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The pale yellow light hit Harry square in the abdomen. People could do nothing but watch as the foul spell flew towards him before enveloping his midsection. Severus paled recognizing the incantation as one of the most painful and dangerous ways to end a pregnancy. The forced abortion spell had been deemed illegal after a single use of it, and after seeing its damage no one was against it. The witch it had been used against had nearly died and survived but with severe consequences. Her womb had to be ripped out lest it caused her to die by hemorrhage, the nerve damage and mental trauma were on par with those of an overpowered prolonged cruciatus curse. He could only assume the damage would be even worse on a pregnant male.

Remus, who had been tending to a heavily bleeding Neville, growled angrily. He never felt his wolf so close to the surface like this before. He had the utmost faith in his cub to get out of any situation but it was difficult to believe and hope when he had been hit with such a horrible curse and especially since he couldn't make sure of his condition.

Fred and George screamed and watched helplessly as their mate and child were hit. Dread and fear deep in their hearts, they could only hope that Harry pulled one of his stunts and made the impossible happen.


The yellow light started by enveloping Harry's abdomen and slowly spread onward. It became so strong that it forced people to look away not to be blinded by it. No one could see if Harry was safe, see if he was on the ground dying. They only had their minds supplying the worst possible scenarios and their hearts hoping against all odds that a miracle happened and the spell didn't work, much like that fabled Avada Kedavra that Halloween night.

The children in the back were now fully crying, seeing their role model and idol being cursed by the person who should have been taking care and protecting them. The older students, who unlike the children that couldn't comprehend the gravity of the situation had a basic idea of what he had been hit with, were pale and shaking, but never breaking their united front.

One of them, being the closest to the room behind the teacher's table, run out of the great hall and towards the first fireplace he could find, hoping to call the aurors so they could help before this situation got even more out of hand. If Potter had fallen, no one would be able to stop the headmaster, at least not the students, professor Snape and Lupin maybe but they would need backup and the students had to be kept safe. Therefore, he ran, faster he had ever ran in his life at the desperate search of help.


When the light started to dim, after several minutes that seemed to never end, everyone held their breath at what they would see after. Would Harry be standing tall and proud and unharmed? Would he be on the ground in pain and childless? Would he be still conscious but injured? Every possibility was running in their minds, they were ready for anything.

No one expected such a sight though.

There was not a pregnant young man in front of them when the light faded. No Harry Potter.

In his place was a horse-sized creature. It looked just like a fox only many times bigger than a normal one. It had fire red fur all over his back; while his belly, the bulge evident there against the sleek physique; and chin were white. The legs were a mix of red and black with tiny white socks on his paws, same with the ears which were turned back and flat on his skull. The fox was snarling showing his deadly fangs and its claws were leaving indents in the stone floor. Behind it there were swishing angrily six fiery tails, the bushy fur divided from the white tip from a black circle of fur.

Even more scaring than its size, more shocking than the six tails, it was the extreme power that it exuded, the heavy waves of magic crashed with anything living and non living in its path, never hurting but leaving behind a sense of incredible heath and dizziness.

The kitsune growled angrily and with a violent flick of its appendages, the tails did something unexpected. Two of them caught on fire, other two were crackling with lightning and the last ones had tendrils of shadows encircling them.

Everyone gasped at the sight. The students were watching wide eyed and fascinated at the majestic creature. The teachers were left breathless at the sight of the legendary kitsune. Even Dumbledore felt awed at his presence.

Harry's friends and mates were more relieved from seeing that he was alive and evidently still pregnant, the fact that he turned into a gigantic fox took a second place for them. Nonetheless, they were still as captivated as anyone else was by his appearance. It was simply impossible not to be. Not when he looked so fiery, so imposing and intimidating.


"What is the meaning of this?" Dumbledore whispered to himself, spell bound from the creature in front of his eyes.

Such thing should not be possible. Kitsunes were extinct; he had made sure of it at least from what concerned wizarding Britain. They were too powerful and dangerous to be kept alive, thankfully by the time he was hunting them there were only two of them left and he quickly ended their lives. As for the rest of the world, he knew that there was one in Italy much too old to do anything of relevance even when he was young himself, there was a small community in Japan but they had all but secluded themselves away from the worlds in something akin to a pocket dimension.

So where did this kitsune come from? And where had the blasted boy gone to? He needed to make sure his spell had done its work and killed the child before anything else. Then he could think about killing this beast too.

