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"I will look through the family ledgers later if you could gather them for me, along with anything I should be aware of. Now though I really hope that there is something we can do about that marriage contract. I really don't want to marry Ginny, especially now that I now they've been drugging me with love potions." Harry sighed. They've been talking for three hours already and it was only 10 in the morning. He couldn't wait for this day to end and sleep.

"That's quite simple. Since it was done illegally by Dumbledore, who had not right to claim magical guardianship over you, you just need to break it. Be sure to add a bit of Potter family magics while you do it." Bloodfang instructed him.

"Should I say something specific?" he asked blinking.

"No, you could even say nothing. It's the intent that counts Lord Potter." The goblin said "all those pompous phrases you wizards like to say are mostly for show, unless the wizard is so stupid that he needs an incantation to concentrate on what he wants. Magic works the same way"

Interesting. He would have to remember that and practice a bit.

Concentrating hard on destroying the contract he watched as the Potter ring glowed and the red magic that he could associate with his blood family moved towards the parchment and set it on fire.

Great. One headache less to think about.

"Very good. If I may, I saw that your parents will was never read. We can set up a date if you wish for a public hearing with all those who have been mentioned or we can read it now and simply send letters to those who received something from the late Lord and Lady Potter."

"I think it would be best a public hearing. Sirius would like to be there and I'm not .. I.." he really couldn't be alone for that, he would break down, he just knew it but his pride wouldn't let him admit it in front of the goblin. He didn't want to be considered weaker that what they already thought of him.

"Since you mentioned Lord Black, we can forward an invite to the head of the DMLE so they can hear for themselves of his innocence."

Harry made to speak, worried about his godfather being near anyone from the idiotic ministry, but the goblin beat him to it.

"Not to worry, the ministry has no jurisdiction in the halls of Gringotts. Your godfather would be perfectly safe I assure you"

"I you say so, then please proceed with that" he nodded. He was still worried but he wanted his godfather free at all costs.

"I only have some more things to inform you about before we can go on with the ritual. First of all about the dementors' attack. The ministry send a letter about your usage of magic and tried to expel you"

They couldn't expel him! Hogwarts was his home! Even if he risked death every year and was full of idiots and the old bastard was here.. he couldn't be expelled! What about his education?!

Maybe he could do something. He owned half of the castle after all.. they couldn't throw him out right?

"It seems that Dumbledore intervened and they set up a trial for you. Rubbish I say." The goblin sneered "if you can give us the memory of the event, Gringotts bank can handle the matter for you. We will contact Adrian Greengrass, your family's solicitor, and he will resolve everything simply talking to Madam Bones. She is the head of the DMLE."

Well.. that sounded easier than his plan to take Hogwarts hostage until they declared him innocent.

"Sure, sounds good" he said nonchalantly.

A few minutes later a vial filled with a copy of his memory stood on the desk waiting to be sent to his solicitor. Bloodfang assured him that he would contact Mr. Greengrass for him and explain everything after he was done with the ritual.

"Next, as Lord of several houses you are bound to secure an heir, preferably male, for each one of them. It doesn't matter if you get your future wife pregnant or if you're the one to bear them. Of course should your spouse have a title to pass on, it would need another heir." The goblin informed him.

"So.. I need to have five children or more?" Harry asked. Sure he wanted to have a family, better if a big one but this way he could as well try to best the Weasley and have more children than them!

"Indeed. Should Lord Black have children of his own, something I'm unsure about seeing his prolonged stay in Azkaban, they would become the heir of the Black family freeing you of the duty."

'I hope whomever I marry likes children cause I will need a lot of them and somehow I have the feeling Siri won't have any of his own' he thought, while nodding to the goblin.

"The last thing is that after the ritual, your creature will awake and you will need to learn as much as you can about it. We may help and identify what you are for you, but we won't tell you more. Your family vaults will be surely full of any kind of book you may need. Also you can expect to have some kind of destined mate. It's rare for a magical creature not to have one"

'I can live with that' he thought. Having a predestined mate meant that they would be perfect for each other, or as close as it comes to that depending on the type of mates they were. He had no idea what kind of person he would be attracted to right now, he felt so confused with the knowledge that he had been under love potions and potions that altered his personality. For all he knew he could even be gay!

