Robin P.O.V

"Mmmm" Nico Robin groaned as she slowly opened her eyes, the ceiling of the crows nest becoming more visible...crows nest?

What on earth happened last night? she thought as she tried to move her arm to clutch her head, which was pounding painfully.


She slowly looked down, realizing she was naked. ...no...Her eyes locked on to a muscular, tan arm that was wrapped tightly around her waist. Her eyes travelled up along the arm, towards its owner.

Oh my god.

It all added up, the headache, the crows nest, the beer and wine bottles along with shot cups scattered everywhere.

Nico Robin had slept with Roronoa Zoro.

Her eyes widened in surprise and she gasped quietly, not wanting to wake him or it would make things even more awkward.

Slowly, she untangled herself from his embrace and got up, searching for her clothes.

She quickly got dressed and leapt out of the crows nest. She knew it was unfair to leave Kenshi-san up there by himself, naked and probably very confused when he wakes up, but she did not want to stay there and see his face when he does and face the very awkward this will never happen again scenario. So it was easier for both of them if she left first. Anyway, she had done this plenty of times before, how was this any differ- She cut herself off before completing the question.

Of course this was going to be different! Zoro she had to see every flipping day of her life whereas the other men she had left in bed she never saw again (apart from crocodile but it wasn't awkward between them, since it had been purely for their own needs).

She had to get her thoughts in order. Sighing heavily she clutched her aching head, making her way toward the kitchen.

She would take a nice relaxing bath and some much needed aspirin.

Zoro P.O.V

Zoro yawned as he opened his eyes stretching. He rolled on to his back. Why the hell was he sleeping on his side? Eh whatever, he felt like he slept really well last night anyway. He stretched again and sat up, pulling up the blanket that was covering him.

His jaw literally unhinged itself from the rest of his mouth. WTF?! Why the fuck was he naked?!

He quickly grabbed the rest of his clothes, confused as hell, and got dressed.

What the hell happened last nigh-ow! What the shit?!

He clutched his head and groaned.


That would explain why there was a lot of beer bottles everywhere. He got up and started walking toward the door when he tripped over something.

This hangover is really dulling my senses. he angrily thought as he swiftly got up and turned around to slice the thing into pieces.

He saw a book.

Definitely one of Robin's books as it was called The History of the Grand Line.

Huh, if I slice one of Robin's books she'll kill me.

Being the stupid idiot Zoro was he nudged the book aside, not realizing what this book lying here could mean.

He descended down the crowsnest and landed with a thud. It was still quite early in the morning so he didn't want to wake anyone (aka feel the wrath of Nami).

As he was making his way toward the kitchen however he stumbled over something. What the fuck is wrong with me today!? he thought as he looked down and saw that the Fucking ero-cook was lying there, snoring away.

Zoro's eyebrow twitched angrily and the thought of kicking him was very tempting, but he thought of the orange haired, female barbarian and quickly thought better of it.

He looked around and saw that everyone was asleep on the deck to. It all came back to him then.

There had been a party to welcome Franky as nakama.

That's why everyone was passed out, drunk. That was probably the reason why he had drank more than usual last night...but to the point he would sleep naked? HELL NO! He wouldn't do that.

"All this thinking is making my brain hurt." he muttered under his breath and he stalked off toward the kitchen for the aspirin.

As he made his way to the kitchen, he kept wondering what the heck happened last night.

So I woke up naked with a hangover...even when I'm seriously wasted, thats never happened...was it a dare or some shit by Luffy?...Oh crap, if it was, ero-cook is gonna laugh his stupid ass off...wait a minute, he won't remember cuz he's wasted...

He sweat dropped.

He was getting off track here. He opened the door to the kitchen and he found himself face to face with Robin.

Robin, the woman...no, person that he felt the most awkward around. Yes, after Enies Lobby he did trust her, and he had been talking to her at night in the crowsnest before that about...things, sometimes light hearted talk and other times deep and meaningful conversations. And he had found out she was pretty good company. Good enough that he would sometimes look forward with talking with her.

Lately though, Zoro was feeling even more awkward around her because of reasons unknown. For example, he would feel weird if she glanced his way or feel more pissed than normal when swirly-cook flirted with her. Meh, it probably means nothing.

