Hey guys I'M SO SORRY that i haven't been on for AGES! It's just that I had serious writers block for the other zorobin and my friend and i don't know what to do with the NaLu one. BUT DON'T WORRY I WILL FINISH THEM!

So here is just a fresh, new Zorobin. Hope you like it!



Rorona Zoro, a university student in tokyo, was on a shinkanshen, making the journey to revisit his home town for the summer break.
He had the seat in aisle A number 14. God dammit. The one thing he really hates is that unwanted strangers would have the same aisle as him and would have to sit near him, making it really awkward for 2 hours. Well, at least none of his friends are here. Yeah, he would take a bullet for them (DON'T tell them he said that though, ESPECIALLY that ero-cook.) But they could be really annoying sometimes...okay, always.
He sighed and got out the book he was supposed to be reading for an assignment he was supposed to do 3 weeks ago, but got it as extra work for his summer break. Ugh, Mr fucking Smoker was such a bitch to him, Luffy, Sanji, Ussop and Chopper. For some reason he hates their guts. Well, whatever, that guy can go fuck himself.
He was about to get settled because it seemed no one was going to sit in the seat next to him, reluctantly forcing his eyes to the book, when, out of the corner of his eye saw two black high heels stop beside his seats.
Shit. He guessed he did have to sit next to someone. He looked up at the woman and she smiled at him and delicately sat down on the seat, dumping her bag on the floor.
Great, Zoro thought as he tried as subtly as he could to shuffle away from her as much as he can, but that was kinda fucking difficult in a fucking train. He looked toward the woman who seemed to be reading a book, seemingly engrossed in it as she turned page after page of her novel in incredible speed. She had delicate hands but they looked...dangerous, as it they were strong. His eyes travelled from her hands to her face. She had sharp and well defined features, like her nose, and her lips were plump and red. She had these bird shaped eyes that were in between an aqua and an icy blue, framed with dark, thick eyelashes and thin, shaped eyebrows. She had long, black, silky raven hair tied in a pony tail with two thin, escaping strands framing the sides of her face. Her neck was like a swans, connecting to the graceful curve of her shoulder that was hidden underneath her black suit jacket. She had more than a generous amount of breasts and a very thin, but strong looking waist. Her legs were very long and now crossed, clad in a short, grey skirt and the black high heels. She had this very mature, calm and i know everything(?) aura around her that made her different from Nami and Vivi. But it wasn't boastful. It was actually like she had a lot of wisdom and has gone through a lot more than anyone else ever has.
DAMMIT! His slight look of her hands has gone to a full body inspection.
Yeah, the woman beside him was hot...hell, she was drop dead gorgeous, and maybe a murderess (Yeah, he had trust issues) but he wasn't the fucking guy to go flirt with a woman just because he took some slight interest in her. But, he was a university student, and sadly ONLY been to night clubs and sometimes had drunken flings with some women. But that was it. Maybe he should start looking for someone...NO. What he only needs to care about is training and his goal. Love would just distract him.
He went back to his book and sighed inwardly. FUCK THIS SHIT! He fucking hated work!
He heard the pages stop turning beside him. Looked like the woman had finished her...HOLY HELL! That is a FUCKING HUMONGOUS BOOK! Probably about at least a thousand pages. God, and he swore she had only started when she sat down.
He was about to look back toward his own novel when he felt her glance at him. No. not him...but his book.
"Sorry, but what is that book called?" her voice was deeper than most women's, and mature, cultured. Zoro looked at her in surprise but answered her anyway.
"Uh, its called The History Of The One Piece." The woman smiled at him.
"Ah, seems I have read that one. Sorry, I was interested." and she shifted her attention from him to her bag, bending down and rummaging through it to get something.
Okay, this might be his last chance with a hot as hell, older woman who seemed to be interested in him who he didn't consider as a sister. Yeah, training and his goal was his life, but he guessed he could get romantically involved with someone. And, although she could be a murderess (because, come on, who was hot and was intelligent at the same time? She was probably a spy or assasin or something) he didn't really mind. Besides, he liked danger. Also, It would stop him getting stalked by his creepy fangirls and he could could rub into to aho-lovelin's face that he's gotten a girlfriend (who was older and hot).
Okay, what should he say to her then? Zoro really had absolutely NO dating experience with women (unless you count lots of alcohol and one time things)
"...was the book good?" he asked gruffly, nodding toward the thick tome on her lap.
Really...THAT'S what he comes up with! He was mentally face palming himself.
"The woman glanced up at him in surprise but then politely smiled at him and straightened up, pulling out a yet another book from her bag.
"Yes, it was. It was about the history of all sorts of katana from around the world. It was quite fascinating and I learned a lot from it. KATANA! YESSSSSSSSSSSSS! A woman that was hot, older and knew swords! He stopped his inner celebration and he looked at her. It seemed she was waiting for him to say something."I have three Katana actually." he replied in a hurry, nodding toward his three swords on his jacket on the floor

"Oh, wow. I never thought I would see the real thing! Are they all wazamono's? I recognize Sandai Kitetsu and Shusui from my book. I'm not familiar with the white hilted one though." she said, her blue eyes lighting up in interest as she examined the swords on the floor, her raven hair falling past her shoulder. He didn't reply for a while, because he was busy staring at her in wonder. A woman that knew swords! She glanced up at him and their eyes met. Ice blue meeting dark brown. He felt his pulse quicken slightly.

