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"Ohhh, goodness, that feels heavenly..." Dr. Cockroach chirred in pure delight, nearly delirious with pleasure as Susan, cradling him in one arm, gently stroked one of his antennae with her finger. "I never knew you had such, (ah...) skilled fingers, my dear..."

Susan was resting on her cot in her room, one leg hanging down with the other propped up, and was amusing herself by carressing the mad scientist's antennae- a routine the two of them had gotten into a week ago.

He would never admit it but the mad scientist absolutely loved all the attention the giantess lavished upon him, and he loved that she allowed him to steal her away for hours. Just the two of them.

"I have many hidden talents..." Susan answered, sounding pleased with herself, and gave him an extra long stroke for the compliment. "So, Doc, when did you figure out how sensitive your antennae are?"

He let out another purr before answering, "I found out rather quickly. It was hard to ignore the sensations they provided, my dear, given their purpose of aiding a cockroach's senses."

"True...but how on earth did you manage to hide it from Link and Bob?" She asked, almost laughing as she thought about what those two would've done had they known about the mad scientist's quirk.

"Believe me, it wasn't easy." He groaned, closing his eyes and letting one arm flop over his face. "Once I got used to being a monster Link and Bob made it a game to try and touch my antennae, mainly due to my reactions when they got close to their goal."

"What kind of reactions?" Susan tilted her head. "I imagine you might've been a little panicky considering how they act when they have tease-worthy info."

"You imagine correctly, my dear. I'd jump or point whatever I was working on at the time at them or smack their hands like crazy, all while yelling about personal space." He sighed, trying to hold back a chirr as she continued petting him.

Susan giggled at the mental image. "I take it that worked to get them to stop?" After all, she hadnt seen them go for his antennae at all since she'd come.

"Oh no, not at all. If anything, it encouraged them." A smug smile appeared on his face as he continued, "The only thing I could do to escape was climb up the walls or even to the ceiling, and I can stay up there with my notepad and a pencil for quite a long time- oh, a little higher please, Susan. Ohhh yes, just like that..."

"You know," The giantess mused whilst continuing to pet him. "With how sensitive your antennae are, I keep wondering if you're sensitive in other places too."

"I beg your pardon?! I- ah, Susan- I don't- ohh, that's lovely right there..." The poor cockroach man kept trying to protest, seeing where her line of thought was going, but was being distracted by the constant motion of her fingertips sliding across his antennae.

"C'mon Doc..." She smirked sneakily, continuing her affectionate attack on his antennae- which were now quivering in delight. "Are you sensitive here?"

He twitched as she poked him on the chest. "N-no, I'm- gah,Susan!" He shivered as she glided her finger across the thin appendages lazily, struggling to focus.

"What about here?" She suggested, pausing in her petting to hover one slim finger over his stomach while another continued to stroke.

"S-susan, I, ahhhh," Despite the bliss he felt, he cursed it. He couldn't concentrate! She'd find out- with him in such a drowsy state of mind, he couldn't deny her anything, (not that he ever could anyway.)

"Well? Are you?" She prompted, returning her finger to languidly tracing both antennae, doubling the sensation, and purposefully drawing it out for maximum effect.

"Ohhhh my...I, ah, I..." He struggled to think clearly. "I, ahhhhhh, I-I am." He unwillingly answered, horror at his mistake beginning to clear the dreamy haze away.

Susan smiled, pleased with his response. "I had a feeling." She stated, an evil glint appearing in her sapphire eyes. "But I want to know just HOW sensitive you are..."

When her fingers stopped stroking, and he heard her words, he finally managed to break free from dreamy haze. He instantly leaped out of her arms, skittering down her leg to the floor, and made a break for the door.

"Oh no! You're not getting out of this that easily!" Susan grinned, chasing after him.

Dr. Cockroach yelped and shot out of her room at top speed, panicked. Her longer strides would easily catch up to him in no time! What could he do?!

Both of them burst out into the main area, drawing the attention of Link, Insectosaurous, and Bob, as Susan began to gain on the mad scientist.

"Just give up! You know I'm faster than you!" The giantess laughed, enjoying herself immensely.

"Stay away from me!" He shouted back, running as fast as he could. An idea suddenly dawned upon him, making him sprint for Insectosaurous.

"Excuse me, Insecto!" He called out politely, scurrying up the massive mutant's leg and up her back. Once high enough, he jumped off and clung to the wall as if he were a magnet, panting as he stared down at Susan.

"You cheater!" She shouted, but the smile on her face betrayed her angry tone.

Insectosauros, (she didn't like the name Butterflysaurous,) roared something questioningly to Link while watching Susan try to grab Dr. Cocroach.

"I dunno either, Insecto." He shrugged. "Let's find out. Hey Susan? What're you doing?"

"I'm trying to catch Dr. C for my own little experiment." The giantess answered, an evil grin appearing on her lips as she spoke. "However, he doesn't want to help."

Bob blinked in confusion. "But weren't you his test subject before?"

"Yep, but I don't think he likes the situation to be vice versa." She commented.

"Because of what you want to test!" The mad scientist called down, holding onto the wall securely with all four limbs.

"What are you trying to test?" Link turned to the white-haired giantess. "If it's something that can get the quack in such a panic I wanna know about it."

"I'm NOT a QUACK! And Susan, don't you dare say anything!"

"Hmm, I dunno, Doc. It's pretty tempting..." She mused, tapping on finger against her chin.

