"For all the value that the true, the truthful, the selfless may deserve, it would still be possible that a higher and more fundamental value for life might have to be ascribed to deception, selfishness, and lust. It might even be possible that what constitutes the value of these good and revered things is precisely that they are insidiously related, tied to and involved with these wicked, seemingly opposite things - maybe even one with them in essence. Maybe! But who has the will to concern himself with such dangerous maybes? For that, one really has to wait for the advent of a new species of philosophers such as have somehow another and converse taste and propensity from those we have known so far - philosophers of the dangerous "maybe" in every sense. And in all seriousness: I see such new philosophers coming up."
"Beyond Good and Evil" Part One, On the Prejudices of Philosophers

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Warning: *Explicit* Richard/Justin slash! EXPLICIT! DO NOT READ THIS IF SLASH IS NOT YOUR BAG, BABY!

"Philosophers of Maybe"
a murder by numbers fanfic by SchizoAuthoress schizoauthoress

They were at the bluff again.

Justin Pendleton stood with his hand on the driverside door handle of his car, glaring at the redhead sitting on the hood and smoking a cigarette. Richard Haywood ignored him until he carelessly tossed away the dead filter tip and said, in a characteristically arrogant voice,

"I knew we'd pull it off."

"Would you kindly get *off* of my car, then?" Justin said in a tone equal parts of icy and bored.

"Why?" Richard asked provokingly, leaning back onto the windshield. "Am I getting ass-prints all over a new wax job or something?"

Justin sighed and flicked a lock of his dirty-blond hair out of his dark blue eyes. "Actually, I was going to go home now."

Richard laced his hands together behind his head, discreetly observing the fuming blond. Justin was biting his lower lip as if to keep some outburst of emotion inside himself. Richard strongly doubted whether it was because he was sitting on Justin's car, but rather because Richard was being so flippant. Justin hated it when Richard was not serious when he himself was almost all the time.

"You can come home with me." Richard said suddenly. Justin looked at him, a bit startled.

"Aren't your parents home?"

Richard replied with a careless shrug. "I don't think so. Anyway, what's wrong with you coming over to my house? We'll just say that you're helping me-"

"Study?" Justin finished, sarcasm dripping from that one monosyllable. Richard swung himself into a sitting position facing Justin and stared at him. Justin shook his head and said blankly, "Why don't we just go to the police station and turn ourselves in?"

Richard laughed suddenly. Justin looked extremely miffed as he crossed his arms and glared.

"I fail to see what is so funny."

"You are just so goddamn paranoid, Justin!" Richard snickered, "They said the case was closed. I bet Mayweather doesn't take a shit without asking her superiors first."

"I certainly did *not* get such an impression of that woman."

Richard raised an eyebrow and commented, "You're talking like a college- prep essay again."

Impatiently, Justin raked one hand through his long blond hair. "All I'm saying is that we should be a little more careful until we're sure this whole thing blows over!"

Richard leaned forward and snared Justin around the waist, pulling him back so that they were both leaning on the side of the car. His tone was gentle, teasing, as he murmured, "It's okay. Nobody cares about us again. Just like it was."

"It is not." Justin whispered softly. Although his eyes avoided the gold- brown gaze Richard studied him with, he relaxed in the redhead's embrace. Richard moved his right hand to place it on Justin's pale cheek, running his thumb slowly over his boyfriend's full, velvety lips.

"Okay," Richard responded, with a slight grin, "not *just* like it was. Better, I think." He captured Justin's mouth in a slow, deep kiss, nibbling gently on his lower lip.

A muffled, tiny sound of surprise from Justin shifted into a pleased murmur as he parted his lips and returned the kiss. Then, he pulled away and whispered in a breathy voice, "I agree."

Richard smiled, really smiled this time, not a teasing grin or the sly half- sneer that usually twisted his mouth. "So, you coming to my house or not?"

to be continued.

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