"You're pretty brave to come in here and try to tell us what to do." One of the men said. He exchanged glances with a few others and began walking towards Repunzel.

Merida couldn't believe Repunzel was doing this. She was risking both of their lives for someone she had never met before. It was absurd.

"Wait!" One of the men called out. The room went quiet. Merida had no clue what was going on. Everyone turned to the door. Merida didn't miss her chance. She grabbed Repunzel by the arm and pulled her to the corner of the room underneath a table.

Then Merida heard it. The sound of hooves on the ground. Not just of one horse, but of many. They were getting closer and closer. When the hoof steps stopped then a man began shouting what sounded like orders. Not to long after the door flung open. Merida sort of expected the man in uniform and the other then a pang of worry hit her. What if they they were here to return her to Scotland? She should have seem that coming at one point or another. But she hadn't thought about it. All she knew was that she couldn't go back to her home. Not after she had come this far. Granted, it wasn't all that far but she still was willing to leave the new life she had begun.

Repunzel, on the other hand, was freaking out. This is what mother Gothel had been talking about. She had already encountered he ruffians. And now these guys were...the men with pointy teeth? Repunzel couldn't tell if they were pointy or not but she didn't want to take chances.

Repunzel had no clue what they would do to her. She didn't want to find out, either.

Without thinking, Repunzel buried he face in Merida's shoulder and clung to her for dear life.

Merida stiffened. She had no idea what Repunzel was doing. Her heart started pounding harder but she didn't care to think why.

"Repunzel, what are you doing?" Merida asked quietly.

"I'm scared. Trying to hide." Repunzel whispered back.

Merida almost laughed. She was so strange. Well strange wasn't the right word, it sounded too hostile. Unique. That was it.

"You don't have to be scared. I'm going to get us out of here somehow." Merida replied.

Repunzel slowly lifted her face from the other girls shoulder. As soon as she did, Merida missed the warmth of her skin.

"How are you going to do that?" Repunzel asked.

Merida couldn't think of an answer.

They silently watched as the soldiers talked to the men. They held up wanted posters. Merida recognized the face was the man who Repunzel had defended earlier. At least she guessed it was him. The nose was way off though.

Then they heard a tapping on the table above them. Repunzel almost screamed but thankfully, Merida put a hand her the others girls mouth before that could happen.

They looked up to see the man who Repunzel had defended a little bit ago. Rider, one of the men called him. He was looking down at them.

"Hey there." He smirked. "I couldn't help but notice you ladies saying you needed to find a way out of here."

"Yea, what of it?" Merida asked.

"I just so happen to know a way out." He said.

Merida didn't trust him. Where ever he took them couldn't possibly be good.

"Really?!" Repunzel asked excitedly. "Would you show it to us? We'd really appreciate it."

"Certainly. Follow me." He said.

"Hold on." Merida told him. "Why are you helping us?"

"Consider it a repayment for Blondie helping me out earlier." He replied. "Now come on."

He quietly lead them over to the bar. He pulled a lever. The bar opened, revealing a secret tunnel.

"Woah!" Repunzel exclaimed.

Rider went first, of course. Repunzel eagerly followed him. Merida went in last so she could keep a close eye on her friend

The secret door had a rope tied to the back of it. Merida pulled the rope so and the door lifted back to it's normal position. Merida tied the rope to whatever she could find and scurried to catch up with the others.


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