"Oh, my apologies Kenshi-san." Robin said, as she jumped back like she had been electrocuted, but her voice was calm. She quickly walked toward the kitchen counter and opened the top left hand draw.


Robin glanced up at Zoro and asked, "Do you want some as well?"

"Uh, yeah...how did you know?"

"Ah, well, everybody is passed out on the lawn, beer bottles are everywhere, and you are a heavy drinker so I assumed..." Zoro thought he saw her face flicker with panic, but it was so quick he was pretty sure he imagined it.

"Yeah, i need one...maybe two." He replied, clutching his head. She got two pills out herself and tossed the packet at Zoro, who expertly catched it.

As she was filling water for the two of them, Zoro decided to ask her if she had any idea what had happened the previous night.

"So, do you remember anything that happened last night?"

Robin almost dropped the cup she was holding. Robin. The graceful assassin, Almost dropped a cup.

Shit. Last night must've been fucking terrible.

"Oh, well...I...remember to the point where I was keeping watch in the crows nest, then I must have passed out since I drank to much. Sorry, that's all I remember."


"The weird thing is, I woke up in the crows nest this morning...d'you think I visited you or something?"

"No, I clearly remember not having any visitors." she replied without a moments hesitation. But before he could ask her any more questions she said,

"Sorry Kenshi-san, but I'm going to go take a bath now." and hurried past him, almost knocking into him on her way out.

What? I know we're awkward around each other but this is just weird shit. He scowled at her retreating figure...he's almost sure something happened between him and Robin last night.

Robin P.O.V

Jesus, I nearly lost it for a second there the dark haired woman thought as she hurried toward the bathroom of the Thousand Sunny.

She could feel Zoro's suspicious eyes burning her back as she grew arms to the bath house and pulled herself upwards.

She landed on the balcony bit of the Bath house, quickly opened the door and almost slammed it shut. After the door was closed she leaned against it, running a hand through her hair.

Why was she getting so worked up? Kenshi-san was now quite far away from her, there's nothing to worry about.

She sighed heavily. After waking up with Zoro beside her she had been...jumpy. Not a normal person would have known, as she was very good at hiding her emotions...but the crew would figure it out soon enough, so she had to get her act together. Even worse, Zoro, out of everyone, was already suspicious of her. Honestly, she was surprised he hadn't even figured it out by now. She'll just have to pray that he doesn't bring it up.

She took her shirt off and glanced in the mirror opposite her. She gritted her teeth in annoyance as she could see a hickey on her neck, collarbone and just above her left breast. She felt her cheeks warm slightly, as if remembering last nights events, but it was only for a second she must have imagined it.

Anyway, she had to know who had started the whole thing...it would make her mind calmer, in a sense.

She lowered herself into the steaming bath, running her hand along her neck. Her hand suddenly flew to her head, which had, with no warning, started pounding with an immense pain, but she could see images from last night...and it came flooding back to her.


Nico Robin was sitting in the crows nest, smiling down at her drunken crew mates as they partied for her comeback and a new nakama's arrival.

She gulped down her second bottle of wine, finishing it. No, she wasn't that drunk yet, but she planned on drinking until she passes out.

The reason why? Well, she felt that she just needed to let go, after the events of Enies Lobby. Her face still mildly hurt, and there were bruises covering some parts of her body to remind her of the fact. Yes, this is the only time she would drink like this.

She reached for a bottle of beer this time, and drunk it dry. It felt good to feel a warm, slightly numb feeling to spread over her, blocking her from the memories.

As she was reaching for another beer bottle, she heard the crowsnest's door open. Looking up, she realized it was Kenshi-san. He looked drunk, as he was stumbling, and Robin thought it was a miracle that he could've made it up the ladder in the first place.

"Oi, Robin, what are you doing here?" his speech was slightly slurred as he finally realized she was there.

"I was keeping watch Kenshi-san." she replied, her voice sounding perfectly normal. His face lit up with dull remembrance and he looked back toward her, eyes suddenly serious.

He stumbled toward her and plopped himself down, a bit too close to her liking.

