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Chapter one: Prologue

Kuoh academy, former all girls' school, now co-ed, is where this story starts. We see a blond spiky haired 18 year old boy dressed in kuoh academy uniform; a black blazer, white under shirt with a orange t-shirt under that, black trousers and black dress shoes.

This boy's name is Naruto Uzumaki, former konoha nin, hero of the elemental nations, now student.


'How did this happen?' Naruto thought.


Naruto can be found glaring at madara uchiha and the juubi ''MADARA, you won't win! Kurama, let's do it,'' Naruto said, Kurama in his cage smirks.

''Let's go kit,'' Kurama said and Naruto goes through hand seals.

''Uzumaki secret art demon: seal.''

Naruto starts to glow and the juubi and madara starts to get sealed into Naruto's seal, but madara uses kamui making them all get sucked in, but the seal and the strain from having to take the juubi in makes it collapse and the power explodes.


Naruto wakes up in the seal with a TEN TAILED KURUMA.

''I see you're awake Naruto,'' Kurama said, looking as calm as ever as though it's no big deal he has ten tails.

''Kurama what the hell is going on? Why do you have ten tails? Am I dead!?''

Kurama laid down on his front paws/hands and answered. ''In that order: when you used that seal that basted uchiha tried to teleport away, but the seal absorbed it aswell as the juubi, causing the power to explode and the seal absorbed that as well. We were sent through dimensions, so who knows what will happen, or where we will land. I have ten tails because when the juubi was absorbed we became the new juubi and no you're not dead.''

Naruto just stood there, too shocked to say anything.

After 10 minutes Naruto snapped out of his shock to find he was leaving his mindscape. ''Kurama what is going on?'' Naruto asked, ''You're waking up kit.''


When Naruto came to, the first thing he saw was a GIANT RED DRAGON with a horn on its nose looking down at him in curiosity.

Naruto just stared back at him ''Hi, you're not going to eat me, right?'' Naruto asked with a nervous smile and the dragon stared at him, then laughed.

''No, I am not going to eat you now, can you tell me how you got in the dimensional gap?''

Naruto had a confused look, ''What is the dimensional gap? What's your name? I'm Naruto Uzumaki.''

The dragon look at him, shocked at how calm Naruto was to see a giant dragon, ''I am Great Red and the dimensional gap is the place between heaven, earth and the underworld.''

Naruto made a face to show that he understood, so he told Great Red about his life in the elemental nations and how he got to the dimensional gap. By the time he was finished, Great Red was shocked at the life Naruto had lived, so he made a decision.

''Naruto, I can give you a new life, one where you can be reborn ... But with all your strength, power and kurama still with you and you will both still be the juubi, with all of your memories. But you will have to learn how to use your powers again.''

'And I may give him something else.'

To say Naruto was shocked would be a big understatement, he couldn't believe that he could have a normal life and he would still have a friend with him.

'' You would really do that for me?''

Great Red gave Naruto a serious look, but Naruto was unsure if it was serious or just his normal face, Naruto smiled.

''Youshould accept the offer,'' Kurama said.

'I will trust your advice, partner,' Naruto thought.

He then looked up at Red and smiled, ''Thank you,'' Naruto said, Red smirked and tapped Naruto's head, then in a flash, he was gone.

Flashback end

Naruto was brought out of his thoughts when he heard Kurama talking.

'Sorry Kurama, what did you say?'

Kurama sighed, ''I said, are you going to stand outside the school all day or are going to go in? What were you thinking about?'

Naruto smiled sheepishly, 'Sorry, I was thinking about how we got to this world.'

Chapter end

A/N: the seal Naruto used was a seal that i made up to seal demons away madara was sealed because he was connected to the juubi. Well review

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