It was all so confusing just knowing about it and it would be even worse after the ritual when he would have new strange emotions and thoughts, with creature instincts he didn't understand on top of it.

He was sure that Fate was having a great laugh at his misfortune.

"I think we covered everything. If you can follow me we will proceed with the ritual to remove the blocks and cleanse your body from the influence of spells and potions." Bloodfang said walking around his desk to a door on the side of the office, a different one from where they entered earlier.

They walked down a long corridor that seemed to take them to the lower levels of the bank. Torches were illuminating the dark stone and the distance between the doors started to grow until they encountered one every 20 metres.

Their stop was the very last door at the very end of the hallway. It was imposing and the great stone arch that surrounded it was covered in runes of protection and containment if he wasn't mistaken.

He had taken to reading about runes in second year when everyone was too preoccupied with avoiding him to worry about what he was doing. The library became his safe heaven again during the night and he became interested in many subjects he found there, among those runes.

Pity he couldn't take the elective class because he had to play stupid for Ron and Hermione's sakes.. if only he had known back then how they really were he would have done things differently.

Back to the present though.

The ritual chamber was dimly lit with soft blue lights that seemed to come from the glowing crystals attached to the stone walls. In the middle there were different circles of varying sizes composed of runes and different symbols he couldn't identify.

"Please go to the side chamber, remove your clothing and put on the white robe you will find there" instructed him the goblin.


After that he was asked to lay on the ground in the middle of the chamber. Several goblins came in and took position at different points of the circles. Two stood on his side over the smaller circle while ten were in the outer one, other goblins stood in the three middle circles.

As one they started chanting. Their voices were low and guttural, it both unnerved him and soothed his body into a trance like state.

He felt his core starting to pulse, at first just a little but then it increased a little each time until it felt like it was starting to warm up.

There was something that was stopping his core from growing larger, like chains enveloping it, forbidding it from expanding. It started to tug harder to break its confines.

They felt so tight and restricting now for his much too large core in comparison to the little space they confined.

He winced and repressed a scream as the warm feeling became an unbearable burn. He felt like he was burning from the inside out, like someone was crucioing him and burning him together, like he was dying and he could do nothing because at this point even if he wanted to scream his throat raw, no sound was going to escape.

The pulsing became stronger, more aggressive, like a feral beast that was trying to force the bars caging it. It hurt so much. The goblins never said anything about that kind of pain. He was expecting that it would hurt but that was too much.

He wanted to scream, to trash on the ground, to peel his burning skin away and claw his eyes out. Anything to make it stop.

With a mighty push his core snapped the first chain, making him arch his back from the floor and release a silent scream as tears leaked form his eyes.

One after another the chains started snapping and dissipating. The foreign and slimy magic slowly parting from his core leaving behind his finally free magical core.

He could see it, in his mind eye. An enormous ball of bright golden magic, that seemed to burn and light up in golden and white sparks, greeted him pulsing happily, reminding him of a sun. The light, the warmth and the power, he reveled in it all.

But the pain was not over yet. The small reprieve made him all too aware of the searing pain that came from his head, his scar.

He willed his mid eye to move, to leave the comforting sun of his core and show him what was happening to his scar. To the horcrux.

It was like watching a battle between his golden magic and the black mass of the foreign soul. His magic that was initially enveloping the horcrux, started to push it towards the outside guided by the chant of the goblins. The black mass tried to resist. It was like a glob of black hissing acid, it felt evil and poisonous, like it would corrode anything it touched if his magic let go for even a second.

He glared at it, willing with all of his mind, soul and magic for it to leave. The golden magic responded to him, glowing brighter and pushing with more force.

Again he screamed, this time his voice coming forward, and the goblins watched as a black mass came out of the boy's forehead. They continued the ritual while one of them held an empty vase in his hands. They willed the mass to go inside so they could destroy it later, after the ritual was complete.

They were on the last part now. Releasing his magical creature and, as a gift from the goblin nation, undo any damage done to his body.

This part was the less painful for Harry.

With his mind eye he found himself in front of a cage.

He watched as some kind of animal snarled from within and tried to claw his way out. Slowly the bars started to dissipate. At the same time he felt his body changing, healing and relaxing.

The last thing he saw before losing consciousness, for the second time in the last twelve hours, was black fur and several swishing tails in front of emerald slit eyes that seemed to sparkle with mischief.