"Kenshi-san, do you need anything?" he didn't answer her however and reached for two shot cups instead, filled them, and handed one toward her. He hooked his arm around hers which were holding the cups, and positioned them until they were hovering just below their mouths.

The lovers shot? This was getting quite strange she thought as Robin looked at him with baffled eyes. Oh well, she would down it anyway, she hadn't had a shot yet.

"For living." he declared and they downed the cup at the same time. She smiled for a second while she downed it, she guessed Zoro had a soft side too.

They brought their heads back down, and realized they were so close, too close to each other, their lips almost touching. However neither moved, they only stared.

Zoro slowly leaned forward, and Robin, as if the alcohol froze her, didn't move away, as his rough lips touched her soft ones.

It started slow at first but then they started kissing roughly, their breathing fast and heavy. Zoro pushed her down...

Flashback end

The rest of the memories was like a tsunami, crashing into her head with no warning. She banged her head against the edge of the bath as she remembered what they did together...she shook her head, clearing her mind.

So it was Zoro who had started the whole thing, but she didn't move away from him...why, why didn't she?! It wouldn't have lead to this dilemma.

Know comes the bigger question.

Why would Zoro do that?

Zoro P.O.V.

Zoro growled as he lifted his weights repeatedly, still trying to figure out what had happened last night.

1- He woke up naked

2- He was wasted

3- Robin was drunk as well

4- Robin was acting kinda weird around him

What could it mean?! He growled in frustration and lifted the weights faster, now losing count.

We now bring in help from our author because Zoro's a hopeless idiot.

Oi! I'm not a hopeless idiot-

Zoro, what do you think happened last night?

Thats what I'm still trying to figure out dumbass!

Jeez, okay. What have you come up with so far?

Um...well, something definitely happened between me and Robin...since I woke up naked maybe it was a dare or something...and I only did it because my drunk ass self was stupid...

Dare? God such a child. Ok Zoro, what usually happens in movies when the main guy or girl wakes up naked, with a blanket, most likely in a really big, white bed, with a raging hangover? Does he or she wake up alone?

No, they usually wake up with-...


Ah, finally, the dumbass realizes. I'll be going now Zoro, and get your jaw off the ground, you look stupid.


It was the only reasonable explanation...

Wait, since he woke up without Robin, did that mean in the movies, he would be playing the role of the dumb, stupid main character who's fucking confused and Robin would be playing the part of the sexy stranger who slept with him?

Fuck, not only did this situation suck, but he got the worst role as we-WAIT IS IT REALLY TIME TO BE THINKING ABOUT THIS?!

He slumped to the ground and rubbed a hand behind his neck...

Hm? What was that dent?

His eyes darted toward the body length mirror he was sitting opposite to and he craned his neck, trying to get a better view of what it was.

...oh shit.

It was a fucking hickey, red and small, resting on his throat, like a souvenir from last night...


Everything was fuzzy as he climbed up the crows nest, the sky slightly swaying as he finally made it up to his training room.

The party down there was awesome, but right now he just needed quiet.

He gripped the banister and looked around, eyes finally stopping on the woman who had been plaguing his thoughts for awhile now.


It seemed like she had been drinking as well because two empty wine bottles lay next to her, along with a few bottles of beer.

"Oi, Robin, what are you doing here?" God dammit, his speech was slurred. Since when did he get this drunk?

"I was keeping watch Kenshi-san." she replied in her alluring, seductive, deep but feminine voice.

He started to feel hot.

He then noticed the bruises on her face and frowned, thoughts suddenly going to what would have happened if they hadn't made it in time...she could have died-

He quickly cut those thoughts off and plopped down next to Robin, closer than he usually would have, grabbed two shot cups and filled them.

Then, he hooked his arm around hers and handed one cup to Robin.

The lovers shot? What the hell was he doing? But his body seemed to defy his mind as he said,

"For living."

and downed the drink.

He didn't know why he said that, but he the thought of Robin dying...as much as he would hate to admit it...worried him half to death. He didn't know why...he guessed it was like that with all his nakama.

When they brought their heads back down, he realized that they were close.

Very close.

