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"Expecto Patronum!"

Why was he in such a situation again?

The day has started so well.. or as well as it can be living with the Dursleys at least. They were their usual hateful selves and made his life hell with chores and insults, but he was now used to it all.

What made this summer worse were the nightmares of the last task of the triwizard tournament and Cedric's death. He couldn't help but feel it was his fault the other boy died, if only he didn't suggest they both take the cup at the same time he would still be alive.

He rarely ever slept and when he did he woke up screaming and scared, it always took him several minutes to remember that he was in Privet Drive and not in the graveyard fighting Voldemort.

Other than that, not only he was prisoner in there but his friends hadn't contacted him all summer, his letters went unanswered, they didn't even come to get him for his birthday this year.

He was furious with them. Oh, he knew that it was probably on Dumbledore's orders, he was not as stupid as he made everyone believe, but still, if they were really his friends they would try to keep in touch with him instead of obeying a man that had no right to make such decisions about his life.

He still hated the man for forbidding him, again, to stay with Sirius, his godfather. A man that was innocent and genuinely loved him. But instead of trying to get him a trial the headmaster only thought about forcing him back with the muggles.

Thank Merlin his godfather was not an idiot who followed Dumbledore blindly. The man sent him a letter every day telling him things of all kinds. From what was happening in the wizarding world, about the Order of the Phoenix and their plans, to stories about his parents, things he should have known about wizarding traditions, his title and duties.

Harry was not a happy boy when he found out that he was the heir of a Most Noble and Ancient House and that Dumbledore kept that and his inheritance hidden from him. Thinking back he realized just how many times he did something absolutely stupid only because he didn't know shit about the wizarding world. Like rejecting Malfoy in such a rude way in first year and making an enemy out of him, just to make an example.

After realizing the situation he was in Sirius took it upon himself to educate Harry on everything he needed to know and so he received ten or more parchments of letter every day along with different books for him to read.

His inability to sleep came handy, allowing him to study during the night while the day he was otherwise occupied with the idiotic muggles.

He had already decided that at the first chance to go to Gringotts he would deal with this situation and send a big fuck you to Dumbledore, his order and all that wanted to manipulate his life and use him as a weapon in this fucking war!

The only unusual thing that was actually bothering him was that since his birthday he had been feeling tired and achy, his magic felt restless under his skin but he didn't for the life of him understand the reason.

B y the time evening came he felt nauseous and dizzy. To make matters worse a couple of dementors decided that his cousin would make a good snack.


He hated feeling so sarcastic and angry all the time, not that he had reason to feel any different, but it just felt wrong for him. Shaking this thoughts from his mind he concentrated on the memories of his godfather, how happy he was to finally have some semblance of family and watched as the silvery stag appeared.

He had successfully managed to drive them away when he felt the world go black around him and he fainted.


"Mr. Potter… Can you hear me?"

Slowly he opened his eyes, coming face to face with a goblin. Well, that was new…

After ensuring that he was completely awake and 'stable' enough for the conversation they needed to have, the goblin lead him to one of the offices that lined the dark corridors of the bank.

'I wonder what did they mean by stable.. I am not dying am I?' he thought.

"My name is Bloodfang, Mr. Potter, and I am the Potter's account manager"

"Um, pleasure to meet you, sir" he said still confused. 'How did I get there again?'

"I am certain you have many question and we also have many matters to attend to, so I suggest starting immediately."

"Of course"

"Very well. To start with soon after you collapsed your house elf took you there so we could help you, seems that he didn't trust Saint Mungo's or wizards in general.."

"Dobby.." he whispered. So that was the crack he heard before fainting. He would have to buy him special socks to thank him as soon as he could.

"Indeed. Strange elf but an extremely loyal one, he is. Our healers visited you and we found some things of concern. Tell me have you been feeling strange lately?" the goblin asked.

"Yes, after my birthday I started feeling a little ill but today it was worse"

"The reason you are feeling like that is both linked to your birthday and to external sources. The healer found that you have several bonds placed on your person and magic, as well as potions and compulsions that alter your behavior." He announced solemn "our healer also suspects that you may have a creature inheritance that has been blocked by one of this things, leading to your illness"

"I.. how? Why?" Harry couldn't help but stutter. He didn't need to be a genius to link it all to Dumbledore, the man liked to manipulate him way too much for his own good, but he never expected him to do something like that. "What are they exactly and can they be removed?"

"We can easily find with a blood ritual offered by Gringotts, it will show everything from the titles you hold, your properties and business, any active contract or alliance, magical abilities, as well as anything that shouldn't be there like potions, compulsions and blocks." Bloodfang explained "We would have done it before but the policy of the bank doesn't allow us to proceed without the express permission of the client"

"I want to do it, please" he asked. He could feel his hands shaking in anger and shock and tried to control it. He wished Sirius could be there for him and help him but it was too dangerous with him being a wanted criminal still. So he did the next best thing and concentrated on his breathing.