"Ah, sorry, I should have introduced myself first." she smiled at him apologetically but gracefully at the same time, straightened up and put out her hand.
"Nico Robin. Nice to meet you."
"R-Roronoa Zoro." he replied while taking her hand. It felt soft and he could feel a slight tingly feeling. They let go and Robin (Even her name was pretty cool) asked something.
"So, where are you headed to?"
"Oh, thats strange. I'm heading there to. I'm going for my newest research project for the museum."
"You work at the museum?" he replied with genuine interest. He definitely dosen't know someone who was clever enough to work at a museum.
"No. I'm an archeologist. It's just that my research team and I could do with the extra money from the museum with the upcoming projects."
"What are you researching on?"
"Well, the museum are making an exhibition about ancient weapons. And, well, Shimotsuki is quite famous for their swordsmanship so..."
"Oh, well, I'm just visiting my family."
"That's nice. Are they into swordsmanship?"
So the conversation continued on like that. It got to the point where Zoro was animatedly telling her about the promise he made with Kuina and his goal to become the best swordsman in the world and go into the biggest swordsmanship competition ever. She seemed fascinated by his determination so she ended up telling her dream as well.
Robin wanted to learn what had happened in the void century. She seemed amused when he had no fucking clue what that was, so she told him it was the century where no human had known what had happened in it. She also told him the only way to find out was to find the Poneglyph stones that are scattered around the world. He learnt that she was the only person in the world that could read the language and she had learnt it when she was only eight years old. She had laughed at his dumb stricken face and assured him that she wasn't lying. And, weirdly enough, he had believed her.
He also told her about his friends in Uni and told him how ero-cook and him always fight (she laughed at his nickname), How Luffy was always asking for meat, how Nami always beat them up if they were being stupid (not him of course), how Brook always got in trouble for asking girls to see their panties.
"And, do you start the fights between your friend or you?"
"Well obviously he does! He always flirting with girls in a seriously dumbass way and he always calls me Marimo head."
"She had laughed when he had said that.
"He also learnt that she could speak over 30 LANGUAGES! Apparently Japanese was her second language because she was born in Russia.
He told her about his history assignment as well and complained about Smoker. She offered to help him with it and he got in done in no time.
"Thanks." he said, hoping he sounded grateful.
"Oh its fine. I love the subject."
Finally, the train stopped.
"We have know arrived at Shimotsuki Village. Please make sure not to forget anything."
"That was two hours? It had seemed a lot shorter. Probably because he was talking so much with Robin he lost track of time...Hell, it was probably the most he had talked since ever.
"Well, that's our stop. Shall we?" Robin got her back from the floor and got up, stretching slightly. Zoro nodded and and gently picked up his Katana from the floor, got up and secured them to his waist. He noticed that she had taken her vest off and was now only wearing a black tank top, probably because of the heat that was flowed in from the train doors. They got into the queue of people waiting to get out and he realized she was taller that him.
What the fuck should he do know? Ask for her number or something...but what if she laughs at him or gets creeped out? But, she was gonna be staying for a month, half the time that he was. It would seriously be stupid of him to let a chance slip by like this...
Before he knew it, they had stepped off from the train and onto the platform. She had turned towards him and smiled.
"Well, it was really nice meeting you Zoro. But, if you don't mind me asking one question..."
"Uh, sure."
"Could I have your phone number? I don't know the place at all so I thought you could help by showing me around sometime...? Its okay if you don't want to.."
"Oh, yeah, sure." he replied. Yes! This was good. Was she implying a date? No. Don't get ahead of yourself.
They walked down the stairs and out of the station, exchanging numbers.
They finally stopped by the taxi's.
"Thank you Zoro. I should go and catch a taxi...and I think I will be seeing you quite soon." she smiled at him and walked off, got in a taxi and waved at him as she drove away.
He waved back at her, smiling slightly. Fuck yes! He felt his family watching him from the car across the road...he was in doubt gonna get teased and questioned A LOT.
But right now he didn't care.
He never believed in fateful meetings, but this meeting with Robin was the one exception he was willing to make.