It was only two hours later that he woke up from the ritual. The goblin once again performed a scan on him to make sure that he was not suffering any side effects from the whole thing.

He was happy when they told him that he was now free of any blocks and altering potions and spells. The horcrux had been safely removed and killed with another ritual later.

From the combination of the removal of foreign magic, the awakening of his creature and the healing ritual they did later he now was healthier than he had ever been. He didn't need glasses anymore and the world was suddenly much clearer to him, he could almost see the dust particles in the air if he concentrated enough.

His personality was now his own, even though he would need some time to get used to it and not feel confused by the different way of thinking and feeling. Thank Merlin the life he had and all the shit always happening at Hogwartds made him extremely adaptable to changes, even mind shattering ones like this discoveries and dealing with discovering himself for the first time. He would just take everything in stride without making a fuss, it was useless throwing tantrums or conflicting over it.

His mind was also sharper and they told him that he would have an easier time understanding and processing information now, he already was quite smart before but he still needed his time to get things right, now without the strain of the horcrux in his head he was even better.

The physical changes were surprising and different from what he thought, but not unwelcome. It would take time to get used to it though, especially because he wasn't very happy to see that he was still short and now even more feminine looking.

'Ugh.. the first person that tries to joke about my height or the fact that I look like a bloody girl is dead' he thought darkly in his mind. He could bet Sirius would be one of those.. he would prank him to dead if he dared.

Slowly, because he still felt a bit of ache from the ritual, he got dressed in some new clothes that Bloodfang had provided after declaring his hand me downs to be rags unfit to dust the cellars of the bank let alone be worn by a Lord of six Most Noble and Most Ancient Houses.

The pressed black slacks and green silk shirt felt good on him and he vowed to buy himself a new wardrobe as soon as possible, coupled with the open black robe made him look like a true pureblood. He tied his hair back with a ribbon and joined the goblin in his office once again.

"I have prepared the ledgers with all your families affairs for you to look through. This is the parchment with the summon for the will reading of your parents that is scheduled for the day after tomorrow, the other recipients will receive it within today."

"Thank you Bloodfang"

"You're welcome. Then I have spoken with Adrian Greengrass while you were sleeping, he is now at the Ministry dealing with the situation and said that he will owl you later once he is finished. On that note we have removed the post ward and all letters addressed to you in the last fifteen years are in a vault we set apart for it. Most of it is fan mail and gifts, some from your friends and a lot of business proposals and similar. I suggest you to go through it and reply as you see fit. It is most rude to ignore a business letter like that but they will understand if you explain. We set it up so that your elves could pop in and out of that vault, and only that, to bring you mail and sort it. It will take a lot of time, believe me. Now though you will receive everything addressed to you, so don't worry."

"That's a relief. I will arrange with my elves to deal with it so you can have the vault back as soon as possible Bloodfang" Harry promised.

"That is appreciated. Lastly I have prepared for you a Gringotts pouch, it is charmed to take money from your vaults as you see fit and linked to your blood and magical signature. If stolen it will come back to you and no one can use it apart from you. to make it work simply say the amount of galleons you need, the vault you want to take it out from and it will appear inside."

"I didn't know those existed. Why do wizard still go back and forth to their vault to take money then?" he asked while adding a drop of blood on the bank insignia and infusing it with magic to link it to him.

"Because we offer those only to our most wealthiest customers."

He should have expected that answer.

"Since you're not the classical pureblood idiot, I have prepared for you a Gringotts card too. It works like a muggle credit card. There are very few businesses in the magical world to use it still, but in the muggle world it will work perfectly without you needing to turn your galleons in muggle currency here at the bank."

"That's cool" he smiled "I'm sure I will use it a lot. Thank you"

"If that's everything I will see you again in two days time, my Lord"

"Harry please. I'm sure I will get enough of that Lord thingy from the wizards and you're taking care of my money. I trust you and would be happy if you called me by my name" he asked.

"If you insist." The goblin coughed awkwardly. Could he have embarrassed a goblin? That would be a first he was sure.

"I will probably need to visit my vaults and take out a few books too. But I will do it next time."

"May your gold grow in your vaults" Bloodfang told him in the customary greeting of the goblins.

"And may your enemies tremble in fear" he replied before leaving a surprised goblin looking after him.

It was time to go home.

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