Bloodfang instructed him to slit his palm with the dagger provided and bleed on the parchment the goblin produced from one of the many drawers of his desk. After a few seconds the wound closed thanks to the goblin magic and the parchment started filling itself with writing .

Full name: Harrison James Potter

Parents: James Charlus Potter (Deceased); Lily Rose Potter nee Evans (Deceased)

Godparents: Sirius Orion Black III, Alice Madeline Longbottom nee Prewett

Magical Guardian: Albus Dumbledore (illegally)

Age: 15

Titles: Heir of the Most Noble and Ancient House of Potter, Heir of the Most Noble And Most Ancient House of Gryffindor (By blood as last living descendant, eligible for emancipation) . Eligible as heir of the Most Noble and Most Ancient House of Black, eligible as heir of the Most Noble and Most Ancient House of Peverell (By blood). Eligible as heir of the Most Noble and Most Ancient House of Slytherin (by right of conquest.

Properties: Potter Manor (sealed under fidelius), Potter Castle (sealed under fidelius), Godric's Hollow (under ministry jurisdiction as national monument), Griffin Castle (sealed), The Lion's Den (sealed), Hogwarts (One quarter), Grimmauld Place nr 12 (under fidelius), Black Manor (sealed), Castle Noir (Paris, sealed), Villa Black (Rome, sealed), Black cottage (Russia, sealed), Black apartments (Usa, sealed), Blackwood Ranch (usa, sealed), Peverell Manor (sealed), Slytherin castle (sealed), Basilisk Liar (sealed), Hogwarts (One quarter).

Business: Potter Corporation, Black Companies, (see family ledgers for more)

Investments: Daily Prophet 64 %, Madam Malkin's Robes for all Occasions 22%, Flourish and Bloots 53%, The Leaky Cauldron 48%, Slug and Jitters Apothecary 67%, Twilfitt and Tatting's 86%, Ogden's Old Firewhiskey 12%, (see family ledgers for more)

Contracts: Longbottom Greenhouses, Greengrass Law Firm, Davies Antiques, Abbott Vineyards, marriage contract with Ginevra Weasley signed by Albus Dumbledore.

Alliances: The Most Noble and Ancient House of Longbottom (Potter), The Most Noble and Ancient House of Prewett (Potter), The Most Noble House of Malfoy (Black), The most Noble and Ancient House of Greengrass (Potter, Black), The most Noble House of Lestrange (Black).

Magical abilities: Parseltongue (partially blocked), shadow travel (blocked), illusions (blocked), animagus form (blocked), mage sight (blocked), partial metamorphomagus (blocked)

Creature Inheritance: unknown –blocked 100%

Magical Core: Golden- 90% blocked (yellow-squib, pink-weak, red-average, green-above average, blue powerful, silver-warlock, golden-mage)

Other: compulsion potions/spells designed to: hate-prejudice towards slytherin students; loyalty towards Dumbledore, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Molly Weasley; weak love potion keyed to Ginny Weasley, hate towards Severus Snape, reckless behavior, asocial tendencies, depression - anger inducers, (other potions/spells have been too weakened to be recognized or nullified), Horcrux.

"Merlin.." Harry whispered unbelieving what he had just read. It was just too much to take for him at the moment. If he started thinking about it all he would stay there for days and just get an headache so he decided to shut his mind and just follow his instincts for now on what to do.

Well. Not that there was much to think about having to remove all that shit.

"It is advisable to remove all the blocks, especially the ones on your magical core and creature inheritance. If left unattended they could lead to your death" the goblin spoke, making him finally raise his eyes from the parchment. "The horcrux too. I assume it is a shard of the dark lord's soul. We can remove it safely for you"

"Yes. Of course. When would it be possible to schedule a ritual to remove them?" he asked.

Even though everyone thought he was stupid, he was actually quite smart and liked to read. The library was the only place his fat cousin would never enter and his safe heaven, it was there that he discovered his love for knowledge.

Once back in the wizarding world he played stupid, partly because he really didn't know anything about this strange new world and party because that way people would underestimate him. The fact that Hermione was so prissy about her grades didn't encourage him to do better either, afraid back then to lose a friend.

He still continued to learn though, that's why he knew that all those blocks could be safely removed only in two ways. The one who put them removed them or by a ritual offered by the goblins.

As for the horcrux. He would not think about it now or he would get sick all over the antique desk in front of him.

"We would need only a couple of hours to set up the chamber if you are willing to wait here. We could address your titles and discrepancies in your trust vault in the meantime" Bloodfang proposed. At his nod he sent a message to prepare for the ritual before producing the ledgers for his families form this desk.

"Several withdrawals had been done from your trust vault using your key. Since the amounts are quite high we sent you several letters but you never answered those and seeing that you failed to complain after the monthly statements we thought they did it with your permissions but after what came to light today I'm afraid we were wrong"

"What statements? And I never authorized anything.. the only time was when Mrs. Weasley bought my school supplies.. " Harry said wide eyed.

