Rose White Piano Keys

Chapter One

Haruhi had always believed that her brain was her most important organ; it worked twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, from the moment you arrive into the world until the minute you die. However, for some people, it stops working even before that. It quits mere seconds before you make the most important discovery in your life; the second that you fall hopelessly, irrevocably, deeply in love.

An average Friday at Aberi, the international fine dining establishment that had been raved about by critics and food lovers alike, is always more busy than any other day of the week, especially in the late spring and early summer when all the schools have their dances and the men were expected to bring their dates out for dinner, what they hadn't expected when they walked into the large brick building was that their counterparts wouldn't pay any attention to them, but instead the staff.

The main staff of Aberi was composed of six young men, fresh out of high school and college bound come the next semester, all of who had taken a job to help out with university tuition.

Tamaki, the longest working host there, had been said to be the main reason that so many young ladies had decided to spend every Friday and Saturday at the cafe. With his golden blonde hair and his piercing sapphire eyes, he barely had a real need to pull out his charm in order to get a good tip from the guests, but of course he did anyway, earning himself one of the biggest checks out of any of them.

Kyoya, Tamaki's raven haired best friend, had started out as an accountant for the establishment, but after the manager realized all the looks that he was getting as he walked into work everyday, he was put out front and he had been forced to become something of a duo with the blonde idiot.

Next were the copper-headed twins, Hikaru and Kaoru, who had originally come there as dishwashers, but driven their way into Tamaki's ranks when two other waiters hadn't shown up on a particularly busy Sunday evening. Their lack of acknowledgement of personal space and devious nature had been quite loved by many of the young guests dining that evening, and they had quickly become a sort of favorite.

Lastly, there was Takashi and Mitsukuni, also known as Mori and Hunny to their friends and even most of their regular customers. The budding friendship between the two cousins was seen as incredibly cute and adorable and many girls would often swoon when they saw Mori help Hunny carry the dishes over to the tables. Often they would see Hunny eye their desserts when they walked out with them, and would let him have a bite since he reminded them of little siblings they have or perhaps even a teddy bear. In return, he would give them the cutest smile he could muster before whispering a little thank you and trotting back off to his work station.

All in all, the men enjoyed their work and hadn't the slightest idea of what they'd do if their job happened to disappear from their lives, or rather what would happen if their friends ever decided to do anything else, which could very well happen if any of them ever broke the promise that they all set into place their first day of work.

There is a fine line between work and your personal life, do not cross it.

They had all done fairly well in keeping that promise until a rather rainy Monday afternoon.

"Damn, it's really coming down out there, isn't it?" Hikaru noticed, scratching his head in disbelief at the thought that only a few hours ago it had been a seemingly bright and sunny day.

"It seems so," Kaoru added, moving around his twin with a large, circular tray full of food and placing it on the mahogany oval table in front of him. Hikaru noticed the creeping red blush that was invading the face of a teenage girl sitting at the table as Kaoru's hand made contact with her's when she attempted to take the silver plate from him. Her blonde hair had quickly fallen on her face, masking it but not before Kaoru had noticed also.

"I hope you enjoy your meal," He chirped sweetly, flashing a bright smile at the table before bowing and leaving again, passing by his twin once more, only to be annoyed by the sudden snickers.

"Aw, it seems like little Kaoru has an admirer!" Hikaru laughed as he slung his arm around his brother's shoulder, facing the direction that he had just walked away from.

"Shut up, Hikaru, don't embarrass her." Kaoru rolled his eyes, turning around and joining Hikaru as they both stared from afar at the green-eyed girl who still hadn't touched her pasta. The bright shades of pink and red in her face had toned down considerably, but she was still trying her best to conceal it, which Kaoru admittedly thought was adorable.

"You two! You're not getting paid to just stand there!" They heard a voice call from behind them. When the twins twirled around the were met with an annoyed glare come from none other than Tamaki Suoh, who was amazingly balancing four small trays on his arms yet still had managed to flip his gold spun hair out of his eyes.

"Whatever boss," Hikaru scoffed, taking his arm from around Kaoru's shoulder and trying to flick a piece of lint from off of his jet black vest.

"We're not getting paid enough to work the entire time either." Kaoru continued, noticing that one of his tables was finished and ready to have their plates picked up.

"Kao-chan! Isn't being with your friends payment enough?" Hunny chirped up sweetly, also carrying a tray full of various alcoholic drinks and green teas to a table full of college aged girls. Ever since one of them came there once three months ago and told all her friends, they made sure to stake the cafe everyday in an attempt to capture one of the waiter's attention, but instead they often just sat there, gossiping and swooning over them, much to the annoyance of the twins, who had switched tables with Hunny once one of them almost ripped Hikaru's shirt off of his own body.