"Susan!" He squeezed his eyes shut for a moment, then, when he was sure she was looking, did the best puppydog eyes he could and, given the size of his eyes, it was VERY impressive.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Susan gasped and looked utterly hypnotized, (as well as Bob, but he was hypnotized by his Jello girlfriend that'd randomly appeared,) but Link scowled at the doctor.

"Really, Doc? I wasn't going to tease you about whatever it was...much."

"You and I have varying definitions of 'much,' Link. I'd rather not risk it." Dr. Cockroach answered stiffly, still maintaining his stare as he kept his eyes locked on Susan's.

"My goodness, you're adorable..." She stated, keeping up the stare contest until she could take no more. "Alright, alright! I won't tell! I won't!"

He sighed in relief and closed his eyes, his body relaxing...until he lost his grip on the wall. He yelped in panic and, though he scrabbled furiously at the metal, he could not regain purchase.

And he fell right into Susan's waiting hands.

"Well, well, well. I thought you said you could stay up there for quite some time?" She teased, grinning in evil delight.

"Y-yes, well that tactic had to fail sometime..." He gulped, gold eyes wide as he slowly crawled backwards on her hands. "So I might have to try a different one!"

He flung himself off her hands and would have made it to the ground, had it not been for Susan's reflexes as she snagged the collar of his lab coat and lifted him into the air to her eye level.

"Nice try, but like I said," she dropped him onto one hand and curled her fingers around him, stopping any escapes cold with her firm grip. "You're not getting out of this that easy."

"And that 'this' you speak of is...?" Link prodded, making the part cockroach scientist glare at him in horror.

"Sorry, Link." Susan smiled apologetically, turning and heading for her room. "But I said I wouldn't tell."

"Please, Susan, I beg of you- don't do this..." Dr. Cockroach pleaded, staring imploringly up at the giantess who held him captive.

"Why?" She asked, sitting on the floor cross-legged as her door shut with a clang.

"Uh," He hesitated. If he told her why then she'd know for sure, but if he didn't he'd be teased for the rest of his life! ...well, she sort of already knew so...

"I don't want Link to find out about my...uh...weakness." He stammered on the last bit, still refusing to admit it out loud. "He'll hear!"

Susan chuckled and stroked one antennae reassuringly. "It's okay, Doc. The doors are soundproof, remember? Don't worry about it," her expression became sly, "...worry about this instead."

He shrieked with laughter as her giant fingers attacked his sides, struggling frantically to stop the assault. "SUSA-HAHAHAHAHAHAHA-AN! STAHAHAHAHAP IT!"

"I'm sorry what? You need to talk clearer, I can't make out what you're saying!" She said in a mock innocent voice, switching from his sides to his stomach.

"STAHAHAHAHAHAP! STOP!" He laughed hysterically, his antennae jerking like crazy as he writhed to escape her surprisingly nimble fingers. "SUSAN!"

She just laughed and ignored his plea, thoroughly enjoying his non-evil laughter. It was such a lovely sound...

"SUSAHAHAHAHAN!" He tried again, writhing and twisting to escape, when suddenly, he fell off her lap to the floor. He was stunned for a moment, as well as Susan, who started to get worried when he didn't move, but then, seeing his chance, he took off like a shot.

Susan, relieved he was alright, sprang to her feet and chased after him as he zipped up the wall, grinning happily. "Get down here! I'm not done yet!" She called up to him, giggles bubbling out between her words.

"It is precisely for that reason that I am up here!" He retorted, still panting but a wild smile was on his face.

For the next few minutes the two raced around Susan's room, one chasing and trying to catch the other, one trying to avoid and escape the other- both laughing with joy.

When Susan finally managed to catch him, (using her bed as a springboard,) she continued to tickle attack him for a few minutes more, making both nearly incoherent with laughter. Finally though, Susan had mercy on the poor mad scientist and halted in her assault.

He lay panting on her lap, struggling to regain enough oxygen as a few leftover giggles came through, his antennae flicking with each one.

The giantess was also a little out of breath, and had a big smile on her lips. She picked her friend up and cradled him in the crook of her right arm, leaning against the wall as they both enjoyed the moment of peace.

"Wasn't...that fun...Doc?" Susan panted, letting out a few stray chuckles.

"Despite the...tickle torture...it was rather...enjoyable, yes..." He huffed, grinning up at her as he regained his breath. "I do hope...you won't...take advantage of...this, my dear..."

"Don't worry...Doc," She affectionately patted his head and stroked one antennae. "I won't...too often, that is..."

He sighed in mock disappointment. "You know, I really must get some sort of counterattack against you, my dear."

"I'll be ready and waiting Doc. Bring it on." She smiled sleepily at him, her eyes drooping. "Y'know, I'm kinda tired after all that."

"You're tired? How do you think I'm feeling?" He teased, letting himself relax in her very warm, very comfy arm. "Maybe a nap is in order..."

"I totally agree." Susan murmured, shifting into a more comfortable position on the floor and grabbing her pillow and blanket from her bed. Placing the both items in their proper place, she rolled onto her right side and put the mad scientist on her pillow.

She smiled and whispered, "Sleep well," and closed her eyes.

Before Dr. Cockroach could reach for the blanket, the giantess' hand gently slid over him, enveloping him in wonderful heat. He smiled softly at her and patted her hand. "Thank you my dear."

And they both fell asleep, perfectly content.

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