Albus was so far gone into his madness that he had no awareness of the enraged animal approaching him steadily.

He just had the time to gasp as he finally noticed the kitsune pouncing on him before the world went black for Albus Dumbledore.


Harry felt the same way he did after Voldemort had tried to kill Sirius. He was enraged, pissed off, feral and the need to kill the threat and protect hit pack, his mates and his kit was overwhelming any humanity left in him.

However, he didn't fight it. He moved like the predator he was and when he was close enough, he pounced on the old wizard.

His front paws landing on the man's chest and pushing him hard against the stone ground. He felt several of the old bones cracking and breaking under the fall and pressure of his weight but he had no care for it.

He saw the man trying to raise his wand even when he was battling against his losing consciousness. Harry, the kitsune wasted no time and closed his jaws around his arm. The sharp fangs encountering no obstacles in removing the appendage from the rest of the body, tearing it away in a crack of bone and spray of blood.

He tossed it away from him, the heavy taste of blood feeling bad on his tongue, the elder wand clanking on the floor.

Even as the magicals present were unaware of it, the legendary piece of wood had already renounced its old master and accepted the new one, who defeated the old holder of the stick of death.


Severus watched the scene play out with fascination, even if he could have done without the gruesome sight in the end. He was glad that the older students were blocking the sight of the younger children now, because as sickening as it was you could no nothing but continue to watch.

It was a bit disconcerting too, anticlimactic some would say, much like the way Voldemort had been dealt with. Everyone expected such a great duel, spells and curses flying around, the strongest wizards battling against each other. Instead Harry had done what he wanted, disregarding everyone's expectations, and just proceed to rip out the man's arm.

But it was just so Harry that he couldn't help but be amused by it.

Now he just had to wait for him to feel less bloodthirsty to give him a full medical checkup.

Susan and Hannah hugged each other and cried silently, so relieved their friend was safe. Tracy was leaning on Daphne's shoulder after she twisted her ankle to dive out of an arrow's path. Padma was slumping on the ground, trying to get her heartbeat back to normal, while Luna was lovingly embracing Neville who was sitting on the ground still injured, with a bandage on his midsection to keep his wound controlled.

Theo was standing with Terry and Lee to the side, while Angelina, Katie and Alicia were making their way over the benches to sit comfortably while helping Blaise and Oliver walk over before someone could look over their wounds.

Fred and George smiled at the awe-inspiring sight their mate made. They were so proud of him, still they would lock in up in their bedroom for quite a while after that.

They walked over to him, slowly both to not startle him and because they were hurting from their wounds. Once they were by his side, they softly touched his flank, running their hands through the thick four.

"Harry, love. Come back now, everyone is safe" Fred whispered into his ear

"He can't hurt us anymore now. It's all over, come back to us, love" George encouraged him too, leaning onto his side since he was starting to feel a little dizzy from blood loss.

The kitsune shook his head slowly, as if to shake away the cobwebs, before blinking at them and backing a step away from them. A warm red light enveloped him before he was back to normal before them. His ears and tails proudly on show for everyone to see.

"Fred? George?" he whispered wide eyed. Honestly, he would do everything again, but he felt a little scared by what he did and the taste of blood in his mouth was making him sick.

"It's alright love" "Come here" they opened their arms to welcome him, while still supporting one other.

Harry didn't need to be told twice and he walked gratefully in their embrace.


When the aurors finally came they walked in to see a fallen and heavily injured headmaster, the embracing threesome, some students injured in the middle of the hall and the rest of the student body and faculty in the back with the exception of Snape, Lupin and Flitwick.

Madam Bones wasted no time in dishing out orders to her men and soon everyone was quick to obey, trying to do their jobs without being too distracted by the kitsune, something no one had ever seen before.

"Why is it always you, Mr. Potter?" she asked with a raised eyebrow once she was in hearing range of the trio.

"I'm afraid I'm a trouble magnet, Madam" the boy smiled weakly.

"Do you think you can tell me what happened?" she asked "I can wait if you're in need of medical attention of course"

"I'm fine" he shook his head "Just need to sit down a moment and have these two looked after"

"I believe Professor Snape is coming with the intention to tend to you all, it seems" She said pointing to the dark man stalking to their side.

"Madam Bones" he greeted, before turning to the brats "The only reason I don't give you detention Potter is that you saved countless lives, but I swear I'll make you pay for all the grey hair you're giving me boy!"