"No, not really." The twins replied flatly, Hikaru removing dishes from a table while Kaoru wiped it clean. The honey colored blonde started a faint whimpering that seemed to grow higher pitched each passing moment, causing the entirety of the restaurant to look over at him with worry.

"But Hika-chan, Kao-chan..." He started choking out, grabbing a tissue from the box that Mori had brung over to him. "How c-could you s-say that?"

"I don't know sempai," Hikaru addressed, dumping the dirty dishes in a green cart that had already been filled to the brim with left over food, utensils, and plates.

"Maybe if something exciting happened every once in a while, we wouldn't dislike it nearly as much." Kaoru replied flatly, putting the cleaning rag back into the bucket of water near the glass windows.

"I'm sorry to inform you of this, but you should just be happy that you even have a job; don't complain about how fun it is considering that it's not meant to be fun." Kyoya mumbled as he passed by the twins and Hunny. It was obvious that he was annoyed by their manner.

"Well it wouldn't kill us to have something new happen." The twins answered in perfect unison, only to be stopped by the ringing of the bell as someone entered the building, causing the men to turn their attention to the door.

"Welcome." They greeted cheerfully, though were met with a surprise as a red haired man walked in and smiled at them.

"Hello boys, it's nice to see that you haven't gotten yourself fired yet." He greeted them, though then made eye contact with Tamaki before groaning.

"Don't say it-"

"Or rather, it's nice to see that most of you haven't gotten fired yet. Feel lucky Suoh, I'm still looking for a reason when it comes to you."

"Pleasure to see you too, sir." Tamaki answered, starting his sentence with a long sigh before moving out of the way for his boss.

"You know, we never quite learned why Ranka hates you so much." Hikaru and Kaoru mentioned, taking a step towards the tired blonde.

"Oh, that's a story that I just love to tell." Tamaki answered sarcastically before groaning, "It all started way back in high school-"

"Never mind, we're already bored with it." Hikaru interrupted him.

"Kyoya, can you give us a shortened version?" Kaoru asked his senior, who cleared his throat and looked completely bored with the situation.

"It may seem that fifteen year old Tamaki accidentally groped his then fourteen year old daughter." Kyoya replied, letting a corner of his mouth rise up in a sly smirk while the twins gasped.

"Are you absolutely serious?!" They exclaimed in unison, sharing a look of complete shock before bursting out into laughter.

"You're such a perv, boss!"

"I can't believe you did that!"

"Can't believe he did what?" They all heard a voice from behind them ask. When they turned around, they were surprised to see a small girl, roughly around the age of Hikaru and Kaoru, with brown hair that reached just above her shoulder, three pink clips keeping her bangs out of her eyes, and a matching pair of chocolate eyes staring up at them.

"And who are you?" Hikaru questioned the girl, walking up to her and leaning over until their faces were the same elevation, with his twin mimicking his motions on the side.

"Fujioka, Haruhi Fujioka." She replied flatly, looking rather annoyed at the display the twins were making. She could smell their very strong cologne and frankly she wasn't enjoying it; what she was enjoying was the looks of horror that the four men behind the twins had.

"Um, Hikaru, Kaoru, you might wanna stop standing so close to her." Hunny pleaded from behind them, pulling on their vests in an attempt to pull them back.

"And why should we do that?" Hikaru scoffed, taking one of the rose clips out of her hair.

"Hey! Give that back!" She exclaimed, reaching up for the clip but sadly couldn't do much considering her petite size.

"Hmmm," Hikaru started, "Kaoru, do you think we should give it back?"

"I don't know, Hikaru," Kaoru continued, "I really like this piece of plastic."

"Hikaru! Kaoru! Give that back." Tamaki commanded sternly, sharing a look of terror with the rest of the host club before attempting to take the clip out of Hikaru's hands.

Haruhi stood there annoyed as she watched six men try to wrestle for a simple clip, but was even more annoyed when she felt a hand reach out and accidentally touch the side of her breast. Immediately her face went red and a face popped out of the crowd.

"I grabbed something squishy and I swear to God if it was attached to one of you I will kill you." Hikaru shouted as he stood up and finally managed to grab the clip out of Mori's hands, but was quickly silenced when there was a deep boom from across the room.

"Hikaru Hitachiin! I better not have just seen you fondle my daughter!"


So I decided to do this AU because I've seriously been wanting to do this idea for so long but I never quite knew how to start it, but then, sometime while I was watching Les Miserables at this one opera house or theatre (Whichever one it is) I finally knew how I wanted to start it! Also, I'm not exactly sure on the pairing to be honest, so if you guys can vote in the poll on my blog (the one that says "favorite ouran host club pairing" or whatever) it would sure help me make my decision. Anywhosie, so I hope you at least kind of enjoyed it, perhaps add it to your follows or (even though I don't expect this already) even favorite it! A review to see how you liked it would also definitely make my day :)

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