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Dr. Cockroach rubbed at his oversized eyes, willing himself to stay focused. He'd been working on this particular project for a month straight now- a way for Susan to control the usage/expression of the quantonium which would allow her to control her size quite easily. However, that blasted potion was being tricky and therefore led to him obsessing over it for hours on end.

A fact that rather worried his giant friend.

"Hey, Doc?" Susan's voice surprised him, he jerked and spun around, one hand to his chest, antennae sticking straight up in alarm.

"Oh, sorry! Didn't mean to scare you." She winced from where she stood in the doorway to his room, her shoulders hunching in sympathy.

"No, no, my dear, it's quite alright." He assured her, giving her a tired smile. "May I help you with anything?"

"When was the last time you took a break from working on this?" She asked, her expression changing from remorseful to concerned.

Oh. It was one of THOSE conversations.

He often had such conversations with his fellow monsters who were either worried or irritated about his habit of ignoring his need of sleep, or totally oblivious and just wanted to play (*cough*BOB*cough*). With the 50 years they'd spent together, Link, Bob, and Insecto had gotten used to his habits and merely waited until he passed out to tie him to his bed.

Ginormica refused to use that method, (a source of relief since the poor doctor was sick of waking up with ropes pinning him down.) However, he did not know what method she WOULD use as she hadn't done anything yet besides try to talk him into submitting.

"Ummmmmm...I don't really know." He gave her his most winning smile as he answered- it was the truth! He had no clue. Wait, what day was it? Maybe if he had a reference point...

"Dr.C, don't you think you should rest a bit. You know, recharge your batteries!" She smiled hopefully at him, gesturing to his bed tucked away in the corner.

He sighed. "Susan, I said I'd make something to help you have a chance at a normal life and I shall." He responded stubbornly, crossing his arms.

The whitehaired giantess before him clasped her hands together, a pleading look on her face. "Please? Please just get some rest- this isn't healthy!" She insisted. "For me?" She added, making an adorable puppydog face.

"But this IS for you!" He countered, fighting hard not to be swayed by that beautiful pair of blue eyes. "And I shant stop until I have fufilled my promise."

He couldn't help but feel a bit of dread when the giantess crossed her arms, her expression becoming stern.

"Dr.C..." She let herself trail off, using what Link fondly called her 'general voice'. It was the voice Susan used when she was becoming frustrated or was scolding someone. "You need the rest."

He shook his head and turned back to his work, hoping that Susan would just let it go.

However, Susan does not just let things go. She holds on.

Using the reason for which she was named Ginormica, she reached down and scooped the mad scientist into her hand, earning a yelp of surprise.

"Susan! My work-"

"Can wait." She finished his sentence for him, using her free hand to gently pull the beaker out of his grasp and place it on his table which was filled with other scientific implements (a difficult task with her size.) "Is everything alright to be left alone for a bit?"

"No! I must finish-" He stopped when he saw her narrow her eyes at him and realized that, given their positions, he really wasn't in a good spot to defy her. "...yes..." He sighed, crossing his arms and turning from her.

She chuckled at his adorable sulking and gave him a hug the best she could. "Don't be sad, there's always tomorrow, or the day after depending on how much sleep you need." She soothed, cuddling him a little as she walked out of his room.

"Ah, Susan," He stammered as he fought to contain the blush that had overtaken him. "Why are we leaving my room? I thought you wanted me to sleep."

"I do, but I don't think i can trust you to sleep in the room with all your science stuff tempting you." She smiled at him and helped him climb onto her shoulder.

"Where are we going then?" He tilted his head. "Certainly not with Link or Bob with their method of...encouraging me to sleep."

Susan laughed and shook her head, careful not to accidentally jostle her passenger. "No, I don't want you to wake up covered in ropes again." She giggled at the memory. "We're going to my room where I can keep an eye on you."

"Your room?! My dear, I'm not sure that is within the realms of propriety!" He protested, his blush reappearing with a vengeance.

"Relax, it's just a sleepover. Besides, we won't be sleeping on the same cot." She reassured him, a faint blush appearing on her own cheeks.

After the whole 'saving the world' thing, the monsters had chosen to remain at Area 50 something- where else would they go? Monger had allowed them to decorate their rooms as a 'good job' reward, and the fact that they were no longer prisoners. Due to that, they all had their own beds and furniture and such for their rooms.

Susan's room had a bed to accommodate her ginormous (hahahaha) size, an accumulation of rugs to simulate a rug of giant proportions, and a metal alcove that held three outfits in her size- her 'prison' jumpsuit (which she was wearing), her 'alien' suit, and a T-shirt and jeans of her size, (the last outfit a gift of thanks for saving the world.)

As they walked in, Susan headed for her bed- a pull out metal slab with a mattress, pillow, and blanket- and gently deposited Dr. Cockroach on it. She then turned and, hooking her fingers under a small indent, pulled out a long thin metal platform a foot or so away from the bed.