" 'm sorry" Harry mumbled looking down.

"Come I want to give you a full checkup, no buts allowed, and we best heal there two before they pass out" he ordered "Lupin has gone to call your mutt, so make sure to be ready for him to freak out"

"If you don't mind I'll tag along so I can ask some questions on what happened" Amelia said pocketing her block notes.

"Of course, we can go to my quarters. It will be quieter there" the professor offered.

Of course, Harry insisted that George be treated first since he had lost much blood.

"You're quite lucky the arrow didn't pierce any organ. Fred pass me three vials of blood replenishing potion, a pain reliever and some essence of dittany" Severus said. After giving the young man the first two potions, he waved his wand to close the wound and then poured a couple of drops of dittany over it before bandaging his side.

For Fred was much the same, thankfully the arrow didn't cause damage to his nerves or his arm mobility being so deep into the shoulder.

Harry had been quietly retelling the events of the evening to Madam Bones, who was taking careful notes of it all and frowning thinking of a way they could still protect Harry and his kitsune status now that so many people had seen him in his natural and kitsune forms.

The silence was broken by the door banging open and a distraught metamorphomagus barging in.

"Harry! Oh Harry! I just arrived and I heard what the kids were saying happened... Are you alright? Please tell me nothing bad happened to the baby!"

Harry got up and embraced his older sister "I'm fine Nym. Takes more than a senile old man to bring me down, you should know. Now calm down and breathe. Stress isn't good for your baby"

"Speaking of stress and babies" Severus drawled "Your turn" a long finger pointing to the couch "lay down"

"Yes, sir" he grumbled


"Is everything alright Severus?" he asked

"It seems so" he replied still carefully casting diagnostic charms on his person "Your magical core is a bit on the empty side so I would prefer if you avoided practicing magic for the next few days. Other than that, both you and the baby are too stressed. That means bed rest until your levels return to an acceptable level"

"Bloody hell... I hate bed rest" Harry whined

"If you don't follow my instruction, you could go into premature labor. That means either being on bed rest until you're actually ready to give birth or having the baby too early and endangering both of you" the man snapped. He knew the boy would never disobey such orders but after the evening he just had his nerves were just too high and he was snappish as a result.

"I know, Sev. I'm sorry, I was being childish" Harry apologized. He should have known the man would still be in battle mode and irritable. His years as a spy meant he needed more time to calm down and take in the situation.

"It's alight. I'm sorry I snapped" the potion master said ruffling the boy's hair "I'm going to check if Black and Lupin are back. They're probably looking for you"

A knock sounded at the door and an auror entered the room.

"Kingsley, what is it?" Amelia asked

"Madam, Albus Dumbledore had been given first aid and taken to the holding cells of the ministry awaiting for trial." The dark skinned man said.

"Thank you. Be sure to keep everything under wraps, we don't need the newspapers speculating"

Harry groaned imagining what the papers would say of it all. Maybe he could pack up and retire with his mates to some tropical island and forget about stupid witches and wizards who still liked to gossip about it. Merlin knows what they would say now that they knew he was a kitsune.


When Sirius arrived, he latched onto his godson and after checking he was all in one piece and healthy he proceed to give him the lecture of a lifetime. The man had been frantic when a dust covered and bloody Remus had appeared into Grimmauld Place, in the middle of his romantic dinner no less, and announced that Dumbledore had attacked Harry in the great hall during the feast. He just about had a heart attack, thank Godric his girlfriend was a nurse.

After recognizing his mistake and reassuring Sirius that Harry was indeed alive and well, Remus told them a brief summary of the events before they all decided to floo over to Hogwarts. Sirius needed to see his pup for himself and Eve had volunteered to heal anyone who had been injured.

"Poor children must be so scared" she had said, sending an elf to retrieve her medical bag.

Now Harry loved his godfather to the end of the world and back, but after an hour of being crushed by said man's embrace, he was starting to get cramps.

No matter how many times he told what happened or that he was fine, just stressed, the older man just insisted that he had to stay and make sure he was alright.

In the end, an exhausted Severus had transfigured his living room couch into a massive mattress and everyone, meaning Harry, Fred, George, Sirius, Eve, Remus and Tonks, fell asleep in a dog pile in a matter of minutes, all too tired to resist a moment more.

Finally enjoying some silence Snape went to his bedroom, no way he would join the marauders and the brats, to some much deserved sleep.

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