box in less than five minutes.


4. Be able to prevent Okamura, Kenichi from quitting the club


The soft looking girl, decided it wasn't too bad being Yosen's manager, it was actually loads better than her middle school experience.

Sure Momoi and Kuroko weren't there to help her out anymore with basketball terms she didn't know, but Himuro had been very nice and explained things to her when she was confused.

She now understood why more than half of the female population at Yosen fancied the enigmatic and charming teenager.

The girl also much preferred Okamura as a captain than Akashi. The polite red haired boy always terrified the girl due his domineering personality, it always sent shivers down the girl's spine. Although Okamura had frightened her at first, but she realized under his imposing gigantic exterior he was a gentle giant with a soft heart.

Which was why her throat felt tight and her eyes began feeling wet, as his teammates once again began to berate the boy due to his appearance.

"Wazzup Muscle Gorilla?"

The third year could only mope sadly with hunched shoulders, at the nickname.

"You guys don't even respect me! I don't want to be captain anymore!"

The ashy blonde haired vice-captain only shrugged since he was used to hearing that response from Okamura.

He only blinked in surprise when a high pitched and very female voice spoke up, "I think you're a very cool captain!"

All of the Yosen basketball club members froze as they stared at the trembling, five foot frame, of their manager.

"I-i think you owe Captain an apology and y-you should stop calling him mean names!" The girl exclaimed she she stood defensively in front of her senior, like a bunny protecting a bear.

Fukui was honestly going to say he couldn't care less what his captain thought of the nickname. However he couldn't help but cringe at knowing how his words would unlock the girl's waterworks that were threatening to break free. It took forever for the girl to stop crying after she started, even with Himuro there consoling her. The crass statements from Fukui and several other members of the club had already caused Yoshie to cry several times. It happened often enough that they received nasty looks from many Yosen high females.

The vice-captain settled for using the nickname only when his crybaby manager wasn't around.

"Sorry captain."

Both Okamura and Rinohara brightened as Fukui sighed.


5. Must have the approval of all fans of the basketball club.


"You think you're so great, just because Himuro was nice enough to pay attention to a cry baby like you?" Yoshie stared with wide eyes as a fellow first year from a different class insulted her.

"I-i," she stammered as she wondered why the new student, who she had never spoken to, was looking at her with disdain. The foreign girl across from her. stared down at her with her chin held high and her eyes slightly narrowed.

"You're just being a nuisance, everyone on that team wants you to leave! You're only there because Coach Araki took pity on you. You're just hanging onto them like a leech."

The smaller girl shook her head as she stared to sniffle, "That's not- that's not true!"

Yoshie knew the the other girl's statement was a lie too. She was positive the basketball club members wanted her as manager, because after the traumatizing incident when a club member had jokingly ate Mursakibara's snacks the girl had all but prevented a massacre that was about to ensue. Wei Liu, the most practical member of the team, and all the other first string members had all but forced the girl to sign a contract stating she wouldn't leave the club till the generation of miracle member did.

But her knowledge of this didn't stop the tears and sniffles from escaping her, as she just couldn't handle any hurtful comments thrown her way. She just didn't understand why anyone would say such mean and hurtful things!

Unfortunately for her verbal assailant, the two were right outside several classrooms with open windows.

"Hey what the heck are you doing?" A second year stuck her head outside the window in anger as she saw the scene unravel.

Another female's head popped out from a third year classroom, sounding highly disgusted. "Seriously why would you bully Yoshie-chan."

Several other students poked their heads out of the windows in a similar manner as the two girls prior, "She's like a godsend, how could you possibly be mean to her?"

"Himuro and Yoshie saw me in the hallway on an errand and he actually helped me carry some books because Yoshie said it looked too heavy for me!"

"She's also helped us with our baking skills, my boyfriend in the club says everyone actually eats all the treats we give them now!"

"Oh-oh! Wei Liu actually let me copy his homework for once because I said I was in the culinary club with her."

"Fukui stopped calling me fat because she said that was mean of him!"

"Himuro-senpai actually smiled to me today because I was standing right next to her!"

Several girls blinked at the comment, that came from a slightly baritone voice. They looked up to see a red faced boy from the third floor who coughed in embarrassment, "What? Even us guys admit he's a good looking and awesome dude. He's just really cool."

All Yoshie and the girl who was bullying her could do was stare on in bewilderment as they heard several boys and girls sigh dreamily in unison.

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