Every room had one of these in case a monster needed to be quarantined and couldn't come out if their room. It was a little (or in Ginormica's case, a huge) plate for food.

"Here," Susan pulled some stuffing from her pillow and a small (to her) blanket from her pocket, arranging them in a way that mimicked a bed. "Here's where you'll sleep."

"Thank you my dear, it looks lovely..." He couldn't help but glance at the massive doorway, antennae twitching slightly as he calculated his chances of escaping.

Following his gaze, the giantess sent him a look, arching an eyebrow.

"Eheh, just wishful thinking." He grinned nervously at her almost-but-not-quite irked expression- he'd heard the saying 'the female is the more deadly of the species' before and had no desire to test it, especially with Susan.

She tilted her head, a smile slowly appearing on her lips. "Hey, Doc? Did you know that your antennae flick around with your moods?"

"Ah, yes. After 50 years I don't pay much attention to that anymore." He looked up and, smiling, flicked his antennae for show.

"What's it like having antennae?"

"Well it's odd at first, having a additional body parts on the top of one's head that assist in touch, smellLLL!" He hadn't noticed Susan crouching to gently stroke his antennae, but stiffened in shock as the sensation registered.

"Oh I'm sorry! Did I hurt you?" She gasped, both hands flying over her mouth in surprise, blue eyes wide.

"No, no, I'm fine my dear." He assured her, giving himself a shake. "It's just...that was a bizarre feeling."

"Soooo I didn't hurt you?" She insisted, her hands wringing each other nervously.

"Not at all. It was...it wasn't entirely unpleasant..." He tilted his head, struggling to figure the sensation out. "Or maybe not unpleasant at aAALL!"

He jumped and spun to stare in shock at the giantess, who was biting her lip, obviously fighting back a smile.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, its just funny how you react!" She giggled, trying to muffle the laughter for his sake.

"Don't tell Link! He'd never let me hear the end of it!" The mad scientist pleaded, adding frantically, "Or Bob! No telling Bob either! He's not good with secrets..."

"I won't, I promise!" Susan put up a hand and placed the other over her heart.

"Good." He sighed, relaxing.

Well, he relaxed until the giantess smirked playfully, a glint in her eyes making him stiffen. "Susan..." He warned, slowly stepping away from her, large amber eyes watching her suspiciously.

She lunged forward and scooped him up in her right hand, still smirking as her friend squirmed to try and wriggle out of her grasp.

"Susan! Put me down!" He struggled to escape her, but alas, she was too strong.

"Oh I will," she chuckled evilly. "Once I've explored this very interesting quirk of yours." She grinned when he froze and stared up at her in horror.

"No!" He yelped, thrashing and writhing as much as he could. "No, no, no, nonononononoNO!"

The whitehaired giantess simply readjusted her grip on him, and delicately stroked one of the doctor's antennaes, purposefully drawing out the touch.

"GYAH, careful S-Susan! They're very sens-sensitive!" He squeaked, shivering at the slow caress, his antennae quivering.

It wasn't painful, but it was just such a bizarrely ODD feeling! Yet, despite the strange foreign feeling and the slight embarrassment of being petted like that, the sensation became more and more pleasant the more Susan stroked him.

"Ah, Susan I- ohhhhh that...that feels rather nice..." He practically melted into her touch, falling limp on her hand, his oversized eyes half lidded with bliss. "I wonder if cats feel like thi-a little lower, oh, yes, that does feel good..."

Susan giggled, finding that a blissed out Dr. Cockroach was an ADORABLE Dr. Cockroach. She happily continued petting him, giggling at every delighted sigh and pleased chirr that her friend made.

After about ten minutes of stroking and petting, Susan declared bedtime and gently placed the chirring mad scientist on the makeshift bed before hurrying to her bed for some well deserved rest as well.

~~~~~a few days later~~~~~~~~

Dr. Cockroach carefully dripped a few drops of violet liquid into a beaker, mixing with the cloudy liquid inside. He was making progress with Susan's potion, he just needed a few more days or a week or two to complete the formula.

Setting the dropper and beaker down, he reached for another glass container, but froze as a deliciously wonderful sensation appeared from his antennae. He leaned into the graceful touch, blinking dazedly when the gentle fingers broke contact.

He shook his head and looked after Susan as she happily walked away, a goofy smile on his face as he watched. Susan turned and made a small motion, a grin on her lips.

Eagerly, he cleaned his workspace and scurried rapidly after her into her room.

Already inside, Susan offered a hand to him and, once he climbed on, lifted him into the air as she sat on her bed. Leaning against the wall, she placed the part cockroach scientist on her lap and resumed stroking his antennae.

He chirred in pleasure and curled up on her lap like a happy kitten, earning a small giggle from his giant companion.