He unconsciously liked his dry lips as he focused on her moist ones, the drunken haze of his mind blocking all reason.

His heart pounded as he brought his lips closer to hers, and when they finally touched, it was like an explosion.

Their tongues slowly, yet sensually, glided against each other, gradually becoming more heated and rapid. His arms slid down to her thin waist, his lust for her consuming him as he pushed her down roughly against the wooden boards of the crows-nest...

Flashback end

So that's what happened.

Sighing in frustration but in relief of knowing what had happened, he thought hard about what he should do next.

He had already realized by now that he was indeed attracted to the raven haired beauty, that being the reason of why he slept with her. He could now ignore it completely, not mention a word to Robin that he knew what had happened, and continue on as normal. The flaw in that plan, however, was the fact that Robin was obviously going to find out that he had figured what had happened between them, so is either going to try and talk to him about it and leave him utterly confused, or, is going to leave it as it is, and leave the tension and awkwardness between them, that could later on, affect the whole crew.

He thought that Robin would go with the latter option, but it was Robin; she never failed to surprise him.

If they talked about it...what would they solve? Actually, what were they going to try and solve anyway?

He grunted and got up. He knew what he had to do.

Robin P.O.V

She had just gotten out of the bath, gotten dressed and then had proceeded to climb up the ladder to the new library, her favorite place on their brand new ship.

The musky scent of books enveloped her as she stepped in, inhaling deeply. The uncountable amount of tomes surrounded her, trapping her in a world of knowledge and imagination. The windows were the perfect size so you could gaze out to the vast blue skies and seas, a pleasant background for reading.

She sat down on one of the comfortable sofa's and picked a random novel from one of the bottom shelves, curling into the corner of the sofa with a soft blanket which she had gotten from her room and a cup of coffee.

Nice and snug, she opened the first page of the book, and started to read-


...when she was rudely interrupted by the door slamming open.

"Kenshi-san." she addressed him, looking up at the figure which was now standing in front of her, arms crossed as if he was going to do something.

Surprisingly, she was calm. She had gotten her jittery emotions under control by working out she had feelings for him, and had told herself that he didn't feel the same way.

"Robin, I like you more than a friend." he said, blunt, straight out there, with a completely stoic face. However, just a small tinge of red was showing in his cheeks, which meant he was actually quite embarrassed of his...confession.

"Right...okay. Me too." and with that she went back to her book, feeling more than satisfied that he returned her feelings and that she had managed to tell him.

He looked down at her, eyes widening in surprise, expecting her to say something more. When she just kept on reading, he scowled and grabbed the tome out of her hands, forcing her to acknowledge him.

"Oi. I just confessed and this is how you react to it."

"We got our feelings understood didn't we? Isn't that enough for now? Unless you want something more out of...whatever this is."

"...scoot." he suddenly asked and she obliged, making room for him on the sofa. He then proceeded to pull her on top of his lap, arms wrapping around her thin waist.

Robin froze for a minute and then leaned into his embrace, however, instead of smiling, she frowned.

"What are we going to do know?" she sighed and turned her head so that it was centimeters from his.

"We have two options. Do nothing or..." he leaned in and took her lips in a short kiss.

"...do this."

"You sure you aren't doing this just because I slept with you last night?" she whispered in a hushed tone, her face still just centimeters away.

"Pretty sure." he replied back with the same softness, if Roronoa Zoro could be soft.

"You know...I'm not an easy person to be with" she smirked and started to lean in again.

"Heh. Me neither." he leaned in for another kiss when,

"ZOOOOROOOOOO!" At that moment, Luffy came flying in, tackling Zoro to the ground and leaving a slightly surprised Robin on the couch.

"What the hell! Luffy get the fuck off me!" A very pissed off swordsman shoved Luffy off him. Amazingly, they didn't knock any of the books over.

"Shishi. Suman, Zoro...Oh yeah! I have a reeeaaalllyyy bad headache and since you always get drunk, I came to get...uh...oh yeah, advice from you!" the childish captain laughed and kept on talking.

Robin, unnoticed by the babbling captain, caught Zoro's eye and she put a finger on her lips while winking at him, making him blush.

This relationship of theirs will stay a secret...for now.