Where Merida from marriage is not about love. It's about greed and people wanting more land or power. That's how She always saw it, at least. Besides she never wanted to get married. So when her parents told her she had to get married she ran. I packed up some food, her bow and arrows, and saddled up Angus. They ran and never looked back. It was an action some called stupid. An arrogant idea made only for attention. But it was more then that. Merida wanted her story to end differently. She wanted to be free.

Repunzel had had a nice, cozy life. Granted it was the most boring life one could lead, it was safe. Mother Gothel was always telling stories of how everyone tried to use her magic hair for wicked things. She should be glad to be in that tower instead if in the care of some evil person. But she wasn't. She wanted a new life. She wanted to find love and adventure. She wouldn't spend her whole life rotting away in that tower. So one day, after Mother Gothel had left, Repunzel packed up her things. She packed some fruits, some paints and a brush, her hair brush, and extra clothes. She lowered herself down with her hair as she had done countless times with her mother. The workd looked so much better up close. She rolled in the grass, smelled each and every flower, splashed in the water. It was clear she never wanted to leave this wonderland. The clarity was shattered when she heard pounding on the ground. It was...footsteps. Very loud, hard footsteps. Footsteps of people who would sell her and her hair. She ran as quickly as she could back to the tower. She tried throwing her hair up into the window but it would always fall. Repunzel gathered up her hair and ran behind the tower, glancing out everyone once in a while.

"Alright, Angus, that should be enough for today." Merida told her horse. Once Angus had stopped she quickly dismounted. It was getting dark and she needed somewhere to rest. She was exhausted from riding all day. She leaned up against a wall of vines. But it wasn't a wall so she fell straight o her back. She cursed and stood up. As she turned she was struck with awe. It was the most beautiful landscape she'd ever encountered. She saw a crystal clear waterfall and ran to it. No use in getting dehydrated.

Repunzel looked out from behind the tower. she had never seen anyone else besides her mother. She houldnt have been so surprised by theis girls appearance. But her hair was like fire. Red and bouncing. In all Mother Gotgels stories it was always men who tried to steal her hair. Woman must have been okay. Repunzel wasnt that naive She would take precautions. But ig she wanted a new life she would have to meet new people. This girl seemed like a good place to start.

"Hi." Repunzel muttered as she shows herself. Merida jumped at her voice. She snapped her head in the direction of the voice. Merida was almost certain she was seeing things when she saw the length of this girls hair. She must have had heat stroke or something like that and was now hallucinating. Both girls were startled yet excited at the others appearance.

Repunzel kept staring at the strange girl. Even though she wasn't strange. She was beautiful. She tried pushing those thoughts from her head. That wasn't normal, was it?

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