Authors Note: Since all the couples have nicknames, I decided to list them all. The reason? To unconfused myself and any other writers.

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Rogue/Pietro (Rogue/Quicksilver) - Rietro

Jean/Scott (Jean/Cyclops) - Jett

Logan/Ororo (Wolverine/Storm) - RoLo

Kitty/Kurt (Shadowcat/Nightcrawler) - Kurtty

Kitty/Lance (Shadowcat/Avalanche) - Lancitty

Tabitha/Pietro (Boom Boom/Quicksilver) - Tabitro

Rogue/Scott (Rogue/Cyclops) - Scogue

Amanda/Kurt (she's human/Nightcrawler) - Kurnda

Jean/Logan (Jean/Wolverine) - Lean

Bobby/Amara (Iceman/Magma) - Amabby

Pietro/Kitty (Quicksilver/Shadowcat) - Kietro

Logan/Rogue (Wolverine/Rogue) - Rogan

Rogue/Lance (Rogue/Avalanche) - Rolan


Pietro/Evan (Quicksilver/Spyke) - Evietro

Lance/Pietro (Avalanche/Quicksilver) - Lantro or Pietrance

Duncan/Kurt (He's human/Nightcrawler) - Durt

And here are some of my own inventions and others added at the request of the fans and by the fans:

Rogue/Remy (Rogue/Gambit) - Romy

Todd/Wanda (Toad/Scarlet Witch) - Wandd

Charles/Ororo (Professor Xavier/Storm) - Charo

Jean/Warren (Jean/Archangel) - Jarren

Tabitha/Ray (Boom Boom/Berzerker) - Rab

Kitty/Piotr [Peter] (Shadowcat/Colossus) - Piotty or Petty

Evan/Callisto (Spyke/She's a Morlock) - Callvan

Bobby/Tabitha (Iceman/Boom Boom) - Bobitha

Here are some slash inventions:

Rogue/Kitty (Rogue/Shadowcat) - Rogitty or Rogueitty

Rogue/Wanda (Rogue/Scarlet Witch) - Randa

Scott/Lance (Cyclops/Avalanche) - Latt

Todd/Freddy (Toad/Blob) - Treddy


Authors Note: While I don't agree with most of these pairings, I do see these most often. If you'd like to see any others or correct me, don't be afraid to review. If you'd like more of these, tell me the couples and I'll see what I can do.

I'm entertaining the idea of doing all the characters so far as the chapter title and their significant other. In the end it will be like 50 chapters, but if enough people want this, then I'll do it. ^_^