"It is safe to assume that Dumbledore blocked your mail too then, fan mail included. We can trace it back for you for a small fee if you wish." Bloodfang offered.

"Yes please."

"As you can see from those statements" he continued showing him several parchments "1000 galleons went to the Dursleys every month for the last fourteen years, 500 galleons to Mrs. Molly Weasley every month for the last four years, 250 galleons to Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger every month for the last four years, 250 galleons to Ginny Weasley for the last three years. 1500 galleons went to Dumbledore for the last fourteen years every month and 1000 to the order of the phoenix every month for the last four years."

Harry clenched his fists tight in anger as the goblin spoke, he didn't care if he drew blood, keeping a tight leash on his magic was more important at the moment. He didn't think the goblin would like it if he trashed his office.

"Also 2000 galleons had been taken in your first year of school to buy a .. broomstick, and 3500 galleons had been used to buy tickets to the quidditch world cup last year."

"I'll kill them" he hissed. He thought that the broom he got in first year was a gift instead they used his money and bought the most expensive kind they could find, the old bastard probably wanted the lions to win at all costs and if the exclusive broom cause him to be target of jealousy and insults even better.. and the world cup.. they said that Mr. Weasley got the tickets from a colleague instead he paid for all of them! He could have been happy to do so if they asked but to steal from him for such a stupid thing as quidditch.. He really didn't know what to think anymore.

"I would offer you a calming draught normally but it won't be good for the ritual later. We can take a break though so you can calm down and eat something light." Usually goblins didn't care for humans and their stupid emotions but he couldn't help but feel respect for this little wizard. He was still strong after all the shit the wizarding world and Dumbledore had pulled on him.

Oh, he didn't doubt that he would rage and cry as soon as he was with someone he cared someplace safe. But for a child so young he was strong, not only in magic but in mind. If there was something goblins respected above all else it was strength.

"Thank you. I'm sorry for my reactions.."

"It's understandable"


After a very light breakfast and another serious talk Harry decided that he would get emancipated and accept his lordships.

Since he was the last male descendant of his line, as heir of the Most Noble and Ancient House of Potter, he was eligible for emancipation. Something he could have done at thirteen he was informed and also his participation in the triwizard tournament made the emancipation a mere formality. Since the rules stated that only of age wizards could compete when they failed to pull him out of the contest magic recognized him as an adult.

The procedure was simple enough, signing a few papers to send to the ministry and then wear his lordship rings. Bloodfang also told him that the rings and the family magics would help him and protect him during the ritual after he accepted the lordships.

The Potter ring was the first, it was gold with a ruby and the family crest carved on it representing two swords crossed with a stag in the middle of jumping over them. The Gryffindor ring was a rose gold with a big ruby with an engraved griffin in the middle and three smaller rubies on either side in a line, on the inside were carved protection runes.

Those were the easy ones, the others needed to accept him.

Bloodfang presented him with the heir ring for the house of Black, since Sirius was alive and he was the rightful Lord (or would be as soon as he claimed it). Right now the ones eligible as heir were Harry and Draco Malfoy. Normally Draco would have been the first to claim the title as heir, since he was born fist, and see if the magic accepted him, but since Harry was now an adult he could try before him. It was up to the Black family magic to choose who was best suited. The goblin was confident that Harry would be chosen though not only because his relation to the main Black line was stronger through his grandmother and his godfather both, but also because of his extremely strong magic and the metamorph abilities of the Black line that showed in him.

Harry looked at the heavy white gold band with a black onyx in the middle circled by little diamonds, the image of a grimm was etched in the stone and the family motto 'Always pure' was inscribed on the inside. He took a deep breath and slid it on his finger.

He felt like magic was studying him, probing and searching for something. The band around his finger started to get warm and he was afraid it would start to burn and cut off his finger after deeming him unworthy, but then it stopped and with a happy pulse of magic it cooled down.

He was the Black heir.

He breathed deeply realizing that he was holding his breath and his lungs were screaming for oxygen.

The next ring presented to him was the Peverell one. It was white gold too with a sapphire on it and the symbol of the deathly hollows on it. Pretty simple in comparison to the others. He felt it probe around but accepted him quite quickly.

The last one was the one that scared him the most. Slytherin. It was a thick white gold band in the shape of two snakes coiling their heads around the emerald in the middle with an elegant S on it and runes in parseltongue carved on its surface.

When he put in on it started hissing and the magic 'slithered' all over him like it was a snake, scenting him. He felt it battle with his own magic and after what felt like a lifetime it submitted to him with a low hiss of acceptance.

"Congratulation. As of today you are Harrison James Potter Gryffindor Peverell Slytherin. Lord of the Most Noble and Ancient House of Potter, Lord of the Most Noble and Most Ancient Houses of Gryffindor, Peverell and Slytherin. Heir of the Most Noble and Most Ancient House of Black."

"That's.. quite a mouthful." He deadpanned. He would need ages to sign things now!